What Would the Pro-Abortion Camp Do If We Invaded the Wombs Of THESE Animals and Murdered Their Babies?

We have all seen the commercials by the Humane Society which show us the terrified eyes of animals (mostly dogs) who have been abused and neglected. Anyone with a heart, upon seeing these commercials, will be greatly affected. I know that I am almost brought to the point of tears.

But do you realize that these same people who produce these commercials, are rabid abortion proponents?  Where is the heart break for tiny human beings – torn apart in their mother’s wombs? Now, they are attempting to deliver the dead babies in one piece so that their parts may be sold to companies and universities for profit.

I ran across a website with pictures of various animals in the wombs of their mothers.  The tiresome and “inhumane” mantra of the pro-death camp has always been “The fetus is not a real human being until it is delivered.” That is even being disputed now. They are pushing for legislation which allows the baby to be murdered outside of the mother.  Believe it or not, some are saying that up to five years old would be acceptable.

From Youngcons.com

The pictures:

Unborn Elephant

unborn elephant 2

Unborn Horse

Unborn horse 2

Unborn Polar Bears

Unborn polar bears

Unborn Tiger Shark

Unborn tiger shark

Unborn Leopard

unborn leapord 2

Unborn Penguin

unborn penguin 2Source 

The “Save the Earth” people would no doubt say that these animals within the wombs of their mothers, were truly animals – not clumps of cells.

So I ask you, WHY would they say that this is not TRULY a human being?

Unborn human baby

Are there really any other words left to say?

God help us all. God please help the unsaved to come to You and be born again.