BIRD FLU Detected in Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana as Outbreak Widens


Chickens gather around a feeder at a farm in a file photo. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chickens gather around a feeder at a farm in a file photo. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Authorities with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said bird influenza has now been detected in flocks of birds in Kentucky and Virginia, just days after the officials said that thousands of birds were sickened with the flu in Indiana.

According to the agency, bird flu was found in Fauquier County, Virginia; and in Fulton County, Kentucky, on Feb. 12, in non-poultry birds and commercial broiler chickens, respectively. On Feb. 8, bird influenza was detected in commercial turkeys in Dubois County, Indiana.

In a statement, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service did not say whether the outbreak involved H5N1, the same highly pathogenic virus found extensively in wild birds and on the Indiana turkey farm.

Citing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the USDA said that “these avian influenza detections do not present an immediate public health concern.”

“No human cases of these avian influenza viruses have been detected in the United States. As a reminder, the proper handling and cooking of poultry and eggs to an internal temperature of 165 [degrees] F kills bacteria and viruses,” the agency added.

The broiler chickens in Fulton County, located near the border with Tennessee, were infected with the same H5N1 strain of highly pathogenic avian flu as the turkeys in Indiana, Kentucky officials told Reuters. They said it is Kentucky’s first outbreak of the highly lethal bird flu, which killed more than 50 million U.S. chickens and turkeys in 2015.

Tyson Foods Inc. confirmed that a flock of about 240,000 chickens tested positive.

The disease is hitting the market as poultry supplies are down due to strong demand and labor shortages at meat plants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government data showed U.S. frozen chicken supplies were down 14 percent from a year ago at the end of December while turkey inventories were down 23 percent.

The United States is the world’s largest producer and second-largest exporter of poultry meat, according to the U.S. government. Kentucky said it is the seventh biggest chicken meat-producing state. Almost 18 percent of U.S. poultry production is exported, and the industry is a major user of feed grains.

Human infections do occur after close contact with an infected animal, but they’re considered rare, CDC officials have previously said. No Americans are recorded to have contracted highly pathogenic avian flu viruses.

Around, 864 people have contracted it since 2003, causing 456 deaths, according to the World Health Organization and the CDC.

The first bird flu viruses are believed to have emerged in southern China before leading to large outbreaks in the late 1990s, according to the CDC, before the virus variants spread throughout the world. Source



World Economic Forum Endorses (CRT) Critical Race Theory


A logo of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is seen as people attend the WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 24, 2018. (Reuters/Denis Balibouse/File Photo)

Well OF COURSE they do, brethren! This is their version of “Class Warfare” which is ALWAYS used in Marxist/Communist takeovers! And this is the Granddaddy of all takeovers.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a champion of “Great Reset of capitalism,” has weighed in on the issue of critical race theory (CRT), casting supporters of the Marxist ideology in an honorable light.

In a video composed to look like a neutral explainer, the WEF defines CRT as a legal theory, arguing that “laws, rules, and regulations that govern society today have been shaped by the historical subordination of people of color, and that this is a driving force behind racial inequality today.”

To illustrate the assertion that racism is not just a relic of the past but is woven into America’s institutions, the the WEF points to the high incarceration rate among black Americans.

“Take the US criminal justice system, for example,” it says. “While everyone is seen as equal under the law, Black Americans are imprisoned at 5 times the rate of white people. CRT says this disparity is a legacy of America’s racist past.”

Opponents of CRT “miss the point” when they complain how it “paints all white people as bigots,” the video says, adding that from a CRT perspective, a system “doesn’t need racists working within it to produce racially imbalanced outcomes.”

The WEF posted the video on Twitter alongside a link to an article that also takes an apologist stance in favor of CRT. When it comes to the debate over the injection of CRT into American schools, the WEF article claims that states passed anti-CRT laws to “limit the teaching of Black history and racism,” despite the fact that many of those laws explicitly say they don’t restrict classroom discussions on those topics.

“Social and racial justice” has been a part of the WEF agenda since the beginning of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, which the globalist elites of the Davos, Switzerland-based organization see as a “rare but narrow window of opportunity” to overhaul the world’s economic and social structure. The Great Reset, according to the WEF’s founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab, will require societies to not go back to their pre-pandemic normalcy, but to adopt the changes imposed on them and fight against what he called “systemic racism.”

“The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for the 21st century,” Schwab said in June 2020 at the 50th WEF annual meeting. “It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality.”

While it’s no secret that the WEF has been actively pushing an agenda to “hardwire social justice into economies,” its sympathetic take on CRT still drew much criticism, especially from conservatives.

“Insane pro-CRT propaganda video,” wrote author and filmmaker Christopher Rufo, who became a household name for his work exposing the quiet infiltration of CRT in schools and businesses.

“Why would the World Economic Forum come out in support of Critical Race Theory?” asked James Lindsay, an author and critic of leftist activism. “Because they’re the ones who want to divide our society with this Marxist Theory or any other tool they can use to break the world and seize power.”

“Run from the WEF working class people,” warned Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

This is not the first time the WEF’s Great Reset agenda has triggered backlash on social media. Last year, the WEF was called out of touch and tone-deaf after it claimed lockdowns during the CCP virus pandemic were “quietly improving cities” across the globe.

“There were record falls in air pollution, clearing city skies from Asia to America. But by late 2020, it had returned to pre-pandemic levels,” the WEF said in a video posted on Twitter. “Carbon emissions were also down 7 percent last year, but the drop won’t slow climate change unless we lock in emissions cuts.”

The WEF later deleted video and admitted that the lockdowns didn’t actually improve cities, but offered no apology.

“We’re deleting this tweet. Lockdowns aren’t ‘quietly improving cities’ around the world,” it said. “But they are an important part of the public health response to COVID-19.” SOURCE

The WEF led by Klaus Schwab, and other globalist bad actors have made their move which was planned MANY years ago.

I am reading a lot of commentaries on how we will finally go back to “normal.” I don’t want to discourage the readership, but we all must keep in mind that God is in full control; and even if it looks to us that things are going south, ALWAYS remember that whatever happens, our God has allowed it for His reasons!


Truckers’ Resolve to NOT Give Up: ‘We Will Hold the Line’- Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They’re Not Deterred by Emergencies Act


OTTAWA—Freedom Convoy organizers say they will continue to protest on Parliament Hill despite the federal government’s declaration of a state of emergency.

“We are not afraid. In fact, every time the government decides to further suspend our civil liberties, our resolve strengthens and the importance of our mission becomes clearer,” organizer Tamara Lich said on Feb. 14 in anticipation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act over the protests demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates.

“We will remain peaceful, but planted on Parliament Hill until the mandates are decisively ended. We recognize that there is a democratic process within which change occurs. We have never stepped outside of that process, nor do we intend to.”

Trudeau is the first prime minister to use the Emergencies Act. The act replaces the War Measures Act, which was last used by Trudeau’s father, then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau, in 1970 during the October Crisis when Quebec separatists kidnapped and killed Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte.

The act gives the state additional powers to deal with the protests and blockades, such as providing legal tools to cut funding to protesters, as well as freezing the corporate accounts of companies whose trucks are used in any blockades and removing their insurance.

The province of Ontario and the city of Ottawa have also declared states of emergency over the protests.

Epoch Times Photo
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to reporters about the ongoing protests in Ottawa and blockades at various Canada-U.S. borders, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Feb. 11, 2022. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

The protests were initiated by truck drivers opposed to COVID-19 vaccination mandates for cross-border travel. As convoys of truckers made their to Ottawa, many supporters joined the movement, which turned into a large-scale protest against all COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. Many protesters who converged into Ottawa on Jan. 29 say they intend to stay in the capital until COVID-19 mandates are lifted.

Separately, protest convoys set up blockades at border crossings in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia. The blockade at the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor to Detroit, which accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in trade between Canada and the United States, was cleared over the weekend.

“The Emergencies Act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country. This is about keeping Canadians safe, protecting people’s jobs, and restoring confidence in our institutions,” Trudeau said.

“The police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities such as blockades and occupations as seen in Ottawa, Ambassador Bridge, and elsewhere.”

Lich said Canadians “should be surprised” that such “an extreme measure” is being used against peaceful protesters.

“We have countless vulnerable people in our crowd, including children, the elderly, and the disabled, who cannot be met with force by a genuine liberal democracy. The right to peaceful protest is sacrosanct to our nation. If that principle is abandoned, the government will reveal itself as a true tyranny and it will lose all of its credibility,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Children participate in the Freedom Convoy protest against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions in Ottawa on Feb. 9, 2022. (Jonathan Ren/The Epoch Times)

Lich said she realizes some people are opposed to the protests, but noted that a democratic society “will always have non-trivial disagreements and righteous dissidents.”

“There are many reasons for us opposing the mandates,” she said. “Some of us have been mistreated by our government, including many of our indigenous communities, who have personally experienced medical malpractice. Some of us simply want bodily autonomy and oppose the mandates on principled grounds. No matter our reasons and opinions, it is how the government responds to its citizens that determines the fate of the country.”

Addressing the prime minister, Lich said, “No matter what you do, we will hold the line.”

“There are no threats that will frighten us.”

Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland who is acting as a spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy, said this is “a very, very strange moment in our history.”

“This is again government overreach. We don’t do these kinds of things in Canada. We engage in dialogue,” Peckford said.

“It’s my understanding that the government of Canada has not reached out once to the truckers since they have arrived in this capital city. I find that very hard to understand, because how can you justify going to a measure like an emergency, measures where a lot of powers can be imposed upon the citizens, when you have not even yourself taken any action to engage.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please continue to pray for the Truckers convoy movement. We should pray that violence does not erupt. Don’t forget that Trudeau is in the “Young Globalists Club) hosted by none other than Klaus Schwab of WEF (World Economic Forum).

The movement is spreading throughout the world. We need to understand that if God does not intervene, things are going to get very ugly. But we must trust our God. His ways are so much higher than ours, and He sees the end from the beginning.

We know that in the end, we win – the Bible shows us that. But we need to remember the Words of our Lord Jesus about deception, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars; and a host of other very disturbing events.

Satan is raging, but when our Jesus comes back to judge the world, HIS rage will be horrific against the evil doers.


NEW FROM STEW – PFIZER’S ‘COVENANT’ With ISRAEL – NOT a Contract: WHISTLE BLOWER: “It’s Time to Burn PFIZER to the Ground”

With the plandemic continuing to unfold, Big Pharma and the media’s fight to suppress medical and COVID-related data from reaching the public prevails. The Israeli government and Pfizer agreed to delete data contradicting the COVID narrative.

Melissa McAtee was a Pfizer employee who has now dedicated her time and knowledge to whistleblowing on corruption inside Big Pharma. On Monday, the Stew Peters Show welcomed McAtee to expose a contract between the Israeli government and Pfizer concerning trade relations and the Biblical significance of the exposé.

“Why are they the global trade laws within this covenant between Pfizer and Israel?” McAtee told Stew Peters. “And why in the world would they give Pfizer full approval to delete any data that didn’t seem ‘beneficial’ to public health?”

Brethren, I am trying to get the link to the Pfizer document. I will post if I can find it.

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