Obama’s Resistance Coming to Tear Down the West

“Most brainwashed Zombies don’t even know why they hate Trump – they just do!”

Barack Hussein Obama may have left the office of the presidency, but don’t think for a moment that his goals and agenda have been fulfilled. One might say that he is ramping it up now that he is out of the White house.

His platform before being voted in as president in 2008 was built upon HATRED for America, dividing the races and economic groups, and presenting America to the world as a weak and ineffective country.  I’m sure our founding fathers had nightmares about a person like Obama being voted into power by the people. Perhaps that is why Benjamin Franklin said the words “You have a Republic – IF you can keep it.”

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The biggest tragedy of modern day history is that a president who came into office hating America, and held fast to his tenure for eight long years before being replaced by a president the American lib-left is teaching the world to hate.

The visceral,  stoked-up “repeat-after-me” hatred of President Donald Trump is the only sign of life in the zombies infected by the pure hate they pick up while watching T.V.

Their hate is of a mindless kind that spews catch-all phrases like “He’s a bigot”, “a racist”,  “a misogynist”  in ready defence of their no-cure malice.

Most brainwashed zombies don’t even know why they hate Trump—they just do.

It took Barack Obama eight years to sic an abiding hatred of America on a largely unsuspecting world.

It took only six months for the Trump administration to expose the true Obama legacy writ big on a well-hidden, but tell-tale wall.

Obama’s grandiose 2008 sendoff from Chicago’s Grant Park came complete with the melodrama of the joyful tears of public figures like Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey.

The message to the world: America had elected its first black president.

How could the America he branded as racist be all that racist when Obama was voted in not once but twice as President?

Incredibly, Obama and his masters used the roughly 50 percent of Americans who never cast their votes for him as the ticket to ride their Racist Train.

Obama counts neither his blessings nor stars for reaching the top, but worked only to take down the country that elected him.

Obama worked only to take down the country that elected him

The 50 per cent who denied Obama their vote on the basis of his Marxist policies watched helplessly as he stoked racial discord, while luxuriating in the dolce vita on generous American tax dollars.

Obama leaves behind a legacy of dead police officers, destroyed families, a rampaging #Black Lives Matter, all in the name of a politically pumped up, non-existent White Privilege.

It is blacks and not just whites who proudly identify as Christians, but it was Obama who drummed God out of the Public Square, calling on Christians to climb down “off their high horses”.  It was Obama who wanted transgendered males in school girl washrooms;  Obama’s wife who worried an entire nation about their their kids going hungry at school,  because of her imposed unappetizing school lunches,  and Obama who insisted that global warming/climate change was a bigger threat to humanity than Islamist terrorism and its slow but incremental spread of Sharia Law throughout the land called America.

Going straight over the mainstream media’s heads was that while Obama sounded good in his speeches, he really said nothing.

Obama excelled at luring like-minded world ‘leaders’ to his side, unabashedly even luring the likes of ‘Christ’s Bishop of Rome’ to his wicked course of destruction.

No matter that Obama is world champion of abortion, including partial birth abortion, Pope Francis jumped four-square into the global warming/climate change hoax, and as one of Obama’s most noteworthy recruits, is still out there bad-mouthing America:

During his time in office, Obama guaranteed that defending the West would someday soon bring on the charge of “RACISM!”

‘Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the World’. (CNSNews.com, July 8, 2017)

But it’s the things we never heard about until after he left the Oval Office where Obama caused the most damage.

During his time in office, Obama guaranteed that defending the West would someday soon bring on the charge of “RACISM!”

It came thundering down upon Western society when Trump made his address in Poland:

“Trump’s Poland Speech Was the Fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s Ideology.” Malcolm Nance, MSNBC, July -, 2017.

Some media attacks on Trump’s defence of the West attempted subtlety:

Peter Beinart, who writes for the Atlantic, berated Trump for using the term “the West” 10 times in his Poland address.  He criticized Trump for using the phrase “our civilization” five times, proclaiming “His white nationalist supporters will understand exactly what Trump means.”

According to Beinart, Trump supporters are “white nationalist supporters”.

Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post: “Trump’s white nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw.”

Without the Freedom of the West, there would be no Nance, no Beinart,  no Capehart.  In fact, no mainstream media, no way of life paid for in blood by all of those who fought for our freedom and liberty.

Full of unbridled glee as Unelected Leader of the Resistance, it is America-hating Obama who attempts to leave President Donald Trump as the last man standing

The scribes of the modern day Pharisees forget that it was God Almighty,  the Creator of all life,  Who created the West.

Full of unbridled glee as Unelected Leader of the Resistance, it is America-hating Obama who attempts to leave President Donald Trump as the last man standing.

They’re coming to tear down Western civilization.

Pray like you’ve never prayed before.  Pray that God’s Providence will keep President Trump propped up to fight the most important battle of our lifetime, the lifestyle-robbing conspiracy;  the one unlike the fake Russians-stole-the-election one keeping the one that matters most well-hidden from public view. – source

Brethren, the globalist sheeple will follow Obama wherever he goes and whatever he tells them to do – they will do.  Like robots programmed to destroy America, these mindless puppets have been totally brainwashed.

I am a child of the 60’s.  I was rebellious. But then I grew up.  I used to think that the haters of America would someday realize that their ideologies were false, and they would finally think for themselves. Unfortunately, we see Obama – a child of the 60’s and 70’s never strayed from that which he was taught about Communism and Hatred for the American way. These people are bent on destroying the West.

The Globalists look to Obama as a leader of their movement. We know that Globalism will come to fruition and set the stage for Antichrist.  But as Christians, we should speak out against evil in all forms.

But most importantly we must Pray!








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    1. do8ug

      Go to posts under articles against Trump and refute lies of ignorant Christians who are worried that Trump chews gum and goes with girls who do.
      Make a documents of good things about Trump —
      He repealed the Obama mandate that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood and he reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which keeps American tax dollars from going to International NGOs that promote abortion. With those moves, Trump saved the lives of millions of children.

      Consumer confidence is at the highest level in 17 years. Over half a million jobs have been created in his first 3 months in office. Furthermore, the stock market rally since Trump has been elected has been the 2nd biggest since John F. Kennedy was in office.

      Signed An Executive Order Directing The Justice Department To Cut Funding To Sanctuary Cities

      Signed An Executive Order Withdrawing From the Transpacific Partnership Trade Deal (even many libs would be glad of that).

      Foreign policy — he got trade concessions from the Chinese, he convinced them to give us some help with North Korea.

      Trump’s decision to missile strike a Syrian Air Base after a chemical weapons attack and drop the Mother of All Bombs on ISIS sent a strong message. Our friends know the United States is back and now our enemies understand that Trump is unpredictable, lethal and will not hesitate to end them.

      Trump has added more ICE agents, ended the illegal immigrant advocacy program at the DOJ and most importantly, has made it clear that there’s no longer a welcome mat for illegal aliens in the United States. As a result, the number of illegals crossing into the United States has dropped 72%.

      He nominated Judge Gorsuch: an originalist judge with a long track record who is highly regarded by conservative groups that review judges.

      For starters

  1. do8ug

    A shoe maker I visited in a Hispanic neighborhood, Dover NJ, said 80% of the people there were voting for Trump. I have trouble believing as many people who allegedly voted for Killery actually did. I believe our eternal uncreated father foiled some of Soros programmed voting machines.

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