Rudy Giuliani to Newsmax: DAs in ‘Soros-Purchased Cities’ Killing People


Democrat-run cities are crumbling by design, as Marxist ideology funded by liberal globalist billionaire George Soros is running amok in America, famed America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells Newsmax.

Monday’s House GOP field hearing in New York City will put it on display for the American people, Giuliani told “Saturday Report.”

“Well, if they reveal it correctly, you know, and they get the cooperation they deserve, they’ll you will reveal an astounding, astonishing situation unfortunately not unique to New York, but existing in 50 other Soros-purchased cities,” Giuliani told host Rita Cosby.

“Basically the district attorney does not work for the people. He works for George Soros and George Soros’ concept of one world, which includes creating chaos in inner America, meaning crime.

“Because that’s the only explanation for why I would say, Rita, and I probably know as much or more about New York crime as anyone. And I’m the only one to have reduced it, substantially, by a lot.”

Americans will see a willful unwinding of law and order in Democrat-run cities that Soros funding for social justice reform has bought, as in the case of helping Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg get elected, according to Giuliani.

“People of America are going to wonder why he hasn’t been fired and he’s a communist,” Giuliani said. “You only do this to your city if you want to destroy America.

“I would say there is 7,0000 – 9,000 people walking the streets now that would have been in jail when I was mayor, or Bloomberg was mayor. That is a crime wave.

“The crime wave is created by Bragg. The district attorney in Brooklyn is no different. He just let somebody out who [committed] a vehicular homicide. This is the guy who has a history of drunk driving. Never put him in jail. He finally kills somebody. This is what’s going on in my city.”

The crime wave is nationwide in Democrat-run cities, too, Giuliani lamented.

“People are being killed because of district attorneys,” he said. “Same thing in Chicago. Same thing in Philadelphia. Same thing in Atlanta.

“This is a national problem. Bragg may be the worst.”

Manhattan’s crime issues have come under the same Soros-funded prosecutor, Bragg, who has reduced 52% of criminal felonies to misdemeanors in the name of social justice reform.

“But also it’s a great thing for people note: This is the kind of the guy who indicted the president on what is the non-indictment, Rita,” Giuliani concluded.

“The indictment is deficient as a matter of law. He doesn’t charge a crime. He just says the word crime. That is not charging a crime. He has to describe, and he never has, the crime that Trump allegedly was aiding by his false statement.”

Ostensibly, Bragg has stretched the law in his effort to indict former President Donald Trump, who is actively campaigning against the Soros-funded prosecutors like Bragg.

“Anybody that’s taken half year of criminal law would say that indictment has to be dismissed, because it doesn’t charge a crime,” Giuliani concluded. “You can’t arrest somebody and say, ‘Rita, you’re charged with a crime, go guess it. Go guess. Guess what the crime is.'” source

And yet people still vote in these immoral and dangerous people as mayors, governors etc etc. It makes absolutely no sense!



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