LUDICROUS For Cancel Culture to Target Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” Movie as Racist Against Asians

My readers know that I am a follower of Christ who just happens to have been born Jewish. So today I am writing from a Jewish perspective on the subject of Racism and Cancel Culture.

The insanity of Cancel Culture is clear to those who have functioning brains. But therein lies the problem. These people are sheeple and are at the beck and call of their masters – the Leftwing Elite.

The leftist media receive the memo and they are not expected to “Think” about the contents of said memo – they are to Obey.

Anyone who views Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” knows that not only is it not racist; it is the polar opposite of racist.

Clint Eastwood plays a grumpy military veteran from the Korean War.

From by David Ng

It was only a matter of time before the left-wing cancel mob came for Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s 2008 movie about a bigoted retired autoworker and his Asian Hmong neighbors. The racial epithets spewed by protagonist Walt Kowalski are so prolific that it’s hard to imagine the movie being released under today’s ultra-woke Hollywood standards.

Anyone who’s seen Gran Torino and has half a brain will easily grasp that the movie is the opposite of racist. After Walt catches Thao, the Hmong teenager next door, trying to steal his cherished 1972 Gran Torino, he puts the boy to work fixing houses around the neighborhood. Walt grudgingly becomes his mentor, his friend, and eventually his father figure. In the end, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect Thao and his family from local Hmong gangbangers.

None of that matters anymore because Gran Torino is now officially problematic. The wave of physical assaults on Asian Americans has unleashed a woke backlash against the movie — more than ten years after it was released — with some accusing it of perpetuating Asian hate and trafficking in negative stereotypes. Source

Writing to ‘Cancel Culture’ as a Jewish person

When I read that Cancel Culture is demanding that Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” be banned; citing it as a racist movie, it made me angry. If you have not seen “Gran Torino” I would highly recommend it. Eastwood’s character evolves into a wonderful, caring and compassionate person.

But here I wish to discuss Jew Hatred which I have had to put up with for decades.

Oh, you say that I’m not a “Race?” You are wrong.

I belong to the Semitic race – hence the term Anti-Semitic.

I have told my readers stories about being a young girl in unfriendly neighborhoods towards Jews; and how I fought my way through the streets. I was tired of being called disparaging names. Kike, Penny Pinching Jew, Dirty Jew, Hymie and the list goes on.

It made me furious and I would give warnings to the kids who continued to call me names. I’m not saying this is right, but I warned them if they called me a name again – I would beat them up. And I did.

Growing up, my dad was very clear with us about racism. He said that we of all people should know NOT to be racist. He told us that if he ever heard the “N” word from any of us, we would be severely punished. He said that if a person hated blacks – they most certainly hated Jews as well. Can you say KKK?

My husband and I often watch movies or series in the evening. I cannot tell the readers how I cringe at the Jew Hatred in many of these shows.

Even Downton Abby (which we love) showed Anti-Semitism which was really never resolved in the series. That’s why I say that Jew Hatred is acceptable in our society, and really all over the world.

We watched a movie called “Focus” with William H. Macy yesterday. This movie showed the hatred from a neighborhood against Jews – even people who appeared as if they might be Jews were harassed in hopes of them moving away. It does have a good ending, but it was difficult to see the violence and hatred toward my people.

The Holocaust

I will say right off the bat that the killing of Daunte Wright was wrong and very sad. The officer who discharged her gun will be grilled and most likely be charged with murder and appear in a court of law. And this is right. However, I do not believe that she did this maliciously; but she is not a rookie, she is a veteran – and a mistake like that is not acceptable.

But when I see the “riots” erupt and fires being set and stores being looted, I must say that this is counter productive to the cause. And did you know that when the chief of police in Minneapolis called what was happening “Riots” he was quickly corrected by the PRESS to not use that word!

Well, what was that if not Riots? And when is it acceptable for the Press to correct the chief of police?? The Capitol event on Jan 6 – THAT was called a riot; but this in Minneapolis is not a riot?

That’s just crazy.

When I see pictures of the camps in the Holocaust, and millions of my people lying dead; looking like skeletons from being starved and thrown in mass graves on top of one another – what do you think I feel?

I am sickened and angered and distraught. But what can I do?

Should I go to Germany and light fires and run screaming through the streets? WHAT CAN I DO?

Did we see Jews in the streets after the murder of 11 of my people who were gunned down in a Pittsburgh Synagogue? Did we see Jews setting fires, toppling cars – looting stores. You know the answer to that.

I’m attempting to make a point in this piece. I do hope that it is clear what I am saying.

As a Jewish believer in Christ, I am taught in His Word that I am to forgive. Believe me when I tell you that the Holocaust and Forgiveness is the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my Christian walk.

I hope that the jist of this article has been clear. I sometimes feel that I am running on and rambling and I truly hope that is not the case in this piece.

Christians are being slaughtered all over the world right now. It’s hard to find this in the news. One really has to dig until they find media who will report on this.

This is really all I have to say on this topic right now.

We must pray and call out to God for His help and protection in these very dark times. Hold onto Him and keep your eyes focused on Him. And of course, read His Word every day. Shalom.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua