NEW FROM STEW – TYRANTS Cook Protestors Alive: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders (VIDEO)

The Australian government might have subtlety declared war on their citizens by allegedly using war-grade LRAD’s on peaceful protestors.

On Wednesday, the Stew Peters Show featured a jaw-dropping monologue by Stew, “It’s an arms race between Canada and Australia on which country can be more totalitarian and repugnant in handling COVID protestors.”
Stew Peters was joined by his Australian correspondent, Maria Zeee to discuss the topic further.

Brethren, when I watched this video, I wondered if the police/military in Australia are using 5G as a weapon to break up large crowds.

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote about 5G as a weapons system:


5G Danger: 5G is a Weapons System Disguised as a Consumer Convenience

Mark Steele has been very outspoken against 5G and has now been widely interviewed, including by Project Camelot and also by Sacha Stone in his documentary 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event. Steele claims that although widespread reports state that 5G is operating in the 24-100 GHz range, it is actually sub-gigahertz (meaning under the GHz threshold, so still measured in MHz). He says 5G is a weapons system like long-range radar, phased array radar and directed energy (DEW was used in 9/11 and various fires like the Paradise fires). He claims that when you examine 5G hardware, it has a dielectric lens which is proof it is a weapons system. Autonomous vehicles can use 5G to shine in mirrors of other drivers (which is so strong and damaging it is equivalent to assault). Mark talks about how 5G is powerful enough to kill babies in wombs. He states:

“5G is a weapons system, nothing more, nothing less. It’s got nothing to do with telecommunications for humans. 5G is a machine to machine connection for autonomous vehicles.”

To read entire article, click HERE


7 thoughts on “NEW FROM STEW – TYRANTS Cook Protestors Alive: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders (VIDEO)

  1. Jim V.

    Geri, here is the video of Lisa Haven report. I’m not a fan of her, but she did a good job of reporting it. Talk about WEF with Mark of the Beast system.

      1. Jim V.

        Do you think Putin is going to invade Israel this year? Russia troops doubles at Syria. Makes you wonder?! Syria and Ukraine are above the Israel. I pray for the Israel and I pray for Israel government to wake up now. I don’t like PM, Bennett. He’s weak and stupid. Bibi was the best.

        Look around the world, many people are protesting and world leaders are spirit with antichrist.

        Time is short.

  2. Pixi

    Australia + Canada
    both under the boot of thr British queen (still many people don’t even are aware of this)
    that is no coincidence

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