ELECTRIC Riding Lawnmower Bursts into Flames at an Equipment Expo!

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Corporations are rushing like crazy to get their electric “green” products on the market. Are they doing this because there’s massive consumer demand? No. They’re doing it to push a progressive ideology, which is the worst reason ever. If you’re not listening to the market and creating products based on demand, you will fail. Remember the big “solar” boom back when Obama was in office? All those “green jobs” that were supposed to be sweeping the nation?

You probably don’t remember, because they all went bust pretty quickly. The American public isn’t ready for sweeping changes. Now, many people who live in big liberal cities, probably love the idea of an electric car, if they even drive — most walk or use public transportation. But for people in the suburbs, who drive long distances, EVs make little sense.

During an equipment expo, popular tool company DeWalt watched their prototype electric lawnmower bust into flames. In fact, things got so bad, the fire department had to come and put it out.

Seriously, you don’t want to mess with these ion battery fires.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, before you buy an EV – consider the many fires started in them because of the very dangerous batteries!!


4 thoughts on “ELECTRIC Riding Lawnmower Bursts into Flames at an Equipment Expo!

  1. Do u love Mother Earth but have doubts about this lithium powered stuff?
    Then try to look at it this way a lawn mower with an integrated heater & a bonus environmental feature of depleting our oxygen supply while adding the co2, smoke & chemicals from the lithium fire. BTW is your kid riding along w/you & do u dare entrust your teen to mow the lawn any longer with this infernally powered machine? Don’t you see the added benefit of reducing the earth’s population if your loved ones are sacrificed in the spirit of Molech & Mother earth?

    I almost forgot another environmental feature of where its parked. Next to your home or better yet in the attached garage with your electric cars so you supremely benefit from the potential loss of life, destruction, major financial loss & chemical pollution of the local environment in praise of Molech & Mommy Earth. However don’t be surprised if u also get a “gift” pollution fine (certificate of appreciation) from your local EPA for doing your part in saving the planet.

    Be a real earth lover & add your personal chem trails to our personal space. Stock up & replace all your tools etc with lithium power cuz it too is “safe & effective”. Yeah I know gasoline explodes too & can be smokey, noisy but good maintenance & common sense does well in combating it. Can you personally apply any of that to sealed explosive prone, unpredictable lithium batteries from our CCP buddies?

    To those of you who don’t know Jesus as your Savior, let your lithium cars, trucks, lawn mowers, bicycles, tools, when they burst into very hot uncontrollable flame (maybe in the hands of you or ur loved ones) be a reminder of your eternal destination without the saving grace of Christ.
    See John 3:16 for Salvation details in your Holy Bible.

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