SATANIC: Liberal Professor Loses Her Mind When She’s Arrested For Obstructing a Campus Pro-Life Display (VIDEO)

The feature picture is of Molech – demonic god who receives babies and children as an offering. THIS is what is still happening today!


A professor of sociology at the University of Albany in New York was recently arrested when she tried to disrupt a pro-life display on campus.

She resisted arrest, and the left wing students at the scene screamed and swore at the police as she was handcuffed.

Have you ever wondered why so many young people at college behave this way? This is one of their teachers.

Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University wrote about the incident at his blog:

“She’s a … Professor!”: Albany Professor Arrested After Obstructing Pro-Life Display and Resisting Arrest

“She’s a [expletive] professor”! Those four words screamed by pro-choice protesters could well sum up the issue for the State University of New York at Albany after the arrest of sociology professor Renee Overdyke. At a recent pro-life demonstration, Overdyke unplugged an electric display to prevent students from expressing their opposition to abortion. She then resisted arrest. The question, which we have previously discussed, is where the university should draw the line in the conduct of faculty in preventing free speech.

The pro-life display at the university attracted a loud counter-demonstration, which is of course fine and good. Universities are supposed to be a place for debate and both sides were exercising their free speech rights.

As students chanted “my body, my choice” and other messages, Created Equal continued their own demonstration against abortion with the help of a large electronic display. The display showed aborted fetuses to bring home what they called the “reality of abortion” and “what abortion does to preborn babies.”

That is when Professor Overdyke, 57, allegedly unplugged Created Equal’s electronic display.

Overdyke took this action despite the university distributing a pamphlet to students at the event repeating the rules for free speech behavior, including a prohibition on actions to prevent or obstruct someone else’s free speech. This message was all the more important because a conservative speaker had been shouted down two weeks earlier.

Democrats and left wing students are pushing for ‘free’ college.
Why should all taxpayers be forced to fund that when half of the country isn’t even welcome on most campuses? Source

Brethren, I truly believe that this violent movement to slaughter the unborn is a satanic rage by the devil and his demons. Unfortunately I believe that this will only get worse!



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  1. Of course the killing of babies, born and unborn, is demonic! It sure isn’t Jesus Christ promoting it. These people are demon possessed!

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