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CHICK-FIL-A Goes WOKE, Commits to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Agenda

I would give Chick’s owners the benefit of doubt on their Christianity at the moment, however their behavior indicates the doublemindedness James talks about in James 1:8 …”unstable in all his ways.” 

The comments on this article show proof of diametrically opposed views by Chick. It’s like a Christian who wouldn’t personally have an abortion but supports a Christian woman’s right to do it. Maybe even claiming abortion is between the individual Christian & God which means u can negotiate the unnegotiable Biblical truths with an unchanging God. It also reminds me of today’s compromised churches, pastors & their nutty teachings offensive to our God.

We can’t serve 2 masters because we will love the one & hate the other & our light that shines becomes dimmed. Also we are the salt of the earth & if we lose our saltiness then how will it be made salty again…compromise with God’s Word is good for nothing anymore but to be thrown out….In other words compromise only benefits the global god/religion & its changeable tyrannical, lying promises & tenets.

Chick has to make up their minds which one they will serve & commit themselves to it 100%. Hopefully they make the right choice & completely sell out to Jesus.

Thoughts From Dale Vernon


CANCELING GOD ALMIGHTY: Father God Please use the Insanity of this World to Bring Many to You for Salvation

If the “Big Bang” really happened & it produced this beautiful planet which seems self sustaining & the “cause” is evilution which is unguided, completely natural, w/o supervision, random then why haven’t other like kind planets been discovered yet? Why also is the universe so intrinsically & finitely timed so if that was off a nano second we would have chaos not the predictable order scientists observe? 

Why don’t we currently see evilution in motion such as goo to you forming up? Where are the apes turning into people located? That should be an ongoing process since evilution is completely random & natural & therefore unstoppable or uncontrollable? There’s no room for a personal Creator in evilution. It’s all strictly by chance & weird Godless imaginations.

Darwin had an evilution problem since it depends on millions or billions of years. That problem was the evilution of the eye. If the eye was formed over millions of years then how would the specie ever survive? Off hand I can’t think of a critter w/o sight or “radar” etc. If it wasn’t instantly working they become lunch. Darwin never had an answer to that question. That also goes for the myriads of organs, innate chemical processes that must be 100% operational for a person or critter to survive or they die.

These thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg against any possibility of
evilution having ANY credence or veracity.



Most Americans still waiting for that white knight to swoop in and save us from our insane government by Leo Hohmann

Jeremiah 8:20 Harvest is past, summer is ended, and we are not saved.

It’s obvious to most people America is on a sliding slope to destruction. In fact I think it’s worse than that…we’re right on the edge of the cliff with the wind at our back trying to force us over. A recent poll said 50% of Americans don’t believe in God these days but Satan who isn’t God or even close is gaining popularity as a god. I would totally discount a revival for America except our God is merciful, loving as well as all powerful, Almighty God.
I’m so glad He is MY God.

The Biblical signs coinciding with actual events going on around us favor the ultimate culmination of the entrance of the anti-christ who I believe is alive & well, just offstage waiting for his cue. God sees the sins of this nation piled up all the way to the heavens for all the world to see & observe what happens to any nation when God is abandoned & Satan is embraced. It can’t be ignored by the Lord God any longer. The greatest nation the world has ever seen will be reduced to moral rubble & total enslavement & in just a few years (my guess) at most. We are at that precipice & exceeding the speed limit getting there. America is inflicted with leprosy of the soul.

I am not a date setter but I can read the Bible & watch the “sifted news” as the ultimate end time intersection comes closer every day for America’s judgement from God.

The good times are over for America. You can’t serve 2 masters. God & Satan… “for either he will hate the one & love the other or he will hold to one & despise the other”…Matt 6:24
Joshua 24:15 ….choose for yourselves TODAY whom you will serve; whether the gods of self centered love, wokeism, transgenderism, money, power, queerness & deviant sex of all types, child mutilation & trafficking, global devil loving “govt” etc….but as for me & my house, we will serve the Lord.

So what about YOU? Whom do you serve? Only Jesus can save you.
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER (that’s YOU) believes (TRUSTS) in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
Acts4:12 And there is salvation IN NO ONE ELSE, for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.

Otherwise by ignoring the Salvation provided by Jesus taking YOUR sins upon Himself on the cross & shedding His blood for YOU as the perfect sacrifice for sin, acceptable to the Father, you commit the UNPARDONABLE sin by rejecting the saving grace of God Almighty. The wages of sin is death Romans 6:23 & Jesus showed His power over sin & death by rising from the dead.
Romans 2:5 But because of your stubbornness & unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath for yourself.
2 Cor 6:2 …today is the acceptable time behold now is the day of salvation.
Don’t waste anymore time. Tomorrow may be too late.

From the Desk (and mind) of Dale Vernon

NYC Students Lose Recess as Border Crossers Live in School Gyms Enjoying Free Pizza, Sandwiches

Warning! This may come across as nuts but maybe today I’m just trying to “fit in” with the world as run by the devil & his human minions. The following thoughts of mine are not out of the question the way things are going. 

I wonder when the govts will require homeowners using only 2 bedrooms of their 3 or more house to be turned over to the illegals, pervs, criminals rent free. Maybe your sporadically used RV is just parked for your use & convenience. That example of “whiteness” must be eliminated. The homeless illegals need a place to do their diversity thing so turn it over to them or else. Prob have to feed’em, pay their utilities, buy’em a car, pay their insurance, medical, etc. All kinds of addictive drugs will be legal, so the homeowner gets to share in that cesspool as well. Punishment for “white supremacy” & other anti-globalist crimes, u know.

Oh yeah we get to deal with SS cuts as well. So eventually we give up on that hopeless scenario & trek over to the promised WEF paradise. Neom in the Arabian n/w desert to complete the transition of “u will own nothing & be happy”. Ur property is confiscated, ur money is digitalized, no cash, no savings, no privacy, cameras everywhere, even the bathrooms, no church or sharing the Gospel, imbedded body tracking chips, no Bibles allowed. Bow down to the a/c, get the 666 mark. Face it, ur in prison! 

I forgot to tell u to tear up any wills u made up cuz the Globalist regime owns it all. Remember “you will own nothing…” It’s just the beginning of ur hell on earth. Pardon my evil nature temporarily running wild but why not? Everything else is going to “hell in the proverbial handbasket.” Maybe the welcoming sign at the Neom’s nirvana entrance will say “work makes you free”…bring back terrible memories to you Jewish folks? Gonna happen again! The Bible says so. What an awful future!

Do you want a great future or do you think the present Satanic world “leaders” have a great solution for you as attested by their present governing methods & truthful track record? Do you like be told what to do by unaccountable, lying, foreigners who have orders to oppress & eliminate & enslave you to save “mother earth”? Then when they are done with you, murder you. You can run but not hide. They will find you.

There is only one true answer to that question…the Lord Jesus Christ!
Your great ETERNAL future is ONLY thru faith ALONE in Jesus ALONE.
You are a sinner & deserve the penalty of eternal punishment & separation from the most loving Person to ever walk this earth. Jesus went to the cross to pay the penalty of this punishment for YOU in FULL.
Acts 4:12 …there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other Name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.
Don’t put it off…today is the day of salvation..2 Cor 6:2