Pregnant Secretary to Pope Francis Found Dead In Her Apartment

pope-francisThis story has just broken out of Rome.


“The seven-months pregnant secretary of Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis was reportedly found dead at her apartment in Rome, with the Vatican calling on police to investigate the matter.

“Pope Francis had been informed of the death. We are all pained by this news,” said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.

Italian press noted that Wuolou suffered from a serious kind of diabetes, which doctors had warned could put her pregnancy at risk, but it is not yet known if that is related to her death. The secretary is believed to have missed several weeks of work due to her condition.

She was found dead at her apartment last Friday by her brother who came to see her.

The ANSA news agency reported that prosecutors have ordered an autopsy to be carried out on Wuolou’s body, as there were no signs of physical violence discovered at her Rome apartment.

“A DNA test will also be carried out on the fetus. Wuolou’s body was found by Carabinieri police at her flat in the Pisana area south of Rome after her brother raised the alarm. It allegedly presented no signs of violence,” the report stated.

The Vatican will reportedly be following the case closely, but officials are not expected to be directly involved in the investigations. The Vatican News website is also yet to report on Wuolou’s death.

Italian newspaper il Messaggero reported that police suspect it could have been a case of neglect, and have interviewed family members, her ex-husband from whom she was separated, and most recent boyfriend, who is believed to be a policeman who works at the Vatican.

Catholic Culture suggested that questions have been raised about her ex-husband, who did not live with her, and whether “their union was arranged simply to enable her to become a citizen.”

DNA tests are also set to be carried out on the fetus, with investigators seeking to confirm the paternity of her unborn child.”  – source


“VATICAN CITY — A seven-months-pregnant woman working as Pope Francis’ receptionist secretary has been discovered dead in her apartment in Rome, where her body had been for several days before being found by her brother, police sources say.  Miriam Woldu, 34, had been working as a receptionist at the pontiff’s Santa Marta residence where she had developed a secret romantic relationship with a member of the pope’s security entourage, who is assumed to have been the baby’s father. Even this man, however, failed to raise the alarm until after she was not heard from for several days, telling police that he could not have done anything because he was on a mission abroad.  Woldu, Italian but of Eritrean origin, had been at home ill for several weeks after complications had arisen with her pregnancy due to severe diabetes. Initial results from an autopsy on her body have confirmed the death to be from natural causes, assumed to be a diabetic coma. Police have nonetheless opened an investigation into the incident and have confiscated Woldu’s medical documents and insulin-dispenser apparatus. Magistrates are currently looking for evidence of negligence on the part of Woldu’s doctors, and manslaughter has not been ruled out.

 Woldu was described as a “lonely woman” by a neighbour, who was also the one to discover Woldu’s hidden affair when she bumped into the couple on the stairs. Il Messaggero reported the neighbour as saying that “[Miriam] was a beautiful woman, she loved music, she listened to South American songs, but she seemed lonely to me.”  She told of often hearing Woldu fighting fiercely with someone on the telephone, possibly an ex-husband from who she had separated a year ago after an unhappy and violent marriage.  The pope expressed disbelief at the news of Woldu’s death, and the Vatican has requested a full investigation by the Italian authorities into the mysterious death.  Woldu was found in her apartment on the outskirts of Rome on Friday, fully clothed in her bed with no signs of violence. Both the main door and bedroom door were locked from the inside, eliminating almost certainly the possibility of murder.  The incident follows a Vatican murder mystery case 18 years ago, when young Swiss Guard halberdier Cédric Tornay was accused of killing his commander Alois Estermann and Estermann’s wife before turning the gun upon himself. Estermann had the same day been promoted to the position of commander in chief of the Swiss Guard, the pope’s private army, prompting speculation that the murder was motivated by professional jealousy although all theories regarding the murder have remained unconfirmed. jp-ft  (Emphasis mine)– source

This was a pregnant woman who was in the employ of the Pope. She had complications from her diabetes and was missing for several days?  These people knew that she was 7 months pregnant with medical complications, and they did not look for her for several days?  Something is very wrong with this story.



Our Government’s Dirty Little Secret Will Shock You: Thousands of Schools Built Before the 1970’s Have Asbestos


We like to believe that our government is taking care of the most vulnerable and innocent of our society – our children. What I have uncovered is despicable and shocking.

My daughter received a letter from our grandson’s elementary school in Maryland yesterday. It stated that asbestos tiles will be removed this weekend by an approved contractor; the children will return to school on Monday.

I have been frantically making calls about this. I’ve called the Governor’s office and the Board of Education.  The people seemed like they were scripted and quite tired of parent’s and grandparent’s questions.

I honestly thought that all asbestos was removed from our children’s schools!  Am I alone? Do most people think that state and federal agencies made sure that our children were safe, and that this toxic and cancer causing substance  was removed? I thought that it would be a priority!

What I was told is that removal of all tiles and other things made with asbestos was astronomically expensive. I was also told that as long as the tiles were in good condition, that this did not pose a health risk to our children.  I looked up the proper protocol for inspections of “asbestos” schools. According to the Federal regulations, these schools should be inspected every six months.

I asked why these tiles were being replaced. The woman told me that they were lifting off of the floor, but that they were not cracked or crushed.  I also told her that I wanted documentation of the inspections done in this school. She told me that she could not give that to me.

My daughter was going to take Brody to our doctor for testing. This woman from the school board said that they would not find anything, because the effects of mesothelioma would not manifest for 10 – 40 years. How comforting! <not>. I told my daughter that she should get Brody’s clothes analyzed for asbestos fibers.

This is a nightmare.  I wanted to write this article to alert parents everywhere. This is even happening in the U.K.  I am thinking that it’s a worldwide secret.

We have billions of dollars for entitlement programs and s0-called Syrian refugees – but we don’t have the money to keep our children safe?

I will keep everyone updated on my findings. I encourage you to be proactive if your kid’s schools are older. Ask about the inspections. Ask about where the asbestos is in the school.  These are important questions!

I would even recommend (and I will do this) contacting your representatives and senators.  WE NEED ANSWERS!