From the Desk (and mind) of Dale Vernon

NYC Students Lose Recess as Border Crossers Live in School Gyms Enjoying Free Pizza, Sandwiches

Warning! This may come across as nuts but maybe today I’m just trying to “fit in” with the world as run by the devil & his human minions. The following thoughts of mine are not out of the question the way things are going. 

I wonder when the govts will require homeowners using only 2 bedrooms of their 3 or more house to be turned over to the illegals, pervs, criminals rent free. Maybe your sporadically used RV is just parked for your use & convenience. That example of “whiteness” must be eliminated. The homeless illegals need a place to do their diversity thing so turn it over to them or else. Prob have to feed’em, pay their utilities, buy’em a car, pay their insurance, medical, etc. All kinds of addictive drugs will be legal, so the homeowner gets to share in that cesspool as well. Punishment for “white supremacy” & other anti-globalist crimes, u know.

Oh yeah we get to deal with SS cuts as well. So eventually we give up on that hopeless scenario & trek over to the promised WEF paradise. Neom in the Arabian n/w desert to complete the transition of “u will own nothing & be happy”. Ur property is confiscated, ur money is digitalized, no cash, no savings, no privacy, cameras everywhere, even the bathrooms, no church or sharing the Gospel, imbedded body tracking chips, no Bibles allowed. Bow down to the a/c, get the 666 mark. Face it, ur in prison! 

I forgot to tell u to tear up any wills u made up cuz the Globalist regime owns it all. Remember “you will own nothing…” It’s just the beginning of ur hell on earth. Pardon my evil nature temporarily running wild but why not? Everything else is going to “hell in the proverbial handbasket.” Maybe the welcoming sign at the Neom’s nirvana entrance will say “work makes you free”…bring back terrible memories to you Jewish folks? Gonna happen again! The Bible says so. What an awful future!

Do you want a great future or do you think the present Satanic world “leaders” have a great solution for you as attested by their present governing methods & truthful track record? Do you like be told what to do by unaccountable, lying, foreigners who have orders to oppress & eliminate & enslave you to save “mother earth”? Then when they are done with you, murder you. You can run but not hide. They will find you.

There is only one true answer to that question…the Lord Jesus Christ!
Your great ETERNAL future is ONLY thru faith ALONE in Jesus ALONE.
You are a sinner & deserve the penalty of eternal punishment & separation from the most loving Person to ever walk this earth. Jesus went to the cross to pay the penalty of this punishment for YOU in FULL.
Acts 4:12 …there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other Name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.
Don’t put it off…today is the day of salvation..2 Cor 6:2

2 thoughts on “From the Desk (and mind) of Dale Vernon

  1. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    Amen. And how sad to know that so many are willingly skipping down that yellow brick road.

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