Klaus Schwab of WEForum Introducing the Ultimate Masks: The Globalists are Pushing the Narrative that THIS is the New Normal

From weforum.org

Introducing ……..Drum Roll………….THE SMART MASK!

And what does this miracle mask do?

  • It tells you when to wash it
  • It tells you whether you are wearing it properly
  • It measures your breathing rate
  • If too much CO has built up inside, it tells you to take some fresh air
  • It alerts you if you forgot to put it on with a smart sensor linked to you phone
  • The Breath Tech S3 is Sustainable
  • And includes Biodegradable and Recyclable Components
  • Disposable masks have become a major environmental problem
  • We spent 166 Billion dollars on them worldwide in 2020
  • About 75% of them will end up in a land fill
  • Or the ocean
  • Solutions like this could tackle this problem
  • Helping the planet to breath a little easier
  • What are your ideas to fight the world’s most pressing problems?

And can you guess where this Miracle Mask is being manufactured? Yep, you guessed it:


I wonder if it can be tweaked by the user. Governor Gavin Newsom would certainly love to get a message on his phone that the press is nearby and he should probably don the contraption for a photo shoot.

It seems endless what the Smart Mask can do, doesn’t it?

Personally, it makes me want to hurl <sorry>


So they are killing many of us and enslaving the rest. When our kids were playing Atari games in the 80’s. I would never have foreseen technology enslaving humanity.

But it’s happening.

Brethren, we have such amazing hope. Even in the midst of this plandemic and now the push to make those of us who refuse to get the vaccine to be made to feel like pariahs in our own families – even now we have ETERNAL HOPE in Jesus Christ our Lord.

I don’t know when He will take us to heaven. Many of us may die and go to heaven; but either way, we will be with our Savior for all eternity.

People are talking about “The New Normal.” Never forget that when you repented and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins – THAT was your “Forever normal.”

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


Oregon’s Governor Brown Touts Use of Law Enforcement to Eradicate Trump Supporters From State: Defends and Supports ANTIFA Member Who Killed Trump Supporter IN COLD BLOOD

Oh, by the way, the killer of the Trump Supporter was later killed in a shoot out with Federal Agents.

Brethren, I grew up in the 60’s and saw many of the violent leftist groups on the campus of University of Maryland. These people were dangerous and I stayed as far away from their protests as possible. I was not a Christian until 1983, but back in the 60’s God gave me discernment to steer clear of these radical Socialist people.

I believe that the majority of Socialists in power today, like Governor Brown, are merely 60’s and 70’s radicals who never grew a functional brain.

I’m sorry to be that blunt, but it is how I feel.

From oann.com

Ore. Gov. Brown Touts Political Repressions To ‘Eradicate Trump Forces’

FILE - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. ( AP File Photo/Don Ryan)

Democrat Oregon Gov. Kate Brown plans to use local law enforcement to conduct political repressions against Republican voters.

“The actions of the Trump administration were abysmal and absolutely abhorrent in this state and we worked with our local enforcement to eradicate these forces from our state,” she stated.

In a recent interview, Brown pledged to wipe out Trump supporters from Oregon for their political views. She also appeared to defend Antifa militant Michael Reinoehl who stalked, attacked and killed a Trump supporter in Portland. Reinoehl was later killed in a shoot-out with federal agents.

“We want to make sure that Oregonians can continually to peacefully protest to uphold those voices that ask for change, and we will continue to support those efforts to eradicate racism from our institutions, from our structures and from our systems,” Brown continued.

Critics said the structures that Brown describes as “racist” have been run by the governor and her Democrat peers for decades. In the meantime, Portland has continued to reel under the pressure of political violence and far-left terror.

Brethren, here is a comment under this oann.com piece. This person NAILED it!

Democrats cannot win anything without lying, cheating, oppression, and violence.

That is precisely how all forms of socialism spread around the world. Now that the Democratic Party has been taken over by far left socialists like Kate Brown, they have brought this to America.


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua