‘MASSIVE IN SCALE’: State Officials Admit 2020 Election Contaminated With Ineligible Voters

So, just how does that help us now? The arrogance shown by the Left leads me to think that we will NEVER have a fair election again. They know this and they are comfortable with the fact that they are liars, cheats and are serving their father THE DEVIL.

Yes, I know that one day I will pay for the things I say on this Blog. As long as my words are truth and I am glorifying our Lord Jesus, I welcome what will come.

From wnd.com

The truth about the failings in the 2020 presidential election is coming out – gradually.

After all of the complaints about unsecure voting procedures, voting system failures and outside and unacceptable election influences during the 2020 vote, Democrats still contend it was more or less a perfect election.

The evidence shows otherwise.

While it doesn’t involve millions, or even thousands, of votes, a case in Wisconsin has documented actual dirt in the vote there.

According to a report from the Thomas More Society, which has been investigating reports of election problems since the event, one county clerk in Wisconsin reviewed about 1,000 names from the state’s list of people that a court had declared incompetent to vote.

And 95 of them voted in 2020.

Erick Kaardal, Thomas More Society special counsel, has been at the forefront of the election integrity investigations from the project’s inception.

“What struck me was the sheer numbers,” he explained. “When the allegations of shenanigans occurring in Wisconsin nursing homes surfaced with the 2020 election, the potential for nursing home and assisted living resident voter manipulation, abuse, and fraud, was massive in scale. There are over 91,000 nursing home residents in the State of Wisconsin. From forty to fifty percent of these residents suffer from varying degrees of dementia.”

While the numbers in such cases likely would make no difference in a national election, what is known about that is that legacy and social media corporations worked together, at the FBI’s request, to suppress accurate reporting about the Biden family’s international business scheming, revealed on a computer Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop.

A Media Research Center poll showed had that information been routinely reported, Joe Biden almost certainly would have lost the election.

Further, there was the undue influence from the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out through foundations to local officials, who often used it specifically to recruit voters from Democrat districts.

The legal team explained, “From the onset of Thomas More Society’s Election Integrity Initiative in 2022, there has been glaring evidence of an ongoing problem with ineligible voters casting ballots. This issue, which first came to light in nursing homes shortly after the 2020 election, has finally been acted upon by election officials in Dane County, Wisconsin.

“In spring 2022, attorneys from the Thomas More Society filed multiple complaints with the Wisconsin Election Commission on behalf of family members of people under court orders deeming them incompetent to vote. Each case involved a voter residing in a nursing home, who had been declared ‘incompetent’ yet, according to the state voter database WisVote, had cast ballots in multiple elections despite their ineligibility.”

The organization said Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell did a review of about 1,000 names from the state’s list of people that a court had declared as incompetent to vote and found 95 examples of someone who voted after being added to the ‘no vote’ list.”

“We are pleased that Dane County has acknowledged the problem, and we reiterate County Clerk Scott McDonell’s call for the Wisconsin legislature to fix a broken system – and ensure that the Wisconsin Election Commission does their job of enforcing the state’s election laws,” Kaardal said. source


3 thoughts on “‘MASSIVE IN SCALE’: State Officials Admit 2020 Election Contaminated With Ineligible Voters

  1. Mark V

    Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been suing since before 2022 to clean up voter rolls. Massive fraud. Then we witnessed Arizona who had the person in charge of maintaining election integrity declaring herself victorious. What a disgrace. You can’t stop the woman in travail. Someone wicked this way is coming but Christ our King is greater and has already won.

  2. Duncan Allen

    “If then I am a wrongdoer and have committed anything for which I deserve to die, I do not seek to escape death…” (Acts 25:22a).

    “And they have conquered [the accuser of our brothers] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death” (Revelation 12:11).

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