Being A Terrorist Pays Well: The Families Of Martyred Terrorists Are Set For Life

Isn’t it always about the money?

In the case of Palestinian terrorists, money and hatred of Israelis are the incentives which keep the terror going – especially in Jerusalem. Did you know that the U.S. government sends money (our taxes) to the PA?  What do you think they use to pay those who wreak havoc and death in Israel?  I have a strong feeling that all funds sent to the PA from the U.S. are put into a “Terrorist” fund.   Sick but true.

Israel not only had a right to place metal detectors on the Temple Mount, but it is a responsibility for them to do this. Isn’t it blatantly apparent to the rest of the world that the PA is resisting these metal detectors because it will impede the killing? This speaks volumes about the world’s support of the killing of Israelis.


Academics, ideologues, political theorists, philosophers, sociologists etc. love to invent all sorts of benign and anti-Israel reasons for the Arab terrorism here. But there’s a very simple reason, if you’d only “Follow The Money.”  It’s no secret, and The Palestinian Media Watch’s latest update should make it clear there’s something to worry about.

Yes, unfortunately, for many Arabs under Fatah and Hamas rule, it literally pays and pays well to be a terrorist. And for some of those who have Israeli citizenship or live in Jerusalem, especially those whose education was part of the Jordanian or PA Curriculums the PA “terrorist pension” seems like easy money.

There’s so much corruption in the Palestinian Authority-PA that legitimate job opportunities are few and far between. Some clans have succeeded in keeping away and getting jobs in Israeli businesses nearby, like Rami Levy.

Remember that the money going into the terrorist pension fund comes from Europe, the United Nations, various NGOs, the United States and those people who think they are donating to peace, medical care and human rights. The truth is that they are giving financial support to terrorism and corruption. – source


‘Palestinian Authority’ Increases Salaries to Terrorists by 13% in 2017

This is the aspiration of young Muslims and Muslim families in Israel and “disputed territories” in the region. Kill Jews in accordance with Islamic teachings, and your family will be taken care of for life. There are no rewards for humanity, only for savagery. There are no incentives to cure cancer, become a doctor, a scientist, a contributor to mankind — theirs is but one life goal. Genocide.

Yesterday, a 19-year -old Muslim slaughtered a Jewish family in their kitchen during Shabbat dinner. The terrorist Palestinian Authority will pay his family handsomely, no doubt.After I ran this ad (above and below) highlighting Jew-hatred advanced by “Palestinian” elected terror groups, Chicago and New York banned all political and case-related ads. Effectively standing with the jihadis and scrubbing their genocidal rhetoric.

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From 2015- Hannity has Pamela Geller and Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary on his show:

And these are the people with whom the world wants Israel to sign a Peace Treaty? SERIOUSLY?

Brethren, we are witnessing so many events which show that Satan’s rage is stronger than ever before. This is because he knows that his time on earth is very short.

We must pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!