Nearing Midnight: Why Are We Ruled by People with So Many Defective Brains?

By Todd Strandberg of

It is really becoming a major wonderment as to why so many political leaders are profoundly feeble-minded. If someone is going to be a leader, they need to have the mental capability to fit their demanding job.

During the last decade, the American people have increasingly put into office people who are more and more incompetent. Some of them could not operate a hot dog stand, and yet they are given roles that control the fate of our nation.

The new norm is that it’s natural for the US president to speak in gibberish. The liberal media knows that there is something wrong with President Joe Biden, but they ignore it because they only care about power. Since Biden does not write the words on his prompter, we may have freshmen interns setting policy for the executive branch.

Putin must reflect at least once a week on the reality that America’s nuclear arsenal is controlled by someone who is senile. It would be my hope that a guy who probably spends 10 minutes each day deciding what flavor of jelly to put on his toast would have some level of oversight.

If Biden is taken out, I had hoped that some other group would also have the launch codes. In the United States, a single person is authorized to make the decision to use a nuclear weapon—the president. Biden is not required to consult with any advisors before issuing a launch order. No one in the Defense Department, Congress, or the judicial branch can lawfully prevent the use of nuclear weapons once the president’s order is given.

Of course, in the event of a true emergency, someone would be moving the vice president to one of those aforementioned command facilities, though not the same one as the president. That is so, in the event the president was taken out, the VP could be quickly entered in as acting-President and go through the process of selecting a new presidential code.

We don’t have hours to put the VP into power. In a 500-missile emergency of a Russian submarine attack, we may only have 10 minutes to act. The nightmare scenario in my mind is Biden’s staff screaming at him to issue the launch codes, and he just stares into space and says, “I could really go for two scoops of vanilla ice cream right now.”

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has been in the news because she has gummed up the Senate Judiciary Committee by not being in Washington DC. She is 89 years old and has health issues. She has rebuffed calls for her to not just temporarily remove herself from her Committee role but step down from her job entirely before her term is up in 2024.

I would hope that she would step aside for the sake of the nation. The truth is that there are several people who need to retire because they are simply too old for the job. Some of the people required to force Feinstein out of office are near to her same age.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared to imply that she thinks calls for Feinstein to resign over her vote absences on health grounds are sexist. Since Pelosi suffers from similar drawbacks to her health, sexism is going to be used rather frequently.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnel is a legislator I wish would resign. He has messed up enough races in his own party to give control of the Senate to the Democrats. Voters keep sending him back because they want government money that he can bring to the state. What may be good for Kentucky has been a disaster for the nation.

The election of Penn. Senator John Fetterman set a new low in a person’s willingness to elect mentally challenged people. He cannot function as a normal person. It may sound harsh to say, but he is nothing but a puppet that says words that are printed out for him.

If they had pulled Howdy Doody out of mothballs in the Detroit Institute of Arts and ran him in Fetterman’s place, it may have been an improvement. Soon after coming to the office, Fetterman had to seek mental health treatment to combat depression caused by his stroke.

Hillary Clinton currently does not hold any public office. In 2016 we nearly had her as president. The only factor that saved us was that she was such a nasty person that the American people decided to go with Donald Trump.

The reason why we have so many mentally challenged people in office is that we are getting the type of people we deserve. As our nation loses its morality, we are led by people who reflect our weakness.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” (Proverbs 29:2).

— Todd

6 thoughts on “Nearing Midnight: Why Are We Ruled by People with So Many Defective Brains?

  1. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    Yes, Amen. I recall that I realized while reading Chronicles & Kings how many times GOD gave HIS people foolish, wicked kings & rulers because they had turned away from HIM. Maybe HE was trying to shock them back to reality, I’m not sure, but HE has done the same thing to us. I also believe HE is pulling back HIS HAND of Protection to show the world how truly horrendous evil really is. Throughout eternity we will never again question if HE is Righteous or holding out on us, as satan accused in The Garden and our ancestors swallowed the lie.

  2. Don’t forget our nation’s murder of 60 million + thru abortions. Wonder how many of them God had destined as conservative leaders, Gospel preachers or educators who could have made a difference in our education systems & society. Most of our old time preachers are nearly gone. The difference people like these make is so obvious now. The devil has many more joker replacements waiting in the wings.
    Glad I’m nearly outa here.

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