TRANSGENDER Dylan Mulvaney Feels Like it Should be Illegal to Refer to Her Using he/him Pronouns: Should it be Illegal to call me a “Dirty Jew?”


Dylan Mulvaney is literally famous for donning a dress, makeup, and hair extensions and acting like a gross caricature of a woman. That’s what’s so offensive to us about Dylan Mulvaney: the cruel mockery inherent in the performance art. There’s nothing empowering about prancing around in a sports bra and leggings and adopting the persona of an overly emotional ditz, and there’s certainly nothing not insulting about celebrating that.

Maybe that’s why Mulvaney is suggesting that anyone who points out that she is, in fact, biologically male be subjected to legal repercussions. According to Mulvaney, misgendering her should be illegal:

We get that Mulvaney’s whole brand is being a man who effectively makes fun of women, and that it probably pays pretty well and affords Mulvaney a more comfortable lifestyle than she had back when she was a he. But pointing out that she used to be a he shouldn’t be a crime. This reeks of the “words are literally violence” mentality and, quite frankly, we’re over it.

That’s not a leap we’re willing to take.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, as much as I detest it when a person refers to me as a “Kike” or “Dirty Jew” I would never fight for that bigot to be arrested for it. What is happening now with the SQUEAKY TRANS community is nothing short of pushing transgenderism down our throats, and force Christians to deny the teachings of our Lord Jesus.

I will never say that this movement of confused and duped individuals is normal or acceptable because it is neither.

“He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created” (Genesis 5:2).

That is the Word of the Lord. AMEN and AMEN.



4 thoughts on “TRANSGENDER Dylan Mulvaney Feels Like it Should be Illegal to Refer to Her Using he/him Pronouns: Should it be Illegal to call me a “Dirty Jew?”

  1. Donna

    It is getting so tiresome listing how they are being persecuted. I haven’t heard any Christian believer calling them names, destroying property or beating innocents up because of their faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior however, I have heard and seen them destroying property, hurting individuals, killing Christians, and being defended by this administration.

    I do not hate the person I do disapprove of the sin and am absolutely fed up of having to hear how persecuted they are. How this awful administration constantly defends their bad behavior and correcting Christians. That it is our fault for them killing children… Enough of their craziness…How they are destroying these children encouraging them to have their bodies cut up, and destroyed this epidemic, this sickness must stop.

    I didn’t even know what a homosexual was until I was in my late twenties early thirties. Much less a transsexual, by sexual, a she/he, or a he/she and or what ever else they now need to be called.

    Come Lord Jesus Come

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