A Disturbing Video is a Reminder That Drag Queens and Kids Don’t Mix: And a Video of a Drag Queen SCOLDING Parents for Subjecting their Children to this FILTH

I will post the video from a Drag Queen who is ENRAGED at parents for bringing their children to see this Sodom and Gomorrah behavior at the end of this article.

From americanthinker.com

The myth is that drag queens are men who are light and sparkly, delivering joy wherever they go. In keeping with that view, the narrative continues that drag queens are especially suited to being with children. The reality is that these are men who have a fetishistic sexual relationship to their “feminine” alter egos and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children.

For some time now, leftists have been on a drag queen kick. This is because they know that drag queens are the equivalent of the camel’s nose: Once they’re in the tent, the whole panoply of weird LGBTQ+++ sexual fetishes inevitably follow. If you love drag queens, who merely dress up like women, how can you not love transgender “women” who have just taken the whole thing one step forward to claim they actually are women. And once you accept this, you really need to be tolerant of the panoply of so-called genders, along with their attendant pronouns, and their bizarre behaviors and demands on everyone else.

The reality, though, is that drag queens have their roots in the hypersexual. I figured that out in the 1990s when some people I know formed a superb acapella group. Their voices were great, their harmonies perfect, and their lyrics clever. They were also four men dressed as women and 80% of their songs revolved around sex, fecal matter (and, of course, fecal-related sex), and fetishes. Even though I was a Democrat then, and had no children, after seeing this talented quartet perform twice, I felt so unclean that I never went to another show.

Image: Little girl at a drag show. Twitter screen grab.

What’s also important to note is that the videos that keep cropping up on the internet show that the drag queens now performing for children have no talent whatsoever. They don’t sing; they just prance around to recorded music. And more than prancing, they engage in openly sexual movements, such as twerking and fake boob shimmying, along with a special fondness for rolling around on the floor showing their crotches to all and sundry.

Given these men’s lack of talent, it seems apparent that they are performing for the sexual thrill of exhibitionism. And when it comes to those who want to perform for children, rather than in dark, alcoholic-saturated gay clubs for adults, it’s probably all the more thrilling for them when they’re exhibiting themselves to children

The above brings us to a video from Chattanooga, where the Wanderlinger Brewing Co. hosted a “Chattanooga Pride Youth Day.” I don’t know whether the performers were youthful, but they were certainly aiming their costumes and moves at the five and under set. That’s how you end up with a little girl, fascinated by Ariel’s sparkles, stroking the crotch of an adult man dressed in an Ariel costume from The Little Mermaid.

Once the child’s hand hit his crotch, a moral, sexually healthy adult man would have leaped backward as if a hot wire had touched him and hollered for the child’s parents to take her away. This guy giggled and demonstrated with his own hand that she should keep doing it. I felt sullied watching that innocent little girl being used sexually. And of course, one of the “performers” inevitably rolled around on the floor making sure all and sundry saw his crotch.

This is wrong, and it bespeaks a deep societal sickness that adult sexual jokes and parodies, without any of the sexual aspect removed, have become the stuff of child’s “entertainment.” I don’t blame the guys who do this. They must be absolutely thrilled that Americans are offering up their children for these men’s sexual pleasure.

All blame rests with the “liberal” parents who, to signal their virtue, offer their children up as a sacrifice to this spectacle. This is child abuse as surely as it would be if, in the privacy of their own homes, the parents took their prepubescent children, tweens, or teens into the shower with them.

Perhaps in the ancient world or in today’s Afghanistan, it was or is normal in the dominant society to use children for adults’ sexual pleasure. Nowadays, though, we shelter children from that kind of thing, and only perverts and virtue-signalers think it’s okay.  Source

Now PLEASE watch this drag queen who tells the truth about how innappropriate and disgusting it is for parents to subject their little ones to this: