From the Desk of Dale Vernon

Democrats’ Favorite Green Mode of Transportation is Causing Explosions, Death

Well now let’s see. Demoncrats are pushing exploding bikes, exploding cars, exploding e-cigs, grasshopper tacos (we have 1 down the street but I don’t think they explode), mechanical meat, RNA’d cows & their milk, “safe & effective” killer jabs for 6months old & up, gas & diesel to be outlawed, no diesel trains, no container ships, no semi’s, everyone on electricity for which we lack enough juice, or adequate working charging stations, blow up the hydro dams just for the fishies, more inflation cuz D/crats never heard of common sense or a thing called a budget, higher taxes to “combat” global warming, cooling, high sea levels, ozone holes, melting glaciers, save the critters but kill ur kid or parents, more scenic windmills that unpredictably catch fire & scatter shrapnel all over, make everything electricity dependent by outlawing all fossil fuels, no coal, no nuke power & then complain about rolling blackouts, no jobs, lower standard of living, higher home ins, car ins cuz ur electric cars, bikes, rv etc in ur garage or next to the house might explode & burn up everything u own. This is only the short list too. Sound good so far?

Then also consider the direct & indirect costs of mining & processing the amount of lithium needed to do all this for it to take the place of fossil fuels our economy has been already been set up for. Take into account the scarring of the land & ruining rivers, springs, water tables, aquifers, lakes, streams etc. In other words think open pit coal, copper mines type extraction methods + a whole new electric infrastructure. All this is VERY expensive & not affordable & also NUTS. The future will be unlivable & that’s the Gobalist plan so we will be forced to live out our lives as their slaves according to THEIR tyrannical dictates that will effect us in EVERY way. All u will have left is ur memories of the “good old days”.

Plan for the immediate future. Run to Jesus for NOW for forgiveness of sins & reserve yourself a place with Him in heaven forever. See John 3:16 for admittance details TODAY. After all Jesus is actually the One who controls the climate Col 1:17. Read the book of Revelation to see REAL climate change coming soon to this earth. Climate “crisis” will take on a new meaning.

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  1. God be with you sister in Christ for having the courage to speak out and blow the horn. Every article you put out is truth, the Lord has a special crown for you.
    May your courage to speak out be an encouragement to others to do the same. I pray for your well-being and health to carry on.

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