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I Believe That THIS is the Technology Which Will Be Used to Usher ANTICHRIST Onto the World Stage

ELVIS is back! I seen’im!

All kidding aside, the new tech isn’t badly done but their voices aren’t quite synced with the “music”. I’m sure that will be worked out b4 the a/c uses it for his image to be worshipped. It needs to be further perfected to fool everyone into believing the a/c suffers a mortal wound but “rises” from the dead. Hence the fake Christ. Rev17:7-18.

Everyone in the audience was cheering, standing, applauding but seemed to be at a loss about how it was done…so will the millions in the Great Trib be fooled by the great deception & get the mark on your right hand or forehead. Jesus warns us of false Christs. Paul warns us that even an angel of light & does miracles but preaches a false Gospel is to be cursed Gal1:8 (think the false prophet & his false world religion as in the “woman rides the beast” Rev17:3 .

Can you tell the difference with your present Bible knowledge? Will you be deceived by the demonic trinity of evil? Do you know enough of the Gospel, the Bible & the real Jesus to avoid being deceived or will you go with the cheering crowds to eternal destruction? Will you ignore the 144,000 Jewish evangelists preaching the Gospel of Christ crucified for your sins? Will you ignore the 2 witnesses of God who preach Christ for 3yrs 6mo Rev chptr 11 & how about the angels of God flying around the world urging people to accept the real Christ & refuse the mark Rev chptr 7 & chptr14:7.

This is all future but at the same time just around the corner! There will be no excuses for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone will have heard the saving Gospel msg. What will you do about it?

NOW is the time of salvation.

How Can I Be Saved? <click here

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Texas Homeowner Shows Intruder He Messed with Wrong Bull, Holds His Own Until Deputies Arrive

The intruder must be industrial strength stupid or there is more to the story. It seems everyone in Texas is armed to the teeth. Most “newsworthy” self defense type shootings reported seem to come from that neck of the woods.

If you live there I would think you should know better. They need to try that philosophy here in the crazy, libtard Seattle area. We got nice modern jails too but they don’t seem to be used much for long except to provide 3 hots & a cot.

BTW don’t get accused of mistreating a murdering, raping, drug dealing gangbanger or they & the ACLU will sue the pants off the innocent victim & the county + collect big $ from us taxpayers. After all it might not be the gangbanger’s fault. Murdering the innocent & drug dealing might be part of their cultural background (think Somalia, Nigeria, Central America etc) & the only way they can subsist.

Isn’t diversity wonderful?

BTW keep ur hands where I can see ’em.

DALE VERNON on “DECEASED HUMANS to Become COMPOST: Democrat Gov. Hochul Legalizes Composting Human Remains in New York”

Dale Vernon

So many wonderful worldly things coming down the pike. Is composting us a step up or down from becoming Soylent Green? Either way we eat dead people. If composted humans are full of RNA jab witches brew how does that affect the soil for growing crops? How to desecrate the wondrously made human body created by God, “let me count the ways.” 

Other thoughts, how about the elite stripping us of our saleable organs b4 composting? Hope they don’t do it while I’m alive. Of course the Gestapo, Mengeles types of the elite might get the go ahead to emulate the Chinese “harvesting” methods of their Uighur prisoners & treat us “useless eaters” the same way. Nah! The world is too civilized for that & OBiden, our national role model of virtuous living, would never let that happen!

Hey, anybody who sells out our country, takes communion, loves abortion, okays the injecting of infants with the RNA special death sauce,
signed the “disrespect for God ordained marriage act”, lights up the white house with the rainbow colors symbolizing every abominable sin that spits in the face of God Almighty can’t be all bad…right? Aren’t those wonderful presidential accomplishments? 

To call our president an idiot is an insult to those who are idiots but are not to blame for their condition. But what other name for him is really appropriate for someone who publicly despises the Almighty thru his actions & claims to be a Christian? Don’t forget the Grand Poopa of Rome giving him communion publicly honoring his Satanic deeds..they are bedfellows. Don’t be deceived by their parasitical, bogus christianity in name only. Their Jesus is a fake just like their salvific claims.

Getting back to our composting future & allayment of our fears of contaminated food. Have no fear though as our ever-truthful govt will give us their famous “safe & effective” FDA guarantee of goodness. Govt sponsored, free school lunches anyone? I feel so much better now knowing that, don’t you? How does that old pop song go, “It’s such a pretty world today”.. time to put on your rose colored glasses, stick your head back in the sand, what a wonderful future in store for those who refuse to trust the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

Gee, aren’t you looking forward to the utopian, pretty, own nothing & be happy future world promised by the elites who wanna enslave us & then chop us up & sell our parts for personal gain makes me almost ready to start shouting “peace & safety” because the Bible says that’s when the end will come & if I’m still here (Yuck) then heaven & my Savior await me. 1Thess 5:3….I’m ready to meet my Maker….ARE YOU?

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INFLUENCING WEATHER? HAARP Bounces Signal Off Asteroid On 12-27-2022 In New NASA Experiment: Our Country had to Suffer Through 6.4 Earthquake and a Freak Bomb Cyclone

I don’t believe anything our local or fed dictatorships tell us.

That goes for the lying, globalist lap dog media as well. The globalist Satanic inspired agenda includes weather control, after all if you’re gonna be a god then you must be able to do that.

I’ve lived here all my life and we have always had these “atmospheric rivers” from time to time. The “artic blasts” come down thru Canada via the Fraser River Valley or from the east. The “Pineapple Express” sweeps in from Hawaii & warms us up + rains alot. When we melt in summer from the heat coming up from the southwest or the east we all pray for the real Weatherman (God) to bring in cooling air from the ocean for cooling, rain & relief from forest fires. It’s our God ordained air conditioning system & works very well.

God controls our weather because our farmers depend on certain weather at certain times. Most cropland in Wa is east of the Cascades. Those farming communities know what prayer can do and they depend on the REAL God of heaven & earth to meet those needs not you godless frauds. So you budding globalist god control freaks can take your Harp and stick it in your atheistic ears.

God still ultimately controls the weather and He still answers our prayers. The merciful REAL God might let u dabble in this type of “climate control” for awhile but He is merely allowing your sins to pile up to the point of becoming even more reprobate past the point of salvation. So you better rethink your evil godhood aspirations cuz you’re going up against Almighty God of the heavens and earth and you will lose big time just like your boss Satan.

Another piece of advice, since you are all storing up wrath for yourselves, always check what’s beneath your feet as the earth may open up suddenly and swallow up your godless selves for eternity in the Lake of Fire. You & ur fellow hotshots won’t control that eternal climate.

SO GOOD to have Dale back 🙂