Hanoi Jane and Comrade Kamala Get Together With Other “UNWELL” Women to have a Marxist Scream IN

I want the reader to picture Comrade Kamala Harris as VP to Biden in case he (God forbid) wins in November; after you read what is planned with Kamala and Hanoi Jane Fonda and other crazies.

Do you feel like we are in the Twilight Zone?

From canadafreepress.com

The hypocrisy of Harris on respect for fallen soldiers and war vets is jaw-dropping

Kamala Harris to join ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda in ‘Yell Room’ Campaign Event

Hanoi Jane Fonda will, in effect, ride her anti-aircraft gun photo straight through the Democrat presidential campaign tomorrow.

“Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is set to join Fonda at a Saturday virtual event held by progressive advocacy group Supermajority. The event—titled “Supercharge: Women All In”—will “bring together thousands of women to laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate women’s political power,” according to the group’s website.” (Washington Free Beacon, Sept. 23, 2020)

Included in this anti-vet, anti-American event celebrating “women’s political power” is a “yelling room where participants are encouraged to scream out their emotions,” according to event organizers

Screaming out their emotions is what innumerable leftist women are prone to do, as witnessed in many Tweets and YouTubes since mob rule took over city streets. (See Below)

Imagine the one and the same Biden campaign, which has smeared President Donald Trump with false accusations about his lack of respect for U.S. soldiers, will be out there campaigning this weekend with Jane Fonda—a celebrity best known for fraternizing with enemy troops during the Vietnam War!

“Fonda traveled to North Vietnam in 1972 as part of an anti-war protest that saw her pose for photos with enemy troops on an anti-aircraft gun. The photo sparked outrage among Vietnam veterans, earning her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.” Fonda’s public appearances remain subject to controversy—a group of Ohio veterans called on the actress to donate her $83,000 speaking fee to the families of fallen soldiers ahead of a May appearance at Kent State University. (Washington Free Beacon)

“Harris and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have criticized President Donald Trump on veterans’ issues in recent weeks. During a September “veterans roundtable,” Biden criticized Trump for ignoring “the bounty on the heads of Americans in Afghanistan,” referencing a slew of June reports that claimed Russia bribed the Taliban to kill U.S. servicemen. One day before the roundtable, Marine Corps general Frank McKenzie—who oversees military operations in the region—told NBC News that a review of U.S. intelligence failed to corroborate the alleged bounties.

Fonda’s financial help to Sen. Harris speaks much louder than Harris’ signature Clintonesque giggle:

“Fonda has long supported Harris financially, contributing nearly $6,000 to the Democrat’s Senate campaign since 2016. The actress also gave $1,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in June after donating a combined $10,300 to Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.), Democratic governors Steve Bullock (Mont.) and Jay Inslee (Wash.), and billionaire Tom Steyer during the presidential primary. (Washington Free Beacon)

“Saturday’s event will also be attended by Warren, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.). Supermajority was launched in 2019 by a group of progressive activists, including former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and Black Lives Matter cofounder Alicia Garza. The group has raised $2.5 million in 2020, with $2 million coming from liberal billionaire George Soros’s Democracy PAC.

“Supermajority aims to train and mobilize “a community of all ages, races, and backgrounds to fight for gender equality together,” according to its website.

“Fonda in 2017 said she does not regret her trip to Hanoi during the Vietnam War but does regret the infamous photo with North Vietnamese troops. She added that while she is not “proud of America today,” she is “proud of the resistance.”

“I’m proud of the people who are turning out in unprecedented numbers and continue over and over again to protest what Trump is doing. I’m very proud of them, that core,” Fonda said.

In her promotion of the roundtable in a tweet, the hypocrisy of Harris on respect for fallen soldiers and war vets is jaw-dropping:

“American veterans sacrifice so much for our nation and deserve our respect and gratitude, both while on active duty and after.”

Brethren, I am totally at a loss for words.  But one word keeps popping into my mind:


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua





JOE BIDEN: BLATANT RACIST – Let’s Take a Look Through the Years

It would be one thing if Sleepy Joe simply made a lot of gaffes but underneath it all there was a person to admire.

Well, there is NOTHING to admire about this man – not now and certainly not throughout his political career.

I felt that the best place to capture Biden’s Racism was on YouTube. Let’s take a look.

Seriously, I could simply place this one video and let it stand alone. It speaks VOLUMES about Racist Joe Biden.

Much has been said about the disproportionate number of blacks in jail. Much of this is a direct result of Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill! Just listen to the way he speaks about the black community. It made me cringe.

Tim Scott speaks with Fox News commentators about the racism of Joe Biden in this short video:

More of the same……..


Let’s not forget his Anti Semitism……..

Hannity on the Racism of Biden “40 Years of Failure:

And the beat goes on………

If I placed all of the videos exposing Biden’s Racism, this article would be way too long. But I encourage the reader to look on YouTube about Biden’s racism. You will be shocked.

 I thought that this video would be a good one for ending this piece:

Brethren, I think that it is so important for people to know the truth about the candidates.  PLEASE show me even ONE video or article where President Donald Trump spoke words of racism. Don’t bother looking because it’s NOT there. 

People with Trump Derangement Syndrome hurl all manner of insults and accusations about Trump. But when you ask them to give you an example – they can’t.  They get so angry but that is because they have nothing to back up their deranged comments.

Before the China Virus, President Trump had our economy where it has not been in decades. He lowered unemployment for everyone, but especially for the black and hispanic communities. 

Our president is not perfect and neither are you and neither am I. But he loves our Republic and he loves and defends our Constitution. He grieves over the millions of aborted babies, which is one reason he wants conservative Justices on the SCOTUS.

The Deal of the Century is far from perfect and I do have problems with it. But our Lord allowed that “deal” to be put in place. I believe that it will just further fulfill Bible prophecy.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


Who Knew? Doctors Are Prescribing Daffodils in Israel!

Strange title – I know. But to get around FB censoring me at every turn, I have had to resort to being creative with my titles.

Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms have algorithms which spot certain words in titles of articles which they deem dangerous or irresponsible. 

  The Facebook flunkies take their cues from the powers that be. The software engineers simply do their job, writing algorithms which flag the titles of articles which might anger Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, WHO, CDC and the list goes on………

So, to continue bringing my articles to the brethren during the PLANdemic, please know that when I am speaking of Hydroxychloroquine, I will say daffodils in the title only.

I have written about Hydroxychloroquine, Z-pak and Zinc as a miracle cure for early stage Covid-19. The leaders of the nations were put on these meds but it was told to the masses that this was untrue. It got me in a lot of trouble – banned from my own FB page, etc etc.

My doctor told me he would never prescribe these meds for Covid-19 – not even in early stage.  So I went on a quest to find out how I could get these on my own. I did find out how and me, my husband and grandson (diabetic) have the HCQ, Z-pak and Zinc which we will take if we exhibit early symptoms of Covid 19.

In an article I wrote months ago, I posted an NIH study from this year, which showed conclusively that HCQ was effective against early Covid. Here is the piece:

NIH Study Clearly Shows Hydroxychloroquine With Azithromycin Added Kills Covid 19 – Fauci Knew Since 2005 NO ONE NEEDED TO DIE

Now this will REALLY shock you:

From canadafreepress.com

Israel’s Covid Silence Mystery

Covid And the drug that dare not speak its name– Hydroxychloroquine

Israel congratulated itself on coming through the Wuhan virus pandemic with flying colors. By the end of June, with only 300 plus deaths, we were king of the world. We were allowed to go about our normal daily lives. And then we were hit again. Big time.  The death rate rocketed to over 1,200.

Why? What did we do differently?


We were never given the answer. Instead, they decided to appoint a health technocrat, called him the Projector, gave him the keys to the castle, including budget, ministries, laboratories, hospitals, the health clinics, even the army, to flatten the second curve. The politicians promised to stay in the background.

And so, The Projector turned the country into traffic light zones. Those with the highest infection rate were zoned red and required to be quarantined. Made sense, until it was discovered that the vast majority of the red zones, fully 80%, were either Arab or Orthodox towns.

These places, The Projector said, must be placed in immediate lockdown. Then all hell let loose. Politics reared its inevitable head. Knesset meetings became riots. Factions on which the Prime Minister depended for his support, and those that opposed him, began banging on his door. He did what any politician would do. He threw The Projector’s plan out the window and decreed a national lockdown of three weeks coinciding with the Jewish High Holidays encompassing Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

It began on the Friday afternoon before the traditional New Year’s eve to prevent mass family gatherings. But innovative defiant Israelis moved Rosh Hashanah festivities a day earlier and held their family gatherings on Thursday night instead of Friday.

Thousands of Jews rushed to test centers before heading to Ben Gurion Airport and flying from red Israel to green pastures rather than remain in lockdown for weeks. Some booked indefinite one way tickets.

Lots of TV chatter. Lots of ink splashed in pages of news media. Silence about the biggest mystery of all.

Why are more people becoming seriously ill and dying than before?

Why do we now have over 1,200 deaths when, in the peak of the first curve, our mortality rate was just over 300? Why the 400% difference?

It isn’t due to greater testing because people got sick, even without testing, in the first wave.

Officials and pundits talk endlessly about testing, social distancing, lockdown, but little else. They are worried about hospitals and laboratories becoming overloaded with seriously infected patients.

But no one is talking about how to stop early stage sufferers from deteriorating into hospitalization and worse.

Are our local doctors and clinics being allowed to do everything possible to stop early stage patients from becoming hospitalized and dying?

The answer is no. They are not. In fact, these first-line physicians, who have intimate professional contact with their patients, are being prevented from treating them successfully. 

Were Israeli doctors prescribing something in the first wave that prevented massive mortality figures they are not prescribing now?

The answer is yes.

Local doctors and clinics are being prevented from prescribing a drug that worked before, but is banned now. The drug that dare not speak its name is hydroxychloroquine.  Medical experts are forbidden on social media to mention its name. Some have been fired from their professional for daring to suggest that this drug, in combination with others, has saved countless lives.

The drug that dare not speak its name is hydroxychloroquine

Now that ban has been placed on Israeli local physicians, and more people are dying.

HCQ is a drug that received global official status use for a number of illnesses and diseases. It has a remarkable sixty-year safety record. Overnight, it became the devil’s potion.

Many hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients who swear to its efficacy when used on early stage sufferers in the right dose and in combination with other medications such as zinc and azithromycin, have been pilloried and banned from expressing their data and from sharing their experiences. Professional physicians, in intimate contact with their private patients, are treated like heretics.

The authorities say HCQ failed late stage clinical trials. They claim it left a few patients with heart irregularities, a claim refuted by many experts, including Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Medicine, who is highly critical about how badly the clinical trials were conducted.

After studying the clinical trials, he concluded, among other things, that they applied the drug incorrectly, even in dangerously high dosages, often not in combination with other drugs, to patients who had little chance of surviving with any drug.

Professor Risch is an ardent advocate for the application of HCQ in combination with other medications to early stage patients, as is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an Orthodox American physician, who came up with the Zelenko Protocol which details, for local doctors and clinics dealing with early stage Covid patients, how to prescribe and monitor patients starting in the first five days of contracting the coronavirus.

Hydroxychloroquine was banned for Covid patients by the World Health Organization

Professor Risch records and analyses the successes and failures of treating early stage Covid patients and is convinced in his judgment that HCQ, in combination with other drugs, is a safe and efficient method of preventing the debilitating effect of the coronavirus.

This early stage treatment was pioneered successfully in France by virologist Didier Raoult, who successfully treated hundreds of Covid patients, before he was pilloried as being a quack by Big Pharma.

Hydroxychloroquine was banned for Covid patients by the World Health Organization on the basis of these failed late stage trials. But the WHO recommends paracetamol, a drug that has not undergone clinical trials for Covid patients, and is known to have serious side effects. This is not only hypocritical, but highly suspect. Which begs the question. Why the difference?

This troubling discrepancy was brought home to me when I interviewed Dr. Rob Elens, a local physician with a busy clinic in the south of Holland.

Dr. Elens had an initial twenty-five patients who came down with Covid. They were prescribed with the Dutch health authorities recommendation, namely paracetamol and isolation.

The condition of all twenty-five worsened. All were hospitalized. Twelve of his patients died.

Dr. Elens, a compassionate doctor, was gravely concerned that something better could have saved his patients’ lives. So he did what any self-respecting doctor would do. He went in search of the science and came across the Zelenko Protocol, a tried and tested derivative of several doctors’ experiences in helping their early stage patients get over Covid.

“Drug combination of zinc, HCQ and azithromycin:  “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

So, when his next infected patient came along he offered him the choice of the official track or the drug combination of zinc, HCQ and azithromycin. Dr. Elens monitored the patient hourly and was pleased to discover that his patient responded well to the treatment and recovered completely within three days.

The doctor repeated the same medication in the required doses with his next nine early stage patients. All recovered quickly. But when he reported his successful cases to the Dutch medical authorities he received a warning to desist.

In my video “Covid, and the drug that dare not speak its name,” the now defiant Dr. Elens responded by saying of his patients, “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

A June comparative study, carried out into Covid-19 patients by the Saudi national fever clinics, concluded that early intervention of a HCQ-based therapy in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients was associated with lower odds of hospitalization, ICU admission and/or death.

Coming back to Israel, a question is floating in our viral air. Are we becoming guinea pigs for vaccine experiments?

Could it be that people are deliberately prevented from recovering early from Covid in order to drive them into the large pool of patients required to be experimented on in critical clinical trials for a potential vaccine?

And could it be that our rapidly rising death rate derive from patients either receiving a placebo or other drugs that are failing in vaccine test trials?

And why, if it is so important to prevent our hospital system from being overwhelmed, are we not having a public conversation on the prevention of a drug that dare not speak its name, but of which so many physicians and renowned specialists swear to its efficacy?

All legitimate questions that demand answers at such a critical time.

. source

Brethren, there are two main reasons why the world was lied to about HCQ.  One – the globalists, including Gates, Fauci and WHO wanted people to die!  They are not just globalists, they are eugenicists. The end game is to get the population of planet earth down to 500 million or less.

Secondly, these bad actors are all tied to Big Pharma. HCQ is cheap. The pharmaceutical companies would not make a killing (pun intended) off of a drug like this.  They wanted people to take Remdesivir or other therapeutics which costs many thousands of dollars per patient.

So there you have it – straight from Israel: “Better illegally alive, than legally dead.”

Oy Vey – I love my people!!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua















The Deal of the Century

Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
But in the middle of the week
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate. Daniel 9:27

In 1993, a newly elected President Clinton hosted the Oslo Peace Accords in the White House Rose Garden. This was hailed to be the end of a six-year violent Palestinian uprising known as the First Intifada. However, seven-years later, the Oslo Peace Accords were in tatters as violence began again. Not only did it bring about a bloody and violent second intifada, it also splintered the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) into a second faction, Hamas, which would come to take control of the Gaza Strip. The Second Intifada signaled the end of this utopic hallucination of Middle East peace, as well as, much speculation by prophecy watchers about whether Oslo was Daniel 9:27 in the making.

Fast forward through time for the next 20-years: 9/11, US military wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, global economic mortgage and bank crisis, the Arab Spring, ISIS, Libyan and Syrian Civil War peace in the Middle East seemed as dead a prospect as bell-bottoms, disco, and mullets.

But God.

Not only did the most unlikely candidate, win the most seemingly unwinnable election, but Donald Trump had an ace up his sleeve…God’s timing.

It would seem that 1993 was not the right time or the right place, nor Clinton, Rabin, or Arafat the right players. Even before running for office, Donald J. Trump had a decades-long, personal friendship with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, along with his daughter Ivanka Trump, are practice Orthodox Judaism.

Then-candidate Trump campaigned on the promise to not only recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital, but he also promised to move our embassy there.

Then he did.

Then President (Art of the Deal) Trump had the audacity to declare the coming “Deal of the Century,” between Israel and the Arab world on January 28, 2020. Then the Chinese Corona-virus swept the globe. Democrats and globalists were slow to abandon their failed impeachment attempt and recognize the breadth and scope of just how far reaching the virus would spread, but they were quick to politicize it once they did. It seemed as if the whole forces of the world were stacked against this peace process from moving forward. Then the details and news of the “Deal of the Century” went silent. Prophecy watchers waited in anticipation for any new, news of this coming peace deal. After a summer of protests, riots, statue desecrations, and anarchy wore on, the threat of the virus began to wane that the news broke in early August that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) would sign a normalization agreement with Israel.

What makes the recent (August 2020) Jared Kushner/Trump deal (dubbed the Abraham Accord) with the United Arab Emirates and now Bahrain as well, unique, is that it offers not just peace, but full normalization. That means shared airspace. Shared technologies. Opening economies. Tourism. Everything. Quoting Daymond Duck-

Kushner believes another Arab nation will make peace with Israel in a matter of months and all 22 Arab nations will eventually recognize the existence of Israel (Note: On Sept. 3, 2020, it was reported that Bahrain will likely normalize relations before Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 18, and as many as 20 Muslim nations could do it in the next two months).

On Sept. 5, 2020, it was reported that Israel and the UAE anticipate signing their agreement in Washington, D.C. during the week of Sept. 14, and they will call their agreement a “treaty of peace.” (Source)

But what is a peace treaty? Is it just a declaration that two nations will officially decide not to march their troops into each other’s cities or stop shooting missiles at each other? Yes and no. Yes, it is an official end of hostilities, for whatever that is worth, but it is not a guarantee of the desired end-state- normalization.

Normalization speaks to the improved relations in all sectors of public and private life and governance. It is diplomatic, it is economic, it is technological, and its improved relations from the street-level all the way up to the heads of state.

For example, even though Jordan and Egypt have peace treaties with Israel, Jews would not step foot in their countries for fear of death. Thus, peace did not bring normalization. Sure, Jordan and Egypt were not firing rockets and attacking Israel anymore, but Jews were not lining up to go there for vacations. Egyptians were not lining up to buy Jewish goods. The importance of normalization is the removal of the stigma of each other’s existence as nations and peoples. For the Jews, this is paramount.

The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates promises to establish normal relations between the two countries. These include business relations, tourism, direct flights, scientific cooperation, and, in time, full diplomatic ties at the ambassadorial level. The Emiratis are unlikely, however, to locate their embassy in Jerusalem. An important component of the Abraham Accord, though not specifically spelled out, is enhanced security cooperation against regional threats, especially from Iran and its proxies. It is important to note that Israel and the UAE reportedly already have security ties, but the agreement brings them into the open. (Source)

The Abraham Accord, aptly named for its importance to the three major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) is a reverse approach to the Oslo Peace Accords. Instead of trying to get the Palestinians to abandon their impossible demands (e.g., 1967 boundaries, right of return, division of Jerusalem), the Abraham Accord works from the outside in. Setting aside any division of land or halting of Jewish expansion by way of settlements, it’s aims are to build a coalition of Arab nations who through normalization, put pressure on the Palestinians to get on board the ‘peace train.’ Israel, in return, gets normalization from upwards of 22 of her Arab-neighbors. Aside from Egypt and Jordan who already have peace deals with Israel, the two nations of UAE and Bahrain have joined the Abraham Accord. Presumably, many others will follow suit, especially when Trump wins reelection.

 Most important is to establish a new regional alliance, based on the Arab Peace Initiative first proposed by Saudi Arabia in 2002 that is still valid until today. It would actually be a defense treaty between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Israel. Its strategic goal would be building a military and technological shield against Iran. It would develop and produce a Star Wars-like project much like President Ronald Reagan’s to forestall and pre-empt the Iranian ballistic nuclear arsenal; this would be the result of scientific and financial cooperation among the member states. This new alliance will have additional defensive tasks in thwarting terrorism and subversion in the Middle East. (Source)

Of course, the number one factor driving all of this for Israel is peace. The number factor from the Arab perspective is security. In other words, for the first time in history, the two sides (Jews and Arabs) have a valid reason to unite. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 1st Thess. 5:3.

UAE, and presumably the rest of the Gulf States due to their proximity, fear Iran more than they hate Israel. Nevertheless, the Palestinians are not having any of this. With President Trump moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and his halting of financial aid to them, there is no love lost between this administration and the divided Palestinian political factions (PLO and Hamas). Still, with normalization efforts ongoing with the Arab world, the Palestinians days may be numbered.

Within the region, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Oman publicly welcomed the Abraham Accord. Saudi Arabia has remained silent, though there is significant speculation among analysts that this nonreaction is a sign that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman supports the agreement but is constrained because his father, the king, opposes normalization with Israel. Iran, Qatar, and Turkey have all criticized the accord, with the latter threatening to withdraw its ambassador from Abu Dhabi. Civil society organizations throughout the region remain steadfast in their opposition to normalizing relations with Israel. These include groups in the Gulf, which have spoken out specifically against the Israeli-Emirati agreement. (Source)

Gog, Magog, and the Axis of Resistance

In 2006, in the midst of a fierce war between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice famously stated that the world was witnessing the “birth pangs of a new Middle East.” She was right—but not in the sense she had hoped. Instead of disempowering Hezbollah and its sponsor, Iran, the war only augmented the strength and prestige of what is known as the “axis of resistance,” a power bloc that includes Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas in Palestine. (Source) (2017)

In 1979, two significant revolutions took place in the Middle East. Most remember the dramatic Iranian revolution with the over throw of the Shah and taking over the US Embassy in Tehran. However, the other revolution was in Saudi Arabia. This was the same year that the Wahhabis took their Islamic conservativism to extremes in what had been a moderate, Sunni Muslim nation. Forty-years, fracking, and a technologically advanced world later, the Saudis have had to come to terms with their own demons. They realized after 9/11, how toxic they had become as well as realizing that their oil wealth would not last forever. They had to find new streams of revenue to finance their otherwise, resource strapped-nation. Nevertheless, this attempt at reform did not sway the Wahhabi purists in Saudi Arabia who wanted to fund their endless Jihad.

The Iranian Regime on the other hand, have not yet come to terms with their extremism. Granted, it is more the regime (leadership) than the people themselves who still maintain its suicidal and homicidal ideations, but the government still has the keys to the kingdom. Their “Twelver” eschatology is driving them to bring chaos to the world in order to unleash their Mahdi, and ultimately, the end of days. 

Millenarianism, or “end of days” messianic speculation, is thriving and evolving — and being weaponized by both Sunni and Shia radical movements – as evidenced by the Islamic State on one side, and Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies on the other. While still limited and contained, the potential of such visions to metastasize and explode into conflict is considerable. In both the Sunni and Shia domains, millenarianism is gaining in relevance, substance, and structure.  This essay considers the origins and dynamics of this movement and concludes with a brief suggestion about how best to counter it. (Source)

The Sunnis attempted to match the Twelver’s devotion to the end-time by unleashing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), but ultimately ran into a brick wall called the last Trump. Donald Trump that is. With ISIS defeated in Trump’s first year of office, and the Muslim Brotherhood on the outs pretty much everywhere, the Saudis had secretly turned to Trump and Israel as means of last resorts. An undercurrent of secret communications/discussions/agreements finally became known this year with the evolution of the Abraham Accord. 

This turn of events has given new life to Iran’s extremism. With the Iranian people largely on the outs with their own government (see Green Revolution), Iran (formerly Persia) has had to outsource much of their violence to disenfranchised Middle Easterner’s and North Africans to rebuild their Shiite Caliphate. However, Turkey’s Prime Minister/Autocrat, Tayyip Erdogan, would not, could not; let Iran run away with the monopoly on caliphate building. Erdogan was determined to restore the might and greatness of the Ottoman Empire. According to Efraim Inbar, the president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security said this,

He noted that Erdoğan is not only a leader with an Islamist ideology, but a realpolitik player. Turkey is in Iraq and Syria, and has a military base in Qatar and in Somalia. Erdoğan tried to build a base in Sudan, and now he is busy in Libya. As part of this new Turkish nationalism, he is challenging the border with Greece, essentially seeking to reverse the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, which officially ended the Ottoman Empire.

“There is a fusion here of nationalism and Islamism between Turkish nationalism with its roots in Islam, the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire,” said Inbar. “There is a clear alliance between Turkey and Qatar, which both support the Muslim Brotherhood.” (Source)

Just as the Jews and Arabs are finding common ground, primarily over common enemies, the same holds true for this growing Axis of Resistance. For the first time in history, both Turkey and Iran (who formerly held major empires over the Middle East) now find themselves with their aligned interests. While this is a bit of speculation on my part, the Ayatollah and Erdogan may want to split their Caliphate down the middle, much the same way the Roman Empire eventually split between eastern and western halves. What they also have in common, is a neutral-ally by the name of Russia who is helping arm and manage their forces throughout the region.

MOSCOW – The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran on Wednesday discussed efforts to stabilize Syria in a video call, emphasizing the need to promote a political settlement for the nine-year conflict. Russia and Iran have staunchly supported Syrian President Bashar Assad throughout the country’s war, while Turkey has backed his foes. However, the three countries have pooled their efforts to help end hostilities. [July 1st, 2020] (Source)

At present, Russia, Turkey, and Iran are at odds over the dumpster-fire that is Syria. However, they are now working together to end this division. Both Russia and Turkey are presently at odds over the future of Libya. At some point in the very near past, Russia, Turkey, and Iran have decided to align their interests in regards to Syria and Libya, and begin to solidify their stranglehold over the Middle East. In fact, I would venture to say that this alliance will solidify as we move into Trump’s fifth year in office. The reason I believe this will happen sooner, rather than later, is that all three are watching this Trump-led alliance fall in line with the Abraham Accord, and they will use this as the motivation to set their differences aside and work together. It is also very possible, that we could also see the formation of a new Syria very soon, with Bashar Assad stepping aside and Damascus being rebuilt (or at least getting the rubble out of the way). Damascus (as well as the rest of Syria) presents real, geopolitical interests to all three nations, and I expect that given the present prophetic winds, they will move in quickly. Might this new Axis of Resistance be the Gog-Magog coalition that Ezekiel prophesied about some 2,600 years ago?

Cyrus, Trump, and the Third Temple

In conclusion, let me sum up a few things about where I believe things are headed by way of bulletined summary. [Disclaimer, I could be wildly wrong-this is just my theory].

  1. I believe the Abraham Accord IS THE covenant that will be confirmed in Daniel 9:27, albeit, with modifications. The last Middle East ‘peace plan’ was in 1993, almost forty-years ago, and it was dead on arrival. 
  2. Prince Mohammed bin Salman is currently second in line to the Saudi throne. He is onboard with the Abraham Accord, but his father is not. This is in part, why I believe his father (the King) will die at some point in Trump’s second term. This is in part, why I believe Trump wins a second term, because the Democrats would all but dismantle this the second they took over. More importantly, Saudi’s entrance into the Accord will be the pièce de résistance that causes the domino effect for others to join
  3. As the Abraham Accord shores up its Sunni-Israeli alliance, the Axis of Resistance (Gog-Magog, et. al.) will also form along aligned interests merging in both Libya and Syria.
  4. The Rapture-event becomes the trigger for the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. The Rapture will throw the US into disarray, which means, it will throw much of the Western-world (Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.) into economic disarray as well. The opportunity to attack Israel will be too enticing for the Gog-Magog coalition to resist because they know (or think) no one will come to their aid.
  5. The Sunni-Abraham Accord participants will lodge their protests at what is taking place, but will not lift a finger to help. They want no part of what is about to happen to tiny Israel.
  6. God supernaturally (or naturally for Him I suppose) destroys Damascus (Isaiah 17) and this coalition, so much so, that Israel becomes the new powerhouse in the Middle East. “Last man standing” syndrome.
  7. Not only will this divine victory expand their national borders by absorbing parts of Syria and Lebanon, but will also give them the confidence to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount. I assume that the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are either severely damaged or destroyed during this event.
  8. At some point, either before or after Ezekiel 38, the Two Witnesses come on the scene and the Ark of the Covenant is found. These Two are hailed as heroes at first, but will quickly become a thorn in everyone’s side as Israel enters into this newly packaged Abraham Accord.
  9. After the Rapture and the Gog-Magog War, there will be a brief bout of global anarchy and chaos as power struggles ensue to fill the void of the USA, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. At this point, the United Nations decides to divide the world into ten regions to better manage the recent turn of events. One of the regions will be the Mediterranean Union.
  10. The new Abraham Accord will not just be Israeli/Sunni anymore, but will include a newly energized Mediterranean Union who is led by lawless one himself, the rider on the white horse, Mr. Antichrist.

All of these events will take place roughly over the course of 3-4 years. Many in Israel have equated Donald Trump as being synonymous with the Medo-Persian King Cyrus, for all of his seemingly impossible-yet achieved, political efforts. What I mean to say is Trump is instrumental to Bible prophecy at this point, for him to lose to someone like Biden-Harris. It begins with Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020, and then followed by the death of King Salman. After his death, his son Mohammed bin Salman brings Saudi Arabia into the Accord and subsequent domino effect of Sunni nations follow suit. This allows Israel to let her guard down, which is followed by the Rapture of the Church. The Rapture becomes the catalyst for the Gog-Magog War, which, after being destroyed, allows Israel to rebuild her third temple. At some point in this time frame, the Two Witnesses arrive as the world divides back into ten regions. One of those regions is the Mediterranean Union (see UfM). Islam as a major world religion is neutered (Shia-Turkic-Balkan) leaving only a weakened version of Sunni. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) begins consolidating her power; one-man rises to the top of their hierarchy by election (see EU Super-President). He is the one who renegotiates the Abraham Accord with Israel (and the many) to be included in this new regional power structure.

Again, I could wrong on my understanding of how things shake out, therefore, I am not wedded to these thoughts, nor are they hills upon which I want to plant my battle flag. Ultimately, things will happen according to God’s will and timing, but it is fun to see what we think will happen in the months and years ahead. Nevertheless, preach the Gospel, and be ready in season and out. Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and keep looking up, because our redemption draws near.