MS-13 Members are Coming Across our Border: These are Stone Cold Killers and Biden is all but Inviting Them to Come Here

Think of the scariest boogeyman in your mind as a small child. Think of scariest movie you’ve ever seen. Think of a time when your heart felt like it would beat out of your chest.

Then think about MS-13 gangs originally from El Salvador. But the difference is that these people are real, and thrive on murdering people and selling drugs. They are now everywhere and I believe that they are demon possessed.


4 suspected MS-13 gang members stopped after NYC police see them lugging blanket-wrapped body to car: sources said

Four alleged MS-13 gang members who were under federal investigation were taken into custody on Wednesday after New York Police Department (NYPD) officers saw them carrying a long object and followed them to discover the suspicious-looking item was actually a woman’s body wrapped in a blanket, police and law enforcement sources told Fox News.

NYPD officers were working with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents early Wednesday when the officers saw four men exit a building in Far Rockaway, Queens, around 1:50 a.m., police and law enforcement sources said. The men appeared to be carrying a “large, unknown object” and placed it in the trunk of a Nissan Altima, the sources added.

After seeing the suspicious activity, police followed the vehicle for just under a mile before conducting a traffic stop on the Nassau Expressway near Bayview Avenue on Long Island.

Aerial images obtained by FOX 5 NY show the Nissan Altima that police stopped this morning. Police discovered a dead body in the trunk of the Altima, which was carrying four alleged MS-13 members, sources said.(FOX 5)

When the NYPD officers approached the car, they smelled an odor and discovered a “human body with severe trauma” wrapped in a blanket in the trunk, sources said.

Medics pronounced the victim dead at the scene. Police have not yet released her identity.

A law enforcement source familiar with the investigation told Fox News all four men were suspected MS-13 gang members and were being looked at as part of the ongoing HSI investigation. The source did not know whether the men were in the country legally.

The source confirmed to Fox News that the acts of violence being investigated were suspected of being related to MS-13.

A spokesperson told Fox News HSI’s New York office was working with the NYPD and law enforcement partners at the time and “made several arrests this morning pursuant to a long-term investigation into certain acts of violence in the Queens, New York area.” The spokesperson could not immediately provide additional information. Source

Brethren, do you not know that Mexico is very excited to rid their country of these heartless murderers? They would like for every MS-13 member to come over the border!

More from Foxnews about MS-13

MS-13 member pleads guilty to gruesome Boston-area playground murder: prosecutors

A 17-year-old boy was stabbed dozens of times and left to die by a playground in Lynn, Mass. in July 2018

An MS-13 gang member from El Salvador pleaded guilty last week to murdering a 17-year-old three years ago at a playground in a community about 13 miles north of Boston, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts said in a statement Tuesday.

Eliseo Vaquerano Canas, a 21-year-old national of El Salvador nicknamed “Peligroso,” the Spanish word meaning dangerous, pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity, which is more commonly referred to as RICO or racketeering conspiracy. U.S. Senior District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf scheduled sentencing for June 18, 2021.

Do you see a pattern in Joe Biden’s behavior? Do you understand that he is a puppet of the Globalists to DESTROY America? It’s true, and if you do not believe it, one day you will see this clearly.


MS-13 gang members in Los Angeles hacked to death seven people in the last two years, including a rival gang member who was dismembered and had his heart cut out by six MS-13 soldiers in the Angeles National Forest for defacing the gang’s graffiti, federal authorities alleged in an indictment unsealed Tuesday.

Twenty-two people allegedly affiliated with the gang’s Fulton clique in the San Fernando Valley were indicted by a grand jury on racketeering charges that include nearly 200 criminal acts, committed across several states over nine years.

The sweeping, 78-page indictment marks the latest salvo between California law enforcement and the notorious gang, which was formed decades ago in Los Angeles and has since become a bogeyman for President Trump, who evokes its macabre killings in his rhetoric against illegal immigration.

Four people were killed in the Angeles National Forest by members of the Fulton clique wielding machetes, baseball bats and knives, the indictment alleges. Along with a slaying in the Malibu hills and another in Whitsett Fields Park in North Hollywood — the clique’s “stronghold,” prosecutors said — the six killings were committed by gang members hoping to gain entry into or advance within the clique’s ranks, according to the indictment.

Read rest of article HERE

But now MANY of this murderous gang are coming across our border. They won’t be satisfied to stay in the California area – they will spread out all over our country.

This is terrifying. No wonder the Biden Administration is building unclimbable fences around government buildings!

Stay armed – do NOT let them strip you of our Second Amendment Right!


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


5 thoughts on “MS-13 Members are Coming Across our Border: These are Stone Cold Killers and Biden is all but Inviting Them to Come Here

  1. Mark V

    As I see the persecution of Christians throughout the world, I wonder why not us? Our nation has been spiraling down for many years. Sudden destruction is coming. Whether we must suffer for His Name or not, we will cotinue to look up.

    1. Mark, I certainly do not wish that we will be persecuted, incarcerated and even killed; but I feel this coming. We are deemed “haters” because we will not compromise what we know is in the Word of God. We love Him and His Word. Satan will most certainly use this against us. And with the illegitimate Biden regime in office, this has set up a climate in America where this kind of persecution is possible. But we are not to fear. He is with us always!

  2. Jim V.

    MS-13 is one of the most deadliest gang in the world. To be honest with you, I don’t understand why US government are too soft with BLM, ANTIFA, Mexican drug lords, and illegal aliens gangs. Don’t get me wrong, look at Organized Crime, such as Mafia, yes they are bad guys, but they are not National Security Threat. They, Mafia do NOT bother people. I’m talking about Italian-American Mafia. I really don’t understand why US government always aiming target at Italian Mafia in USA? As you know in Chicago, there are over 110,000 gang members, did US government do anything about them, NO! In California, there are over close 1 million of gang members. So why are Uncle Sam going over the Mafia? I don’t get it. I’m not picking the Mafia’s side. I’m just saying. Don’t you find it is/was ODD of Motorcycle gangs, Mafia, KKK, and other organized crime groups don’t bother riots, looting, burning the buildings, beating up people, threaten American people, etc? Democrats love BLM and ANTIFA. CRAZY US government corruption.

    Geri, look at Jewish Mafia, they don’t bother people. Oh sure they are criminal organization, but again, they are/were not NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. See the different?

    God bless.

    1. Yes, I do see the difference. I actually had Jewish mafia in my family. They are criminals, but as you say, they are not a threat to our way of life. ANTIFA, BLM are a direct threat to America, but the Left love them because they will be at their beck and call when their handlers need them. People think that the crowds who riot and set fires and loot stores – the LARGE crowds – spontaneously appear. If they only knew the truth, that globalist elites (George Soros) are well structured to call out these people at a moment’s notice and bus them to wherever they want riots and killing to happen. This is how the destabilization of a country is accomplished.

  3. Jim V.

    I normally don’t tell people about my private life about my family. I have Mafia in my family. No question they are/were bad guys. Growing up, my whole neighborhoods were safe because of the Mafia.

    To tell you the truth, it is globalist elites are way, way worse than the Mafia and other ethnic organized crime groups. Even US Government especially CIA are twice worse than the Mafia.

    Yes Geri you are right about the destabilization of the country is accomplished. SAD!!!

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