Get Ready for ‘SPARS PLANDEMIC’: Johns Hopkins Plans Another “Event 201” which Simulated the Covid 19 Plandemic That Became a Reality in Just 6 months -UN Declares the One Coming to be a GLOBAL DISASTER

Here we go again


The SPARS document that appeared on Infowars is basically the blueprint of the current pandemic put into a futuristic scenario to be masqueraded. The same John Hopkins Institute held another event called “Event 201” in October 2019, which was a role-play scenario as if an imaginary SARS pandemic had happened.

After “Event 201″and Bill Gates’ Coronavirus Prediction in 2019, Now The UN Predicts a Global Disaster

Do you remember when Bill Gates predicted that a global pandemic is coming?

Now the United Nations is predicting that a global disaster is coming.

Can you connect the dots?

In October 2019, just six months before this pandemic, Bill Gates together with some other high profile “organizers” staged organized a role-playing simulation of a corona pandemic that was called Event 201. The event was held by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University.

The event was recorded and its participants practiced and discussed an imaginary coronavirus outbreak and what needed to be done. Just 6 months later, the imaginary pandemic became real.

Now the United Nations is predicting a global disaster. source

Perhaps THIS is the event which prompted Bill and Melinda Gates to have very creepy smiles after Bill says that “This one will get their attention.”

God help us all!

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