6 thoughts on “Pastor Brandon Holthaus: THE GREAT APOSTASY IS HERE: Avoiding the Deception

  1. Brian Lazewski

    Indeed so. Nowhere in Koine Greek entomology has apostasia refereed to a physical departure.

    Here are scriptures both new and old testament using the word. 2 Thessalonians; 2:3; Acts 21:21; Joshua 22:22; 2 Chronicles 29:19; Joshua and Chronicles in the Septuagint used apostasia to translate the Hebrew word מַעַל‎ (mah-ah) It means unfaithfulness A departure of faith. Jeremiah 2:19 translates the Hebrew word מְשֻׁבָה‎ (mesh-oo-baw’) which means (return to from where once) Departed back to as in loyalty

    It is not a reference to the Rapture. Even Dr. Mark Hitchcock a Pre Trib Rapture apologist teaches the correct meaning of apostasia…

  2. Our previous church took PPP money. The deacons/pastor saw absolutely no problem with that because they said there were “no strings attached.” Unreal. We’ve left that church for one closer to our home that so far, is pretty much right on.

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