From the Desk of Dale Vernon

When the house of cards comes toppling down…

End times discussions are always interesting especially when we Bible readers search the Scriptures & observe the almost daily signs of evil progression to its ultimate end. We have the signs but not the exact timing of the Rapture since only the Father knows. Our merciful God is flexible on that by giving men the time to repent & become a part of the church which will escape His coming terrible wrath. Our job is to continue our part in the Great Commision which doesn’t end until the Rapture.

My wonderful God KNOWS who are His own & those who are still searching for real answers found only in His Son. As we observe evil taking the world by storm, we get very anxious & desirous about leaving to be with our loving Savior. It may get to the pt where we wonder if the Rapture will actually happen. If you read Gen chap 7 you will see God gave many warnings b4 the flood actually came & God is the One who finally shut the door but Noah & his family were safe from God’s wrath just as the rains began. 

Remember most people these days have been relentlessly propagandized by faux media, lies, revisionist history, economic pressures to conform to ungodly ideals. Even the church has helped it along. We seniors grew up in a different world with real education and much better exposure to the Biblical & society behaved much better until the 60’s came along. We have seen the church veer off the original path set b4 it & help form the Godless progressive culture we now see every day on the news & the druggies lying dead in our streets, bullets flying & our Godless proxy Satanic govts literally getting away with & allowing public murder as in the death vax’s for openers & early release or 2 fingered wrist slap time or no time for habitual criminals. 

During the Plandemic people were in line w/their kids happily waiting for the jab that could kill or maim them convinced they were doing the right thing. Parents send their kids to schools who in secret convince the kid he really needs to be a she or vice versa or both at the same time. It’s ok for a kid to claim critter hood & entitled to its own litter box. Public schools/librairies cater to pervert cross dressing human devils to groom the very young. Naturally we that are adopted Sons of God want out of this hell hole & be with Him. Sooner the better. That’s why we’re always yelling at the heavens, “Maranatha, Come quickly”.

My pt is we must be patient because our loving God is & we must emulate Him.
We Christians in America haven’t been really tested yet. Our country has been very blessed by the Lord in its history. We’ve long been the world’s cop standing for freedom & experienced great material blessing & worldly respect until recently. Now we are the laughing stock of the world.

Now we have abandoned the Blesser, His Word, His Son, His land Israel & His chosen people the Jews. Instead G.Sorros, the rich Jewish guy & his ilk with his bribery billion$’ have a large part in unabated propagating the anti-semitism we currently see & he gets away with it. BTW, Christian, u be careful praying in public or else. The Lord is justified in bringing His hammer down on the USA. We on our way to being a has-been nation. 

I am basically Pre-Trib but am preparing to face whatever comes my way in His strength & whatever the Lord allows me to experience will be horrific enough but perhaps just a glancing blow of His wrath as representative of the real wrath to come. 

Lot & his family were trekking away from S&G just as the Lord was pouring out His wrath upon those 2 cities. Noah was in the ark as the rains came down, the floods came & lifted the ark. In any event I’m in His hands & SAFE no matter what comes or when. The Lord is NEVER late but always on time & yes just in the nick of time. The saying “I got this” – NO He’s got me!

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