ALABAMA MASS SHOOTING: 4 confirmed dead, reports of at least 20 injured at teenager’s birthday party

Brethren, something is VERY wrong. These horrific events are happening too close together. Is this related to Covid Psychosis?


Dadeville, Alabama, reels after shooting unfolds at Sweet 16 party

A mass shooting at a teenager’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, Saturday evening left at least four dead and reportedly more than 20 injured. 
At approximately 11:45 p.m., Special Agents with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) launched a death investigation at the request of the Dadeville Police Chief, according to a press release obtained by Fox News. 

“The investigation is a result of a shooting which occurred at approximately 10:34 p.m. near the 200 Block of Broadnax Street in Dadeville, located in Tallapoosa County. Currently, there have been four confirmed fatalities and multiple injuries,” ALEA said. 

“The following agencies responded to the scene and are currently assisting with the investigation: The Dadeville Police Department, Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Alcohol, the Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the 5 Circuit District Attorney’s Office. Nothing further is available as the investigation is ongoing.”

Local officials gave few details about the incident at their initial press conference besides confirming the shooting unfolded at a birthday party.  
The White House told Fox News that President Biden has been briefed on the shooting in Dadeville. 

“The White House is closely monitoring and has been in touch with local officials and law enforcement to offer support,” the statement added. 

“This morning, I grieve with the people of Dadeville and my fellow Alabamians. Violent crime has NO place in our state, and we are staying closely updated by law enforcement as details emerge,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, tweeted Sunday morning. 

People line up behind police tape at the scene of a mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama.  (The Alexander City Outlook )

Officials have not revealed the exact number of surviving victims, but a photo taken by a witness showed the bodies of at least six teenagers on the ground, according to BNO News.

According to the outlet, a witness at the scene said the total number of victims was higher than six, including multiple people who died at the scene. The witness observed white sheets covering the bodies.

Police vehicles at the scene of a mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama.  (The Alexander City Outlook )

A photo posted to Twitter shows multiple families gathered outside a local hospital following the incident.

Susan Foy, the Chief Marketing Director of Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, located about 18 miles from Dadeville, called the incident a “horrific tragedy.” 

Crime scene tape erected at the scene of a mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama.  (The Alexander City Outlook )

She confirmed to Fox News the hospital treated multiple victims and released them. Several victims with gunshot wounds have had to be transferred to other hospitals to better tend to their specific wounds/injuries. Of the victims treated at the medical center, she had no word on any fatalities. Foy would not get into ages of victims or a specific number. The hospital is a small, rural facility with just 81 beds. It’s not rare to transfer patients to other facilities that have access to more specialists. 

Fox News Digital also has reached out to the Dadeville Police Department and the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office for comment. 

Officials have not said if any arrests have been made in connection with the shooting. Source

I am placing this in “Covid Psychosis.” Think back to what was found in the Covid vaccines – software which could reassemble itself. If they could construct those vaccines to do that, why should we not assume that bad actors in this world could be controlling those who got the jab and the many boosters??


2 thoughts on “ALABAMA MASS SHOOTING: 4 confirmed dead, reports of at least 20 injured at teenager’s birthday party

  1. I just about convinced, along with you, on the jabs behind this. Since the killer shots have been pushed there has been more mass killings and individuals just dropping dead “for no reason.” Its doing exactly what it was designed to do.

  2. Just wait until the illegal gangsters, terrorists, cartel orgs, border mule drug runners get properly organized here. U won’t be able to leave ur house w/o wearing an armored suit. Wait for the bus, risk a drive by a shooter trying to impress his gang buddies. Dope sales on downtown streets in broad daylite. Bodies of fentanyl laced people lying dead on the streets. Armed bandits with toll gates & guns will unblock neighborhood thruways for a fee. Maybe local Muslims have declared themselves masters of certain areas of ur county with the blessings of the real local govt. Result? U pay taxes twice. It’s happened in London & elsewhere.
    Stray bullets flying from a gang’s favorite “street sweeper” auto weapon might have ur name or an innocent family member’s name on it. Next maybe there’s another armed nut ON the bus jazzed up on some kind of dope waiting to unload on some innocent passengers. They’ve already made their presence known in school classrooms. Invite them in with a prominent “Gun Free Zone” sign. Walk from the bus stop to work. Be sure to dodge the poopy sidewalks & tents where mostly armed addicts “live”.

    Wanna shop at ur favorite local store..gee whiz the place looks empty now & boarded up. If u do find a similar one still open, watch where u walk as u enter. U need to carefully avoid him or his possible “leavings” + he may regard the doorway to a business as his territory & maybe ur trespassing or need to be panhandled or just plain mugged. In our county u can shoplift up to about $900 of merchandise w/o prosecution. Sometimes a whole vanload of looters at a time take advantage of the premature “going out of business sale”. Gee whiz govts, have u ever wondered why Walmarts & other decades old businesses just up & seemingly disappear? Duhh!

    U personally hate guns but even walking from the mall parking lot to the mall entrance and back with groceries or merch nowadays puts ur head on a swivel.
    Now u think seriously of buying a gun, getting a concealed permit for it & get training on its usage. U never before ever considered it but these rascals seem to come out of nowhere, everywhere. U have learned to always lock ur doors at home & in ur car ALWAYS. Take ur kid or grandkid to the local park..1st check for needles or tents or people poop. U could even get shot on the freeway from a road rager, or sniper in the bushes. Maybe a cross fire incident on a local street where opposing punk gang members have a shoot out.

    Have a kid? How about 2nd thoughts sending him or her to the local mom/pop store for a loaf of bread? I had that duty when I was a kid. No worries then but these days u roll the dice. U got bullets flying & many more emboldened perverts now to worry about. That’s right, U worry, not the perv. They probably do a lifetime of serious damage to the victim but they get off lite so they can destroy more lives.

    I’m old enough to know our society should not need to cower in fear just to go out their front door & relax on their front porch in America. Various quotes over the decades have prophesied the idea that America can only be destroyed from within. That’s happening as of this moment & seems to get worse daily. Don’t tell me u haven’t noticed something is dreadfully wrong. It’s on the news, every segment, everywhere.

    Our public K-12 Skools can’t educate any longer. They’re into social engineering. They are too occupied with turning boys into girls & vice versa to care about the 3 R’s & or what their parents who pay the bills think. “It’s just our little secret” between the schools & the kids. The schools & public library drag queens love that kind of welcoming language. Music to their perverted ears. These kids are our future leaders & depend in their youth, adults for proper guidance. God help us & that those kids will find our Savior in time. As u know this little piece has only scratched the surface. America’s problems run much deeper.

    Who’s to blame for this mess? Judgement is sure to come & is already here in America. I think the church of America is mostly to blame for our present predicament.
    1Peter 4:17 For it is time for judgement to begin with the household of God…
    If the church is weak then its sphere of influence in the country is also weak. It has been said the church follows the culture & it is plainly observable to us seniors especially.

    70 years ago you could witness to anyone on the street about Christ & nearly any denominational church nearby could reliably follow up on the same gospel msg. Not so any longer. The church u may recommend was an old time Gospel preaching church but now even Sodom & Gomorrah would envy it’s “preaching”.

    Many Christians regularly shop for a new church cuz their present one has Biblically “gone off the rails”. You often wonder what really goes on in some usually dependable denominational churches. I think the church at large has lost its meaning for existence. Church is a business now & demographics determine the location, not the Holy Spirit. Prayer probably is earnest for God to meet their bottom line rather than salvation for lost souls. Pastors need to be careful of what they preach lest it disturb big givers. Keep politics out for fear of losing the 5013c tax exemption. Church boards refer to their congregations as “customers”
    & develop or borrow program ideas to cater to their fleshly needs like pinball machines or other worldly geegaws for every age group.

    I can’t remember when churches last had Wed nite services or Sat nite prayer times with at least 10-15 people minimum in attendance. Pastors themselves cancel these mid week services in spite of people who still want them. Sermons are carefully sculpted so people can get home in time to watch their favorite NFL games. Pastors are pastoring because many made it a “career choice” not by answering the call of the Lord. They must grow church membership & in locations of big & faithful givers but not necessarily strengthen the flock in good solid doctrine & living a holy life in accordance with the Bible. You can’t threaten fire & brimstone if u need the sinner’s $. The church’s new big 1st class big building mortgage with all the trimmings comes first & you need a “hook” or programs, something for everyone to pull them in. You must have a noisy rock type band with smoke & lites. Maybe u hand out ear plugs upon entry. You also need a HUGE big screen so a big crowd can fit into the sanctuary & watch the Super Bowl on Suday no less & (No kidding). Some pastors become millionaires with excellent benefits to boot, certainly better than the flock average.

    I think it was President Calvin Coolidge who was asked by the press as he left a church service what the sermon subject was about. President Coolidge responded; “Sin” & the press asked silent Cal what the preacher said about sin & President Coolidge said, “He was against it.” I wonder what the President Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama or Trump would have had said? I can only imagine the sermon subject these days to the most powerful men on earth.

    The American church needs to get back to the subject of “sin” & our response should be “we are against it” and then live it.

    I can expect Mormon missionaries or Jehovah’s Witness’ showing up on my doorstep but never evangelicals. No wait there was one in 16 yrs but only because I was a listed giver.

    In my greater Seattle area big churches are not usually the most Biblical (we are referred to as “little Russia”) & I don’t feel welcome not because of a lack of “love bombing” upon entry but what I find out later about the preaching or feel good junk coming from the pulpit or staff. Most of this site’s readers have been thru this to some degree so I’m preaching to the choir so to speak. I have found fellowship in a couple of folks who really love the Lord & are faithful in their obedience to our Lord’s commands & His precious word. I give thanks for those few. Pretty soon the real church will have to go under ground in America because of persecution.

    Thanks for your time. I did ramble some but I hope u got a pricking of the Spirit or maybe an awareness that u need ur head & brain on a swivel in church as well in the big city because we are in the Last Days & deception & evil will be the order of these last but “as in the days of Noah” time period. But if we take up our crosses & follow our Great God & Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ until death we WILL have the final, eternal victory.

    This is not an exact quote of Numbers 6:22-26
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you for now & forever more. The Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace.

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