6 thoughts on “Dr. McCullough: “The Vaccine Manufacturers Agree, [Mandates] Should Be Dropped.” [VIDEO]

  1. While it’s great that the “vaccine” mandates are finally being taken down, I think this is nothing less than an attempt on the part of the guilty to escape their just punishment by whitewashing the issue. Sadly, this is too little, too late. The damage has been done, and a full accounting must be done.

    1. robinlinaz

      Lamentably, I think they want us to think we are going back to normal.

      Gates is talking about the next, more serious virus which is guaranteed to come. He publicly ‘predicted’ Covid 5 years before it was unleashed, and openly ran a mock scenario and response to the plandemic in October of 2019.

      I’ve said it before, when your enemy tells you what he is planning, believe him. We must brace ourselves, encourage one another, strengthen our faith and keep looking up.

      Our Redeemer is surely coming!

    2. On the contrary salvandy, I believe the mandates that are being taken down are “part of the plan”. They are to demonstrate that provincial (state) governments are inept and unknowing and don’t know what they are doing… I.E. the medias will soon thereafter be reporting that the infection rates will be skyrocketing and that mandates must then be determined on a Federal level only, therefore eliminating all local law whether provincial (or state).
      It seems that we here in Canada, because of the recent news from Ottawa, are now leading that narrative. Watch for a “Federal mandate” that will negate provincial (state) law.
      This will multiply Federal power beyond our imagination…Part of the plan.

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