We Could have had a Major House Fire Yesterday – We are Praising the Lord for Keeping us Safe

I want to thank and praise the Lord for keeping us safe yesterday and through the night. We could have had a major fire in our home.

I was in our bathroom off of our family room when suddenly I smelled rotten egg smell (sulfur) and even saw tiny streaks of lightning in the bathroom. Tim was sitting in our family room when this happened, and he told me that our lights got brighter than he has ever seen them at the same time.

I called the electric company. I told them we are all electric – NO gas. They did everything wrong. They sent out technicians from the Gas side of BG&E and they sent the fire department. All of these people told us that everything looked okay – but everything was NOT okay.

At 7:00 this morning we got a call from BG&E (Baltimore Gas & electric) the woman said that they needed to send someone out from the Electric side because they needed to make sure that we were safe from their end. I was not very happy that they did not say this yesterday. They let us stay in here all day and last night.

The tech came out a little while ago and told us that the transformer across the street had blown and fried a wire leading into our home. I finally got him to admit that this could have caused a devastating house fire. He immediately turned off our electricity. I’m able to use my laptop because Tim’s phone has a hot spot which we are using for my MAC.

Last night when I went to bed, I had a feeling that I needed to pray about the house. I knew that something was just not right. I prayed that the Lord would surround our home with His angels. Then this morning we got the call from BG&E. We will be without electricity 8-10 hours. They may have to dig up our driveway to find the fried wire.

The strange thing about yesterday is that our electricity stayed on, but most of our neighbors lost power for most of the day.

I’m trying hard not to get paranoid. My mind keeps going to Bill Gates…………

THANK YOU LORD for keeping us safe!