Parents given permission to euthanize children if they have certain diseases


Nation extends voluntary deaths law

Children between the ages of 1 and 12 now can be euthanized in one European nation after officials there extended their voluntary death laws to cover them.

The only qualification appears to be that they have a terminal illness and be suffering.

The Telegraph reported the Dutch government has tweaked its Euthanasia Act so that children are covered for the first time.

“Under the change, euthanasia – legal, voluntary death carried out by a doctor – will only be an option for children who are suffering unbearably with no hope of improvement and for whom palliative care cannot bring relief,” the report explained.

Health minister Ernst Kuipers said the death procedure now is available for “children who are so ill that death is unavoidable and they are expected to die soon.”

The government said it expects the process will be used on up to 10 children a year.

Euthanasia is considered different from assisted suicide as it is seen as a medical procedure.

Already, it was available for terminally ill infants and older children could ask for it if their parents agreed, the report said.

Physicians in the Netherlands by and large long had backed the idea.

But fierce opposition was coming from two Christian parties in the ruling Dutch coalition, the report said.

Kuipers said the change is “a solution that will help these incurably ill children, their parents and also their doctors.”

Belgium, a neighbor, approved doctor-assisted death for children of all ages a few years ago.

Last year in the Netherlands, 8,720 people died by euthanasia, and more than 91,000 have died by the procedure since it first was adopted in 2002.

A report from the Christian Institute in the U.K. said Kevin Yuill, of the group Humanists Against Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, said the numbers are alarming.

“Euthanasia is increasingly seen as a solution for social rather than medical problems,” he explained. “What we are increasingly seeing is death, ironically, as a ‘lifestyle choice’ for those who are frightened of living. This is worrying to say the least.”

The report explained:

Last month, Lord Carlile of Berriew KC, philosopher Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve and former Supreme Court judge Lord Jonathan Sumption highlighted the serious flaws in pro-assisted suicide rhetoric in their forewords to a Policy Exchange report.

The experts were writing in support of ethicist Prof John Keown’s critique of the case made by Peers in favour of Baroness Meacher’s failed assisted suicide Bill in the 2021 House of Lords debate.

Lord Sumption pointed to the glaring inconsistency at the heart of the pro-assisted suicide cause: “What is the justification for allowing medically assisted suicide but limiting it to those believed to be close to death or in intolerable pain, actual or prospective?

“There are so many other reasons why one might want to end one’s life. Once the moral barrier has been crossed, what is the logical stopping point?” source

Does this really surprise the reader? I’m not surprised in the least. These same people march in the streets for their right to abort babies. They are blood thirsty! They have no regard for life. They are God haters!



5 thoughts on “Parents given permission to euthanize children if they have certain diseases

  1. LV McGraw

    Abortion was the slippery slope. Once that line was crossed, now everything and anything goes. You had better be kind to your children while they are young; they will hold your life in their hands some day. Lord, help us. Pray!!

  2. Mark V

    I’ve been receiving info from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for a couple of years now and it’s insane. There was even a church that held an euthanasia service in Canada! But it’s not only terminally ill that get murdered. Depression is allso another excuse and doctors or nurses have been known to force elderly to consign their rights without family knowledge. Total wickedness. They’re definitely coming after the children and eliminating parental rights.

  3. A day in the life of the new globalist world.
    I can see this speeding up the WEF culling process. Kids are impressionable so why not convince them (u poor dear) they are suffering irreparably from whatever happens to ail them. Examples might be Down’s syndrome, damaged limbs, encephalitis, inherited rare genetic issues, mental disorders, palsies etc. Maybe the kid is damaged goods (no fault of his own) from the killer jabs & other “safe & effective” meds, sex change surgeries, hormonal ops & other Globalist sponsored “scientific” cures & remedies but no matter, u gotta go. “Glory to the State who is the property owner of ur kid!”

    Kill the kids in the womb, kill them if they survive that by outright murder in the delivery room, later on inject any of those missed by injecting them with “safe & effective” vax’s that kill & maim; then kill the those the jab maimed; kill those for being suicidal over the sex change drugs & 2yr lockdowns. The list is potentially
    endless & gratifying to the Globalist murdering hordes as if they were looking for the new born Christ child during Herod’s reign.

    Do away with kids & there goes the next generation all nice & “legal” but save some for composting the world’s crops laced with RNA & sex trafficking victims for the pervert leaders in charge. Try that defense b4 Jesus at the White Throne & He might not even let u finish that sentence b4 ur hastily dispatched to the Lake of Fire
    for an eternity.

    Any kid who survives all that will be eligible for the AI transformation to a fleshly automaton existence defined by ur battery life. There, I think we’ve covered the basic “growing up” portion of God given life under the Globalist eugenics plan.

    AHH yes the demented devilish mind runs wild & free. It’s for ur own good to “go to a better place” heh, heh, heh, says the Globalist state. Just keep telling yourself that as u watch your offspring or relative drift off into oblivion. It’s not so bad, just like putting to sleep the pet doggie. But be sure to watch the moving lips of ur loved one as he or she draws their last breath. Is that person trying to say, “I am happy & own nothing”? Feeling better yet? Maybe you feel u just got ur insides ripped out. The state just put your loved one down like a dog. Now that u feel REALLY empty, have u considered a new master?

    If yes then let me introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Your sins are all forgiven- Rev1:5
    Your old nature is changed -2 Cor5:17
    The power of Satan is broken Acts -26:18
    Your fear of death is removed Hebrews -2:15
    He gives you peace & joy Philippians–4:7
    He helps you in every trouble-Isaiah- 41:10
    You find purpose and meaning in life-John 10:10
    He is preparing a home for you in heaven-John14:2
    You need not fear death-Psalm 23:4
    You will be cleared at the Judgment-Romans 8:33-34

    So what’s not to like? How do you get this deal? You know how to pray?
    Here ya go!
    Lord Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God who died, shedding Your precious blood on the cross for my sins and rose 3 days later from the dead. I repent of my sins and ask forgiveness for my sins.
    Please send Your Holy Spirit into my heart to give me power to fight evil and to lead me into all truth. Help me to love You above all and my neighbor as myself until You take me home. Make me Your child and care for me now and forever. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me. Amen.

    The Lord Jesus did everything necessary for you to have eternal life with Him forever. All you need to do is trust & obey for there’s no other way. To be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey. Ask the Lord to guide you to people who love the Lord & can help you to live a holy life pleasing to Him….your New Master.

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