U.N. Denies Abraham As Jewish Patriarch: Netanyahu Responds (VIDEO)

Satan’s influence upon this world gets stronger by the day.  His hatred for Israel and the Jewish people is at the heart of his demonic influence over the United Nations and also over Globalists worldwide.

One would not think that a country roughly the size of New Jersey would be in the news daily; with Jerusalem being at the heart of the MSM coverage of Israel and the so-called Palestinians.

As Christians, we must understand that every event happening in the middle east and throughout the world must be God’s will.  He is in full control of human history.  These events are all leading up to the end of days, and Bible prophecy will  be fulfilled to the letter.

Watch PM Netanyahu as he condemns the U.N.’s denial of Abraham as the Jewish Patriarch. He speaks in Hebrew with English caption:

Shalom b’Yeshua


7 thoughts on “U.N. Denies Abraham As Jewish Patriarch: Netanyahu Responds (VIDEO)

  1. Hate to be a snark. The U.N. can make all the declarations it wants but that doesn’t change the fact that Israel is the apple of God’s eye. They are truly fools….

  2. That’s insane it belongs to Israel and is God”s city course it’s funny how people say we aren’t in the End Times and that the Rapture of the church won’t happen for a long time the same people who say that don’t pay attention to signs like this one you mentioned.

    1. Ernesto, the English caption is there but it is very small white font at the bottom of the screen. I’m going to look for the same address by Netanyahu in English and add it if find it.

  3. I stand with the Jewish nation of Israel and look forward to visiting Jerusalem to meet the Messiah.Yeshua Ha’Mashiach the Way the Truth and the Life is coming quickly 🙂

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