3 thoughts on “TUCKER CARLSON: “Does This Make You Nervous?”

  1. saintsnotaints

    Yup. One correction; the communists did not topple the czar. Most wrongly think so. Kerensky toppled the czar , locked the czars family in a prison, and set up the russian constutional republic modeled after u.s. constution.russia was now free for first time in their history. But kerensky so believed in freedom that he said colonialism should end and all nations be free. And the colonialist west also feared free russia might sign a separate peace with germany.
    Thus the american democrat party in power financed the commununists to overthrow kerensky. Lenin brought out of exile in switzerland and trotsky in n.y. and stalin all by u.s. govt funding. So kerensky toppled only 9 months later as the communists seized st. Petersburg and moscow. It took 30 years for the communists to get full control of all of russia land mass as freedom dies hard.
    The commies then killed the czar and family kerensky had locked up. The reason all this is so important is the soviet union was made in the usa. And all the horrors of 20th century was made in usa. Another time,from library of congress records, usa by policy enabled mao to take china.
    The elites have been working for a long time to get us where we are today.
    A man hires a killer that kills.that killer and the man who hired are both guilty. The one that didnt pull the trigger is actually more guilty as enabler. Think about this as hitler killed no one, personally.

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