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Holy Cow! Pfizer Subsidiary Has Injected 100 Million Animals With mRNA Technology!

I always wondered when the ungodly elite gods would get around to injecting our basic foods with their devilish krapola killer seasoning. Our water supplies next..they’ve been doing fluoride for decades so why not? 

Can’t trust the govt or your family doc, your neighbor, the school teacher, the news media, even your pastor or priest is suspect these days. Maybe the time is now when I trust the schlocky (anybody remember Ralph Williams & his dog Storm?) used car dealer least I can see for myself. 

I don’t read Ben Armstrong much cuz he goes on too much for me. I like Alex better cuz he gets right to the point & 100 million critters is hard to swallow right now, but I get Ben’s point & I definitely think that devilish idea is in motion right now to some degree. Why else is B. Gates buying up loads of farm land & processing plants or burning them down? Smithfield’s is Chinese owned now. What better way for a mass killing of millions. We gotta eat & the devilish cretons wish to control our food supply. Can’t wait to eat mandated bugs & graze in my front yard. Great idea from hell. 

The worldly news gets worse daily as the Lord lets out Satan’s leash on an unrepentant world. It goes hand in hand. However the unsaved get painted into a corner & most will have to call on the Lord. Admit it! Most of us got saved that way. The world has no hope but WE DO & our God is running the whole show although it may not seem so at first glance. 

That’s where real faith comes in thru our confidence in Him as the true “Master of the universe” & His written word to calm our fears of the unknown in a world filled with rottenness. He remains faithful to us by giving us enough info & encouragement thru the Bible & the Holy Spirit to get us spiritually prepped for these times & the ability to get the whole picture in spite of the obvious blatant daily evil which wears down a godly soul. He told us it was coming.. Matt 24:37…”just as in the days of Noah…” Being saved also guarantees He dwells within us which is our deposit of redemption & adoption as a real child of God, FOREVER. Just be patient, do what our BOSS commands cuz we’re almost home!

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Biden Decides to Give the ‘WHO’ Authority Over U.S. Sovereignty

I had been planning to revise my will but kept putting it off. In anticipation of things getting much worse for Christians lately over the last 2 years I finally met my attorney & gott’er done last week. I’ve done all I can do in making things easier for my wife when the govt human demons show up as swat teams to arrest this supposed terrorist. I could also croak from my service connected disease any time or maybe just get a bullet from the unabated crime sprees allowed by Demoncrat govts managing our state & cities especially on the west side of Wa state. They are in love & in league with the devil as u know.

As they say these days of unpredictable demise “pick a card any card.” If they do break down my door, I’ll be the 1st arrested cuz I’m the vocal one. Prob on someone’s demonic enemies list. I told my wife to keep her head down because she has her parents 98 & 96 both kicking in their own home with minimal assistance + 2 adult bros on the 8 yr old mental level she has to monitor as well. Against our wishes they all got the death jabs. The state would love to finish “culling” those “useless eaters” & sell their organs. She has to be available for all of them. She’s retired..sorta.. as you can guess. Or home is close to them all & so is my bank & all that bank stuff is handled when I croak. No probate needed. I’ve done all I can do the rest is Jesus’ territory.

Don’t mistake any of this as some kind of pity party or premature dirge. It’s just a friendly warning to prepare as best you can thru prayer, common sense & dependence on our Savior because I’ve watched our nation’s decline for 50+ years & the general public & the church is in a zombie state. It seems to me they’ve all joined up with the devil to varying degrees but the Lord has given all of us a “heads up”. 

The “heads up” information is available to all IF you make the effort to take the Bible seriously. Seek the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding. He will answer your prayer & guide you to ask Jesus to save you. There is no other name under heaven whereby men can be saved. You are a sinner, a criminal in the sight of your Creator, you have broken all of His laws & you cannot live in the presence of a holy, sinless & righteous God as a criminal. You have no redeeming value in yourself or good works you may have done to open those Pearly Gates. You & your works are as “filthy rags” to Him who is holy, sinless & pure. Would you like to live in a stinking, rotten county garbage dump for an eternity? Would you like live with a house mate who hates you forever? In the same way God will not live with those who die having rejected the loving gift of salvation provided by His Son, Jesus.

In the eternal state God & the unjust will always live separately. The 2 places are Heaven where a loving God is joined with those He saved & other place is Hell & then the Lake of Fire where the unsaved will spend eternity in misery & agony, but the latter bunch gets their one wish and regretfully, “they did it their way”. You see your sins are either totally on you or totally on the Jesus who went to the cross, shed His blood as the atonement for your sins & showed His power over death when He rose from the dead after 3 days. Only God can do that, never to die again. That SAME hope of eternal life is given to those who trust Him alone for salvation. Then when the Father sees you after you are saved (born again with a new nature that loves God) He only sees the precious blood of His only Son who died for you covering all your sins & the Son will vouch for you before the Father as to your worthiness to enter Heaven & those gates will open wide as a Father greets His wayward son now restored with open arms..welcome home, son. 

Without Jesus’ record of you in His Book of Life you are judged guilty & are sentenced to death in the Lake of Fire at the White Throne where Jesus will personally judge each individual who rejected His calling to trust Him alone for the forgiveness of their sins. Your rejection of His grace & mercy was provided ONLY by Him when He took your sins upon Himself as THE only sinless sacrifice acceptable to God the Father & was crucified & died an innocent death on the cross at calvary. He shed His innocent blood for YOU. He alone took the punishment you deserved upon Himself because He always has known you & wants you to live with Him forever. The Lake of Fire was originally made for the devil & his angels not you but sin has separated you from God & you can’t live with Him unless you are holy & righteous like Him & you are not capable of becoming holy & righteous by your own merits. Therefore He showed His love by dying in your place & bestowed His grace upon you which is undeserved by you. He rose from the dead & showed His power over death & the hell you deserve as a criminal.

Maybe God will have mercy on our country but I don’t see it happening in the long term. How can He when we know what happens to our nation’s babies & kids by govt mandates, laws & edicts. Kill the unborn, kill the down’s kids, kill the newly born, kill us old folks, kill the young ones, Kill the infirmed, Kill, Kill, Kill. That’s their “plan”. Yeah I’m venting but u know it’s true, beyond sick and the worst is yet to come.

My advice is prepare for the worst, pray for the best for your loved ones & pray for the strength to never deny the Lord Jesus unto death. Leave the rest to Him. He will never leave us or forsake us & in our walk glorify & honor Him.
We’re nearly home which means Jesus is nearly done with our mansions in heaven, if it were not so He would have told us.
Our eternal future is beautiful just like our Savior.

From the Desk of Dale Vernon

His take on: Church of England Considers Referencing God in Gender Neutral Terms

Apparently some in charge still know the difference between a man & a women (I wish our recently confirmed SCOTUS judge could say the same). However the C of England thinks it’s ok to “legislate” God’s Holy Word. I remember the Jesus Seminar way back when a panel of bogus Bible experts voted (legislated) on which Bible verses were actually said by Christ. After the votes were tallied the Bible & the Lord lost…big time. This reminds me of that event.

News flash to the high- minded dummies running the apostate C of E. You mustn’t think you have the self-appointed mission of changing the Word of God into culture reflecting gobbledygook. Haven’t you that are heavily, robed with fancy vestments decorated with expensive fabrics, headgear & scarfs, self-anointed Bible “experts” & holy men read the Scriptures? God told you so called teachers & preachers who now dare to thumb their noses at what the Almighty unchanging God has already said to humanity 4,000 years ago & has NEVER changed His mind that you will be judged for twisting God’s Word & judged for your flock embracing those Satanic & any other false teachings coming from you. 

There are many warnings in Scripture about the consequences. Too many for me to list here & u can’t miss them if you actually study the Bible. That’s what shepherds of God’s flock are supposed to do..STUDY GOD’S WORD so you can ACCURATELY preach & teach it & also stand against those within your parish who wish to teach the doctrines of demons.

Don’t be doubleminded in that you know you are twisting God’s Word when you preach, teach or liberalize long held Godly affirmations. Instead, you keep doing it because you fear some big giver or ecclesiastical big wig may be offended. 

It seems odd to me “men of the cloth” such as you pretenders for Christ don’t appear to know much about the most basic of God’s commands.
Deut 4:2 sums up my msg to you: “You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it…” No legislation permitted! Preach & teach the Word of God AS IT IS ALREADY WRITTEN! Avail yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit (remember Him)?

Keep thumbing your nose at God & His authority and He will take you to His Holy woodshed. BTW quit calling yourselves “Christian”. The Holy Spirit is not in charge of your church anymore. You think you are but you are gravely mistaken. As is said in our country, “shape up or ship out”. Your salt is losing its saltiness & needs throwing out.

From the Desk of Dale Vernon:

EVIL IN OUR MIDST: Democrats Ditch the US Flags and Wear “Abortion” Pins Instead to SOTU Address

When these murderers of the unborn & their supporters face Jesus at the Great White Throne, maybe the Lord will show them the faces of each baby they killed but now alive & well in His kingdom. Then He will show them how each of these babies suffered in the womb, writhing in pain, trying to wiggle & kick themselves free of the instruments of death as best they can while trying to cry out to their mothers for the protection they deserve & is THEIR RIGHT as a human being who is at their most vulnerable stage of life. But help never comes. The decision had been made…gruesome tortuous, death to the most helpless of the helpless. Then maybe Jesus will show the abortion lovers the fiery hell that awaits them & that same pain in spades with no relief for an eternity. 

Save the critters, save the climate, save the earth but kill your own child, your offspring. There’s even legislation ongoing to make it lawful to kill your kid AFTER it’s born. Have you also considered your child will be dismembered inside your God given life giving womb but now turned into your child’s torture chamber from hell? Your dead baby could then be sold for parts & the unsaleable parts of your child goes in the dumpster as garbage. Is that what you think of God’s gift of life He has given you to protect & nurture? That’s the body of your baby. That is NOT your body & never was. Thanks be to God Jesus was given to a Godly Mary as His mother not a Molech worshiper. 

How do you know the outcome of that life within you? Maybe you are killing a great preacher who leads many to Christ, a great leader who brings our nation back to God & common sense, great inventor or whatever. The world has many needs & your abortive actions do not contribute to any of those needs, except maybe your own selfish motives. You are not God nor an authorized executioner
of criminals.

God made people in the image & likeness of Himself. Not critters. People have more value than critters to God. God gave us critters for food & sacrifices to Himself for our sins in the Old Testament but we were to NEVER sacrifice our children for ANY reason thruout the Bible. Thou shall not kill. They are to be loved, cherished & raised in the ways of the Lord according to Biblical teachings. Children whether born or not are not to be treated like the cheap, plastic, disposable junk you buy at Wallymart & toss in the garbage. 

Even mothers of critters will fight to the death for their young. What’s wrong with you mommy? Why would you even entertain such evil thoughts? God loves life because He is the source of life. Look to Him for Godly answers & wisdom. The blessings from Him will follow IF you follow Him.