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BACK IN THE USSA: People Who Refused The Covid Vaccines Are Being Tracked, But The Media Is Trying To Cover That Up

I got a flyer in the mail from the VA this morning urging me to take part in a program called “All of us research program”..”Everybody’s health tells a story. What’s yours?” They even included a postage paid envelope. Apparently they lack information on my health history. I’ve been in their system for about 25 yrs at least & I depend on them for meds that keep me alive & sorta functioning. You’d think after all the poking, blood draws, samples of other bodily fluids, counseling, testing, prescriptions etc. they would not need anymore info on me. My hospital records must be an inch thick thereabouts. But NO, grasshopper. We need more, much more.

The sinister sounding reason is called “Precision medicine is health care that is based on each person.” and is made up of 3 factors.
1. Environment. Like where you live. (U know where I live..get a map)
2. Lifestyle. Like what you eat. (I don’t like grasshoppers or bugs)
3.Biology. Like your GENES and FAMILY HISTORY. (Gettin’ really snoopy now”)
4. I will be asked to Complete the consent to get DNA results. (WHY? My DNA is ok.)
5. Take online surveys. (Who’s sponsoring these “surveys”?)
6. Share your electronic health record.(EHR) (Share with who? Mystery question.)
7. Give blood and urine samples. (plural)
8. Have your physical measurements taken. (Did the Nazis do all this too?)
Your participation MAY help researchers (whoever they are) to further health research which MAY improve health for everyone….the goal is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. (My take on this krud is they need the info for global data bases & also to learn whether the killer vax’s work & how to increase the death rates.) This info will be shared but those groups are not identified. (Probably for sale) or to be stored on a centralized data base & be useful to pick out whose organ’s are best for extraction & sale when the 1 world govt takes over.

In light of our experiences in the last 2 years with govt transparency & its “care & concern” factor for its future slave class I would say the “Research Program” is snoopy hogwash sham that benefits no one but our unelected & elected federal & state exterminators. You can’t blame me for being cynical. Just thought I’d give other vets a heads up on this baloney.
They certainly didn’t need all this info when they qualified us to be govt issued cannon fodder.

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