US Truckers Mobilize For War: US Trucker Convoy Headed Straight For DC (VIDEO)

Rumble — As Justin Trudeau enacts his full-fledged dictatorship on the Canadian citizens, the Biden administration has allowed for too much opportunity for a Freedom Trucker Convoy to form and head to D.C. These truckers carry the same demands as their Canadian brothers and sisters, and these truckers are being supported and organized by Human Rights Attorneys, like Leigh Dundas.



2 thoughts on “US Truckers Mobilize For War: US Trucker Convoy Headed Straight For DC (VIDEO)

  1. Susan Kurzen

    Yes…..great! Now they will have an excuse to bring Martial Law here! (It’s really already here, but just not officially announced). This just doesn’t smell right. The trucker thing was organized a little be too well for my liking. Think about it friend….now we will lose the last of our freedoms in America if they plant themselves in DC. Do you think President B would hesitate to enact ML? He’s probably waiting with bated breath to do just that. We already have the NDAA, and they keep it alive by every president reinstating it. (That includes Trump) Are we being deceived…..again? Satan is very clever.
    Has all this helped Canada in the long run??!! Maybe it’s paving the way for China to come in from the North through Canada. Dave Hodges said years ago that this was the plan for Russia or China to invade from the North. I’m sure that dictator Trudeau would be glad to help with that!
    I am a patriot, but be careful. Our enemies are embedded in groups that seem sincere and some are….but they are being unknowingly used. Look at the church right now, infiltrated by pretenders who are not for righteousness and are being used by the elites to set up Christians.
    Jesus said even the very elect could be deceived, if that were possible. Christ was CONSTANTLY saying, “Do not be deceived”.
    Be careful what you fall for.

    I’m not saying this will happen, but I put nothing passed the evil that has invaded our country and the world. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Look at the bodies they have already left in their wake by their lies.
    Thank you Geri for your ministry. I always look forward to your articles and news.
    If you don’t want to post this, I totally understand. Just telling you what I’m feeling in my spirit.

    1. Dale Vernon

      I think there is much wisdom in what u say, Susan. USA truckers still have guns & the Canadians gave theirs up. I am praying the devil’s wishes of armed conflict don’t erupt as our nazi “govt” or “renta mob types” will try to infiltrate the truckers to incite them to respond in kind & that cooler heads will prevail among the truckers. Most assuredly OBiden’s (Obama/Biden) commie cohorts would love that to break out, requiring immediate extinguishing via (foreign?) troops & forcing marshal law on the whole country + all the new illicit “emergency powers” (think mandates) recently & “permanently” imposed on Canadian truckers. These dictator wannabes of the devil’s brigade are probably salivating right now at that thought. This event could be the “kick starting” of a total loss of freedom for all in our country & maybe the birth of another civil war…God forbid.

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