The Great Unmasking: Globalism’s Finest Hour is Upon Us by Leo Hohmann


What you are seeing transpire in Canada is tragic, sad and infuriating. 

We’ve seen an elderly woman on a walker trampled by cops on horseback (see video below).

We’ve seen peaceful protesters arrested. We’ve seen citizen journalists doing nothing but recording what’s happening being beaten like animals. 

As I write this, I’m watching a livestream in which a female journalist from Rebel News is writhing on the ground in pain after she was clubbed on the head with batons and shot in the leg with a teargas cannister.

We’ve seen good, patriotic Canadians have their bank accounts frozen and their drivers’ licenses revoked by a lawless government. Not because such action is legal, but just because they can. They have the banks and the insurance companies at their disposal. 

We’ve seen them unload pepper spray on peaceful crowds, just because they can.

The discipline these protesters have shown to remain peaceful in the face of thuggish police trying to provoke them to violence is a testament to their character.

Trudeau wants nothing more than to have his own January 6 moment, where he can claim there was a “violent insurgency” and a “threat to our democracy,” as his U.S. comrades have achieved. 

Again, we should not be surprised by Trudeau playing the tyrant.

His family has a history of adoration for tyrants. 

According to Mark Milke, a Calgary columnist and author of four books, the Trudeau family comes by it honestly. (See Trudeau Family’s Love of Tyrants: Political blind spots are inevitable when you have warm thoughts for oppressors, February 28, 2018, MacLean’s, by Mark Milke)

Milke writes:

“Back in the summer of 2006, Pierre Trudeau’s youngest son, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau wrote a fawning  happy 80th birthday column in the Toronto Star in praise of then Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  The piece included tributes such as how the revolutionary leader was a ‘great adventurer…a great scientific mind,’ someone whose ‘intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found.’

“Castro, Trudeau claimed, was ‘an expert on genetics, on automobile combustion engines, on stock markets, on everything.’  Alexandre pressed upon his readers to analyze Castro in ‘psychoanalytical terms,’ to think of Cubans as children and Castro their father. Trudeau then fondly recalled his late brother, Michel, who when they were young kids complained to their mother that he had fewer friends than his brothers.  Margaret Trudeau replied that unlike his brothers, Michel ‘had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.’”

Milke goes on to explain how Pierre Trudeau’s other son, Justin, has a strange fascination with the Chinese Communist Party’s way of doing things.

He doesn’t mention it, but he was no doubt aware of the bizarre statement by Justin Trudeau, captured on video below.

Despite Trudeau’s treachery and his admiration for tyrants, you have to really admire these Canadian protesters. They are disciplined, clever and wily. And it’s no longer just truck drivers. Trudeau has managed to awaken Canada’s sleeping giant. 

Trudeau says these Canadians are holding an “unlawful demonstration.”
Really? There has not been a single incident of violence. And Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms explicitly gives citizens the right to assemble in peaceful protest.

They use words like “occupation” and “blockade.” There was a couple of blockades of bridges but those were cleared days ago. I’ve yet to see anything resembling an “occupation.” Complete lies.
What’s next? Will they close down all of the livestreams before they roll in the tanks like the Chinese did at Tiananmen Square? Will Trudeau unleash a false flag attack and blame it on the peaceful protesters?

But as sad and disgusting of a display as this is, we should not be surprised, not given the leadership that has been installed in that country and every other country in the formerly free world. We know who these “leaders” are beholden to and for whom they work.

The cops might be the biggest surprise, because they aren’t typically paid big salaries and yet they are willing to whore themselves out to the New World Order elites.

These don’t look like ordinary city cops. They have no names or badge numbers on their uniforms and their faces are covered. Makes you wonder if some might be imports from other countries.
What we are seeing is the great unmasking of the global beast system. It is being revealed in all its brutality right before our eyes.

Never forget what you saw this week in Ottawa, lest you be surprised and caught off guard when it comes to a city or town near you. Do you think the police in your city or town would act any different in a similar situation? 

Police today are brainwashed to have an “us against them” mentality. They swore an oath to protect the Constitution and the community but based on what we see happening in Ottawa, the overwhelming majority of them serve the one who signs their paychecks.

How can you live with yourselves, police officers? I can just imagine coming home at night and your wife asks how your day went.

“Oh I beat up a couple of old ladies and a female journalist but other than that it was fairly routine. What’s for dinner?”

These are sick people on the streets decked out in riot gear. Anyone who would obey the illegal commands of a pathetic puppet soy boy like Justin Trudeau, who is doing the bidding of Klaus Schwab and the global predator elites with the World Economic Forum, is either a fool or an evil doer. 

On Friday, the government commandeered the tow trucks of private tow companies, stripped them of the company logos and license plates, then started hauling the big trucks out of the city.

But guess what? The Canadian people aren’t backing down. Trucks or no trucks, they are flooding into into downtown Ottawa today and tonight (Saturday, February 19). They say they’re not going away.

They are singing “O Canada” and don’t look a bit intimidated by the two-bit tyrant.
So what’s your next move, soy boy? 

Do you really think you can hold onto your absolute power after you’ve ticked off this many freedom-loving Canadians? 

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2 thoughts on “The Great Unmasking: Globalism’s Finest Hour is Upon Us by Leo Hohmann

  1. ale Vernon

    Remember the globalist promise, “You’ll own nothing & be happy”. So now Canadians protest the unlawful actions of their globalist commie dictator Justin (Castro) Toodley Doo & he heads for the hills but bravely orders his uniformed thugs to beat the protestors, have their property confiscated, bank accounts frozen, trucking licenses revoked, cut off their food & fuel supplies, livlehood insurance cutoff, handcuffed & jailed. Many now cant make a living, cant pay house payments or rent, monthly domestic bills, feed their families. Many are independent & use credit lines for cash flow but now probably cant borrow $ for their truck payments, insurance, fuel or repairs, proud independent truckers have to depend on charity to feed themselves & families to survive + the threat of prosecution by a lawless, thuggish “govt” & possible jail time & or fines for basically honking their horns in protest. So I ask you since this is all coming OUR way…the Canadian truckers now that they “own NOTHING”…do you think they will “be happy”? BTW if you are elderly & or use a walker, you might be considered a special target for the braveheart thugs on their horseys if u dare to exercize your assumed right to peacefully protest.

  2. robinlinaz

    We have been shown the agenda in God’s word. These are the birth pains of what Jesus said is to unfold. Most of the world is looking at things on a micro level, from a horizontal vantage point…and are concerned/worried/terrified. But the macro/vertical view reveals God’s Plan as foretold.

    Christians know what is to come and we have much reason to be excited…look up! Our Redeemer is coming!

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