Hungary’s Orban Speaks Against Soros-EU Plan to Create a “New Mixed, Islamized Europe”

For the last few years, I have been following and writing on the PM of Hungary, Viktor Oban. He is a patriot and is fighting tooth and nail to keep the EU and George Soros from transforming Hungary into what he calls “A new mixed, Islamized nation.”

PM Orban fully understands that the systematic forced migration of Muslim immigrants into European countries is not for humanitarian reasons. He knows that this is part of the Globalist’s agenda to destabilize the European countries, and to make them vulnerable to terrorism. He also knows that the ultimate goal is for the elimination of borders – a revived Roman Empire. He is desperately trying to save the heritage of Hungary.

PM Orban gave a truly amazing speech to his people earlier this year. I wrote about this epic speech in this article:

PM of Hungary Makes Epic Speech About Forced Migration


Hungary’s Orban Speaks Against Soros-EU Plan to Create a “New Mixed, Islamized Europe”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban — who is often described in the media as “right wing” because of his opposition to the European Union’s “open borders” policies — delivered a speech on July 22 during a recent cultural festival in Baile Tusnad, Romania, wherein he strongly criticized Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros and the EU bureaucracy in Brussels. His speech was entitled “Will Europe Belong to Europeans?”

Orban raised an alarm during his speech, asking: “Over the next few decades the main question in Europe will be this: Will Europe remain the continent of the Europeans?” He expressed concern that Europe’s Christian culture would become overwhelmed by the large numbers of Muslims entering the continent as refugees. He said: “As regards the specific situation — and this is quite telling about the world that we live in today — there’s no concrete, reliable information on the percentages of traditional indigenous Christians and the incoming Muslim communities living in Europe’s individual countries.”

Orban placed a large part of the blame on the so-called Christian democratic parties in Europe, which he charged “have become un-Christian.” He stated:

Europe is currently being prepared to hand its territory over to a new mixed, Islamized Europe. We are observing the conscious step-by-step implementation of this policy. In order for this to happen, for the territory to be ready to be handed over, it is necessary to continue the de-Christianisation of Europe — and we can see these attempts. Priority must be given to group identities rather than national identities, and political governance must be replaced with the rule of bureaucracy. This is the aim of Brussels’ continuous and stealthy withdrawal of powers from the nation states. This is the situation in Europe today, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the battlefield on which Central European countries are fighting today.

The outspoken Orban pulled no punches during his talk, directing much of his criticism towards Soros, the multi billionaire who has lavished a fortune on a host of radical organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. He described an alliance that had been forged in Brussels (the defacto capital of the EU) comprised of “the Brussels bureaucrats and their political elite, and the system that may be described as the Soros Empire.” Orban said:

This is an alliance which has been forged against the European people. And we must recognize that today George Soros can pursue his empire’s interests more easily in Brussels than he can in Washington or Tel Aviv.

Orban identified the threat to Hungary and other sovereign EU nations as “a Soros plan,” which he said Soros wrote himself, and the Soros Empire published it. The plan is composed of four points.

The first plank of the plan, said Orban, is that every year hundreds of thousands of migrants — and, if possible, a million — should be brought into the territory of the European Union from the Muslim world.

The second point is that upon arrival every one of these migrants should be given an amount in euros equivalent to four and a half million Hungarian forints.

The third point in the Soros plan is that the migrants arriving on the continent will have to be distributed among the countries of Europe as part of a mandatory and permanent mechanism.

The fourth point is that a European immigration agency should be set up that will take all the decision-making powers related to migrant affairs away from the nation states and give them to Brussels.

This is the Soros plan, said Orban.

The Hungarian prime minister ended his talk by saying that his domestic political opponents did nto have the ability to stand up to what he calls the “central field of power” — the external forces threatening Hungary.

He said:

In the campaign facing us we’ll primarily have to stand our ground against external forces: in the next nine months we’ll have to stand our ground against Soros’s mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats, and the media operated by them.

Orban has sometimes been compared to Donald Trump because both leaders have promoted the use of a border wall or fence to keep out migrants. In his talk, Orban defended Hungary’s use of such a border fence, stating:

We shouldn’t forget that Hungary — with the aid of the V4, for which we are grateful — was the country which stopped the migrant invasion flooding into Europe. And I made it clear earlier, and I’ll repeat this now: for as long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary, at the head of the Fidesz and Christian Democratic government, the border fence will remain in place and we shall protect our borders. And in doing so we shall also protect Europe.

In contrast to this, the opposition in Hungary openly states that they’ll dismantle the fence and let immigrants into the country.

Orban emphasized that Hungary’s border fences, supported by other Central European countries, will block the EU-Soros effort to increase Muslim migration into Europe. He explained during his talk that his motivation for such actions is to preserve Hungary’s Christian culture.

He said that he opposed admitting migrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” and that under his leadership, Hungary would remain a place where “Western European Christians will always be able to find security.” – source

I see Victor Orban as a true hero. He knows whom he is fighting. He is well aware of the power and money behind this Globalist agenda. He is most likely aware that he could very well lose his life in his attempt to save his country.

Pray for this man and for the people of Hungary. Students of Bible prophecy know that the NWO is inevitable.  But as I have said in many of my articles – we are still to stand up against evil.

Shalom b’Yeshua





Max Tillerson In the Tank for Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar

I sensed there was something about Tillerson from the time he was tapped as Secretary of State for the Trump administration.  It was one of those “feelings” with not much to back it up. But it was there.

Tillerson, before becoming Secretary of State, was the CEO of Exxon-Mobile, and had close relations with Qatar, whom we now know sponsors Islamic Terrorism and is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It’s not hard to connect these dots.

President Trump is an intelligent man, and with his wealth he can certainly have people vetted properly before invited them into his camp. How much did he know about Tillerson?

A stumbling block to designating the MB as a terrorist organization

So, it goes without saying that Rex Tillerson is not on the side of keeping America safe. I’m only surmising this, but I believe that Tillerson is mega wealthy, and I believe that much of that wealth came from the Islamists whose goal is world domination.  This does not give me any warm fuzzies knowing that this man holds the position that he does.


The Trump Administration still hasn’t designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization as it was expected to do. Designation falls under the purview of Secretary of State Tillerson, who has chosen the Muslim Brotherhood and its backers in Qatar and Turkey over their Arab rivals.

Tillerson recently signaled his opposition to designating the Muslim Brotherhood in mid-June. He only has negative things to say about the idea.

His main point is that the Brotherhood’s political parties have representatives in governments like those in Bahrain and Turkey. That is irrelevant. If it was such a problem, Bahrain itself wouldn’t have banned the Brotherhood and the U.S. wouldn’t be dealing with the Lebanese government that has Hezbollah in it, which is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Tillerson also repeated the “non-violent” and “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood propaganda. He claimed that the Brotherhood’s political parties in governments “have become so by renouncing violence and terrorism.” That was false when the Obama Administration said it, and it is false now.

The disappointment in Tillerson’s position is made exponentially greater by the fact that now is an optimum time to designate the group.

The Arab world is putting unprecedented pressure on Qatar over its support of the Brotherhood and other jihadists in the Islamist swarm. Muslim foes of the Brotherhood are left wondering where the U.S.stands because Trump and Tillerson aren’t on the same page.

Counter-terrorism expert Patrick Poole goes so far as to assert that Tillerson is “sabotaging” Trump’s foreign policy and urges his departure from the administration.

While President Trump expressed his support for the Arab measures against Qatar and unequivocally described Qatar as a major terrorism-financier, Tillerson did the opposite. He described Qatar as “very reasonable” in its reaction to the Arabs’ pressure.

His spokesperson read a scripted statement accusing the Arab states of having ulterior motives, saying the U.S. is “mystified” by their complaints. The State Department even cast doubt on the credibility of the Arabs’ accusations, claiming that they haven’t provided supporting details. Qatar’s lavish sponsorship of terrorism and extremism is uncontestable.

As Poole documents, far from offering support for those Arab states opposing Qatar, Tillerson publicly made moves towards Qatar’s Turkish allies and increased criticism of Qatar’s Saudi adversaries. The Trump Administration also agreed to sell up to 36 fighter jets to Qatar right after the Arabs began their campaign.

Tillerson even signed a counter-terrorism agreement with Qatar, spitting in the faces of the Arab countries fed up with Qatar’s repeated breaking of its promises to change its behavior. Immediately after signing the deal, Qatar reiterated its firm commitment to Hamas (and therefore, the broader Muslim Brotherhoodorganization of which it is an official branch).

Tillerson’s Ties to Qatar

People are inevitably influenced by those they surround themselves with, especially if that interaction is lucrative. Perhaps Tillerson’s favoring of Qatar has something to do with the close relationship he had with the Qatari government as a businessman with ExxonMobil, which has a decades-long association with the rulers.

ExxonMobil was a founding member of the U.S.-Qatar Business Council in 1996, an entity created by the Qatari regime. Tillerson was a senior official at the time. Another listed founding member is Al-Jazeera, the jihadist-friendly propaganda network run by Qatar and the Brotherhood. One of the Arab states’ top demands is the closure of the network headquartered in Doha.

After becoming chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, Tillerson became a member of the U.S.-Qatar Business Council’s advisory board. He apparently held this position up until when he became Secretary of State, as his name is still listed with that title on the website.

The Vice President of ExxonMobil Production’s name is currently listed as a member of the Council’s board of directors. Al-Jazeera officials also appear on the advisory board and board of directors.

The organization’s website says that the U.S.-Qatar Business Council “played a major role in the formation of Qatar Foundation International (U.S.-based).” The Qatar Foundation headquartered in Doha is a major promoter of Islamist extremism, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, including Islamists in America.

When the Arab campaign against Qatar began, the Qataris immediately began utilizing their contacts to try to win the State Department over. It deployed its lobbyists in America and they had leverage: The West’s three biggest energy companies, including ExxonMobil, were trying to strike a deal with the Qatari government for expanding liquified natural gas production.

But Qatar isn’t the only country working aggressively to influence U.S. foreign policy in a direction favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey’s government is also leading the Islamist charge.

Tillerson’s Ties to Turkey

ExxonMobil is a member of the U.S.-Turkish Business Council. The chairman is Ekin Alptekin, the very same Turkish businessman at the center of the controversy with President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn.

Alptekin’s company had a $600,000 contract with Flynn to promote the Erdogan government’s interests. Flynn’s firm registered as a lobbyist but did not register as a foreign agent. The Justice Department’s National Security Division began an investigation last November. Flynn registered as a foreign agent of Turkey after he was fired and replaced by General H.R. McMaster.

We do not currently know of direct dealings between Tillerson and Alptekin, but ExxonMobil’s involvement in the U.S.-Turkish Business Council highlights how his prior relationship with the Turkish government may influence his behavior.

At a time when Erdogan has few defenders, the Islamist dictator finds a supporter in Tillerson.

On July 9, Tillerson traveled to Istanbul to receive an award from the World Petroleum Congress. There, he heaped praise upon those who defended Erdogan against a coup attempt last year, going so far as to describe the Islamist government as a democracy. He said:

“Nearly a year ago, the Turkish people – brave men and women – stood up against coup plotters and defended their democracy. I take this moment to recognize their courage and honor the victims of the events of July 15, 2016. It was on that day that the Turkish people exercised their rights under the Turkish constitution, defended their place in a prosperous Turkey, and we remember those who were injured or died in that event.”

Tillerson doesn’t defend Erdogan in all circumstances, as he did condemn the Turkish security personnel who attacked protesters in Washington D.C. in May. But that’s not exactly a bold stand; it’s something that any public official would condemn.

When it comes to the tough issues, Tillerson has sided with Qatar and Turkey, even when it contradicts the commander-in-chief who picked him for secretary of state.

On designating the Muslim Brotherhood, Tillerson sides with Qatar and Turkey

When the Arab states piled unprecedented pressure on Qatar for its sponsorship of terrorism and extremism including the Brotherhood and Hamas, Tillerson sided with Qatar and Turkey.

When it comes to last year’s coup in Turkey, Tillerson sided unequivocally with Erdogan’s Islamist dictatorship. He didn’t even necessarily have to talk about it during his visit to Istanbul. He chose to.

When it comes to the Kurds, our best allies in fighting ISIS, Tillerson’s State Department sided with Turkey in criticizing the Iraqi Kurds’ referendum on independent statehood. It also implied opposition to Kurdish independence, reacting to the referendum with a statement in support of a “united” and “federal” Iraq.

Political analysts always say that Trump was elected because people wanted change from an outsider. Tillerson is not bringing change. When it comes to Islamism, it’s the same-old same-old. Possibly worse. source

It is clear that no matter which new source we go to to attempt to get the real scoop – it’s slim pickins.  I do trust the Clarion Project.  Their goal is to inform Americans (who care) of the reality of a grand scheme by most news sources to keep us in the dark.

I like to consider myself a writing of truth.  I may at times rely on sources which should have been vetted much better than I did. But I’m working on that. I’m trying to stick with those who care about truth.  The MSM feels that truth is relative and not absolute. They are in the business of pushing the Left’s agenda- not matter how they had to accomplish that.- source

Bible prophecy

No matter what we read or what really happened, we can be sure that God allowed the events, and everything He does allows further fulfills his prophetic Word. If I didn’t not believe this, I would go insane.

Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem.  It has been and remains the hot spot of the entire world.

Zechariah 12:2-3

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

Shalom b’Yeshua