7 thoughts on “Latest Video With Dr. Tenpenny -Dr. Merritt – Dr. T – Dr. Carrie Madej- Dr. Northrop On Covid 19 and Jabs

  1. watching68

    People who have been vaccinated will not want to hear this information and will not believe it and they are fast growing number to be the majority in societies around the world. The Main stream media has them all brainwashed and there is an under current of division and hatred growing. Love is the key but the love of many will indeed grow cold!

  2. 36fmd

    Such good information. I am flabbergasted at the amount of people willing to roll up their sleeve to have God knows what injected into them. Even when you try to warn them, and tell them to research please — it seems to not have any impact. I just don’t understand how much people have been brainwashed. Truly very sad!

  3. Lisa McGreevy

    Very interesting. As I have an 80 year old mother with Alzheimer’s in a nursing home that was admitted in hospital with coffee ground emesis. She has not been vaccinated as I declined but had the virus 5 months ago with very little symptoms. We did just an X-ray of abdomen min and found nothing to cause bleeding. We did not look further as she is stage 7 and We are taking a conservative approach.

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