One thought on “JESUS CHRIST Brought This Man Back From the Dead: He Gave His Testimony To the United Nations

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Geri!!

    Praise Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ for this man’s Testimony at the UN!!

    Yes, our True GOD the FATHER who art in HEAVEN and HIS SON Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ can SAVE people in HIS time and not ours!!

    I sorta know this!! In 1965 when I was five years old, I had a major surgery on my ribcage!! My ribcage was fused to my Backbone when I was born!!

    In 1965 after my surgery to rebuild my ribcage, I was kept unconscious for three days, I remember nurses forcing oxygen into my lungs!! I felt like I died and left my body, but, Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ SAVED me again!!

    Praise Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ for TODAY and EVERYDAY, HE LOVES us all Everyone!!

    Love <3 Always and Shalom,


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