Retired NSA Analyst Exposes “Fusion Centers” Radio Waves, Gas Poisoning Used Against American Public

It seems to me that the governments’ hatred of the American people continues to grow. Where IS this going? Will there be bloodshed or even war?

Is Antichrist waiting in the wings to bring ‘comfort’ to the people? We Christians know that he is the man of sin, but the lost will see him as their savior.


6 thoughts on “Retired NSA Analyst Exposes “Fusion Centers” Radio Waves, Gas Poisoning Used Against American Public

  1. RobinL

    I’ve been saying for almost 8 months that AC very well may destroy a number of these evildoers and megalomaniacs to appear sympathetic and look like a hero. His hour is coming…

  2. Like Karen Stewart, I’ve been targeted by a fusion center. This was a political targeting of me as a conservative and a Christian, done by former supervisors who just happened to be very anti-conservative and anti-Christian (literal pagan witches). I’d been bullied in three State of Illinois workplaces (all libraries) for several years when I took a job at the government library across from the Capitol Building and was treated without mercy by one of the most vicious people I wish I had never met. In fact, it was that woman and her most faithful minion who in 2016 filed a false report with the local fusion center, which then proceeded to toss me unceremoniously onto the bogus “terror watch list” and ruin my life as thoroughly as possible. In fact, the DHS runs the fusion centers, which I think goes a L O N G way toward explaining why they didn’t want to help Ms. Stewart! In our state, many county sheriff’s department receive DHS funding to purchase new, usually white, “official” vehicles for all the deputies. There’s usually at least one deputy tasked with recruiting the victim’s neighbors (neighborhood watch members and others) to spy on, stalk (in-person and online), burglarize, steal from, vandalize, poison, slander, abuse and mistreat in every way they can think of. One plus, if you can call it that, is that I know a little more what it was like to be a Jew in Nazi Germany because these fiends were actually siccing black guard dogs on us whenever we would be out taking a walk. The fusion centers pick out one of their favorite felons to “help” by setting them up in rent-free situations and paying them to do all kinds of dirty work on behalf of the corrupt “law enforcement.” The Neighbor Nazis also get free vehicles, usually DHS white. It’s completely disgusting.

  3. My experience is similar to Ms. Stewart’s in that I worked with and for vicious people (literal pagan witches) who lied about me to the local DHS-FBI fusion center to get me tossed onto the B.S. “terror watch list.” No surprise that the DHS didn’t want to help Ms. Stewart, as they are in fact the main ones behind this illegal targeting of innocent people. it’s an entire scheme of kickbacks in which the initial liars get new vehicles (and other stuff, probably), as do the local county sheriff and deputies, who are total crooks and abusers, sad to say. These crooked LEOs slander their victims far and wide and use the negative sentiments of the neighbors against the innocent victim to recruit the neighbors (neighborhood watch and others) to endlessly abuse the victims. In addition to the military-grade directed energy weapons Ms. Stewart mentioned, these “upstanding citizens” stalk (in person and online), burglarize, steal from, vandalize, poison, defraud, mock, and help in illegal medical and DoD weapons tests using the victims as unwilling, unwitting guinea pigs. It’s sick, it’s sad, and it’s disgusting. The worst is seeing these criminal neighbors (literal felons) driving around in *FREE* DHS-issued vehicles and receiving other ridiculously wasteful “bonuses” like boats, e-bikes, golf carts, and whatnot. Amazon merch is a favorite; not surprising given that Amazon is involved in this up to their eyeballs. Our neighbors have turned out to be absolutely horrible people, which has been a huge disappointment!

  4. Meri

    How long, dear Geri, how long? I’m so sick with covid. I’m so lonely for His holy presence. I know there are millions who feel the same. Let us all pray daily for His return for us. My heart is breaking.

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