In Response to “The Rape of the American Mind” by Robin Linaz


“In other words, [for] these people, the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.” Biblical warnings about what unbridled pride and sin do to every human being, male or female, are on full display. The world is bewildered but we know what a reprobate mind looks and acts like.

I am still gobsmacked by Biden’s address last night, in full blood-red lighting, declaring war on more than half the country. He isn’t suffering from dementia, he is suffering from the complete surrender of his mind and soul to his lifelong depravity. Our very own Manasseh. Reprobate minds are not based on race, socioeconomic class, education, gender, or nation…they are identified solely by their hatred and rejection of God.

The author of this article is right, we are foolish to believe there is any humanity or compassion, or a scintilla of morality remaining in those who continue to support what is underway. We are watching the “Nazification” of our world, not just our nation. 

Surely the Rapture must be at hand. We are speeding down a proverbial hill at record pace, and for the Church alone, we fly off the track into an eternity with Jesus. For the rest on the train, the end is a very painful and eternal death.


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