From ‘Mistake’: Stunning Details Emerge in What Led to Bud Light’s Trans Marketing Partnership – Report

I have not spoken about my thoughts on Bud Light’s ridiculous marketing, mainly because I do not drink. But when I saw this come from Anheuser- Busch‘s highest level execs, I decided to post this and comment.

This should be a lesson to executives of all big business to KNOW whom they are hiring to market their products. This world is nuts, and knowing that, people should be vigilant and involved in the hiring process of decision makers!


A new report claims high-level Anheuser-Busch executives had no idea Bud Light had made the disastrous business decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and subsequently tank the brand’s reputation.

If the report is accurate, this underlines the importance of companiesprioritizing the competence and values of the people they hire.

College graduates are shipped out of universities each year with diplomas and many go on to land jobs representing iconic brands they don’t understand and don’t appreciate.

If it were not for corrupt values, many of these wayward individualswould have no values at all.

n the case of Anheuser-Busch versus middle America, The Daily Wirereported it spoke to two people it granted anonymity to in order to get to the bottom of how a beer that represented the working class cratered to a laughingstock in a matter of weeks.

“No one at a senior level was aware this was happening,” a source in the company told the outlet.

The person added, “Some low-level marketing staffer who helps manage the hundreds of influencer engagements they do must have thought it was no big deal. Obviously it was, and it’s a shame because they have a well-earned reputation for just being America’s beer — not a political company. It was a mistake.”

This person’s usage of the word “mistake” is the understatement of the year. Bud Light’s indulgence of Mulvaney’s fantasies is an unprecedented quagmire.

A second source told the Wire the company will likely institute a more “robust” process for who it decides to partner with.

That might or might not be too late for the “King” of beers. Any chance at Anheuser-Busch redeeming itself starts with a public mea culpa and some internal housecleaning.

As was mentioned above, Anheuser-Busch’s issues stem not just from validating Mulvaney’s claims of “womanhood,” but arguably from the hiring process that led to such a terrible business decision.

Too many companies place a premium on either nepotism or paper credentials and the latter was likely the animal that bit a once-proud American company.

Social media teams, advertisers and marketing departments are always eager to hire the college graduate, which is understandable.

A completed university experience shows a prospective employer that an applicant can complete arduous tasks.

College is actually great in general for people who can navigate it without having their brains warped by “woke” teachers and their rabidly leftist peers.

But many, many students are shipped off to school by parents and wiped clean of their values and transformed into mindless shills for left-wing social causes.

Once they enter the workforce, such people can do a lot of damage to those who hire them.

The situation is akin to a homeowner inviting termites to live inside their walls because the termites adequately portrayed themselves as a positive addition to the home.

The above-reported “low-level marketing staffer” almost certainly began their journey to killing an iconic brand in a classroom surrounded by screeching people with blue hair.

In any event, the brand is in major trouble and has lost billions in market value. According to the Wire, it all started with a junior-level employee who probably had no business in the building to begin with.

Bud Light stepped in it and only time will tell if the company can mend any fences.

In the meantime, Anheuser-Busch has earned every single lost sale and every bit of the backlash it courted when it printed the face of delusion on a can of America’s beer.

Who exactly made that decision is irrelevant, as Anheuser-Busch should have instituted a “robust” hiring process. source

Some might say that the powers that be at Anheuser-Busch might just be attempting to put out the fire. For some reason I do believe that they were as shocked as many people were. This is a lesson for them and for others.



7 thoughts on “From ‘Mistake’: Stunning Details Emerge in What Led to Bud Light’s Trans Marketing Partnership – Report

  1. robinlinaz

    This sounds exactly like the way Balenciaga responded when they got huge blowback for their pedophilia/satan worshipping campaign a few months back. Just like with their company, I don’t believe AB didn’t know…of course they knew.

    They are doing what they are in order to meet their mandated ESG scores and they are getting in trouble with their customers for it. But they knew and approved it. Now they are attempting damage control, and the public isn’t buying it.

  2. Stuart Wright

    To assert that higher level executives didn’t know what the marketing executives were doing and planning is a lie. Advertising campaigns are heavily controlled and scripted. The amount of oversight and control involved is mind-blowing. They’re trying to come up with anything to deflect the horrible woke choice that was made and the loss of billions in profits and customer boycott and exodus.

  3. Mark V

    Ex CIA,FBI,DOD and others of the shadow government are part of all major corporations. In the case of Bud it was reported recently that an ex CIA is part of Bud and could be the culprit. I can’t find the article but have no doubt to the validity. The shoe fits. The heirarchical puppetmasters actually goes up to Black Rock and Vanguard who own everything. And we know that they are servants to the WEF and minions of Satan. “And the devil said to Him, ‘All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.'” Lk.4:6. Bud did not choose wisely.

  4. It’s hard for me to believe a large corp. executives didn’t know. Not saying that’s what you are saying but I’ve heard others make that excuse when things go really wrong. “a new hire goofed. We’re so sorry” kind of thing. I’m not a drinker either but it’s just plain wrong what they did and there’s always consequences, right or wrong.

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