GET READY FOR NEXT PANDEMIC: NIH Restarts Bat Research Grant


(Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has restored the bat research grant three years after former President Donald Trump put pressure on the organization to halt the funding to a U.S. team researching bat CORONAVIRUS with collaborators in Wuhan, China.


The previous award, which provided $576,000 per year to the EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit research group in New York City, has been scaled back to a new, four-year grant. The 2014 grant had included a sub-award to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and included support for contentious studies that combined components of several bat viruses associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which caused a widespread outbreak in 2002–2004. 

It is reported that the research had not been included in the current grant, and EcoHealth must adhere to stringent new accounting regulations after receiving criticism from government auditors for its bookkeeping procedures.

Nobel Prize winner Richard Roberts of New England Biolabs, who in May 2020 had helped organize a letter from 77 Nobel laureates protesting the grant’s suspension, said that “It is long overdue.”

“Unfortunately, the original cancellation reflects the ongoing partisan politics where first Trump and now many Republicans are attacking science unfairly,” Roberts said.

The most closely studied grant in the organization’s history was R01AI110964, which the NIH extended in 2019 with a subaward to WIV totaling approximately $600,000 over eight years. In April 2020, Trump demanded its termination in response the then-theory which was gaining momentum that a lab leak at WIV had caused the COVID-19 epidemic.

Concerns were later raised about the project’s tests, which were carried out at virologist Shi Zhengli’s lab at WIV and involved attaching the spike protein of distinct wild bat CORONAVIRUS to a different viral “backbone” in order to assess the infections’ capacity to infect human airway cells. 

Many Republicans in Congress as well as other critics have said that this study qualified as risky “gain-of-function” (GOF) research that amplifies the threat of possible pandemic viruses, and that it should have been subjected to a special evaluation.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and its then-director Anthony Fauci answered that the experiment did not meet the risky GOF criterion put forward by the NIH since the bat viruses were not known to infect humans and WIV had no aim of making them more hazardous. 

According to NIH, the WIV chimeras were only remotely linked to SARS-CoV-2.

Virologists say that this kind of study is crucial for creating treatments and vaccines against newly emerging diseases as well as for determining the likelihood that a pathogen would cause a pandemic. The NIH and HHS are developing guidelines that will presumably tighten regulation of this type of research in the U.S. source

Brethren, we should be praying for our world. The globalists are determined to depopulate our planet down to around 500 million by 2030!


Washington Post Rushes to Call Texas Mall Shooter a White Supremacist, Shoots Itself in the Foot

Way to go – WaPo…..I guess that’s just the way you roll!


One day, the press will learn to wait for the facts before casting accusations, but at the Washington Post, it is not today.

As the news flashed about the horrific shooting that took place in Allen, Texas on Saturday, the Washington Post rushed out an early report on the incident. Although they had sketchy details regarding the shooter and what took place, one thing the paper was confident in reporting: the likelihood of the shooter being a white supremacist. 

There appear to be too many things aligned to resist running forward with a narrative on this event: an AR-15 is said to have been used, the shooting took place in Texas, and the gun control messaging was all set to go. Finding out the killer was possibly also from a hate group would be just the icing the paper needed on this four-layer outrage dessert.

Now, right off the top, we have to point out that the Washington Post admitted to not having all of the facts. 

A video that could not be immediately verified showed what appeared to be the gunman after he was fatally shot outside a burger restaurant, wearing tactical gear with several magazines of ammunition on his chest. What appeared to be an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle lay beside him.

So, here is the paper stating things have not yet proven out – including hedging on the weaponry involved – but while admitting they could not verify these details, they felt strongly enough about the racist motivation behind these killings, including declaring a potential neo-Nazi connection in the headline. This alone should have been enough of a warning for the editors, but instead, they decided to run this hype job.

The 33-year-old gunman who opened fire on an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb Saturday, killing at least eight people, had an apparent fascination with white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs that are now being examined by investigators as a possible motive for the attack, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday. 

The Post used seven writers for this piece, yet no one felt the need to ask a few pertinent questions?! First, what would motivate a white supremacist to shoot other whites at a mall? Of the victims listed, there was a mix of races — including whites — and there is no connection given by any news outlets. A security guard, adults, and children were among those shot. No reports have yet indicated that anyone was targeted as a result of race, which would seem an important factor in highlighting a white supremacist being behind the killings.

Second, precisely how “white” is the shooter named Mauricio Garcia? Other photos of the expired killer have surfaced and he is Hispanic, while also emblazoned with gang tattoos. When authorities went to his residence his parents could not speak English.

The FBI and police raided dead Garcia’s Dallas home just one hour after the massacre and requested a translator to speak with his family. 

Just that quickly, the pushed narrative has begun to show cracks, and what is left is the fractured argument of whether a Hispanic individual can be considered “white.” Even applying this very strained standard, the entire purpose of white supremacy is racial purity, so an individual named Garcia hailing from immigrants more likely would be their target than a member. Now, it is not impossible that there are those from other ethnicities who might undertake these teachings, but the very fact that we have all of these variables in play would mean this is the time to pump the brakes and be sure you have your facts square.

One other indicator of the default approach is that there is hardly any reference to Garcia’s ethnicity beyond the claims of his being white. Hispanic or Latino is rarely mentioned, and we surely will see no approach to referring to him as “LatinX”, the media-preferred designation for Hispanics. What is clear is the single-minded approach by the journalists when there is every reason to step back and question things, rather than make pronouncements.

It is clear they have their narrative in place. What has yet to be put in place are the facts supporting the claims. source

I guess it was too difficult for WaPo to look into whether “Mauricio Garcia” is a white man’s name or not.

Shame on you, ya bunch of lying Lefties! Get your facts straight before pushing your narrative!


UK: Court Rules Against Christian Parent Who Claims Primary School Indoctrinates Small Children in LGBT Issues


A UK court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Christian mother against her son’s primary school, which she alleges is indoctrinating pupils as young as five on LGBT issues and not allowing parents to opt their children out.

Izzie Montague filed suit against the Heavers Farm Primary in South-East London after a series of events that caused the mother to feel she was being bullied and her child was being victimized because of her refusal to celebrate the gay lifestyle.

Matters came to a head when, in 2018, the school invited children and their parents to take part in a “Proud to be Me” parade which coincided with Gay Pride month.

In a blog post the school said the event was about “the diversity of our whole school community and tackling bullying.” When Montague asked for her son to be excused on religious grounds, the school refused. “I thought this was completely unreasonable,” Montague said in a statement.

“Schools are supposed to be tolerant of different faiths as well as different sexualities. Within our faith we teach that a man and a woman together is what makes a family, but in my eyes the school was promoting a different type of lifestyle to the pupils.”

Montague kept her son at home on the day of the parade, and no sanctions were issued against the child by the school. However, Montague felt the school was intolerant of her Christian views. When she attended the school to discuss the matter, one of the teachers joined a meeting wearing a T-shirt with the slogan: ‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?’

“It was like being bullied,” Montague said. “They stopped treating me like any other parent but were antagonistic towards me. I believe that they retaliated against me by unreasonably excluding me from the premises, victimizing my child and not taking my safeguarding concerns seriously.”

Montague first filed suit against the school in 2019, alleging direct and indirect discrimination, victimization, and breaches of statutory duties under the 1996 Education Act 1996 and the 1998 Human Rights Act. The Central London County court rejected the suit last month, but Montague has said she will appeal. Source

Reading, writing and arithmetic are all on the back burner. They will be taught AFTER the children are fully indoctrinated with LGBTQ and how to begin the trans process without their parents knowing!