ELON MUSK Mocks Federal Reserve and Issues Warning on BIDEN Economy

From thegatewaypundit.com

Elon Musk is not buying the Federal Reserve’s handling of the economy nor their latest prediction. 

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday said that the United States will likely enter a “mild” recession later this year.

However, they are playing down the potential severity by claiming the economy will recover quickly over the next two years. 

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These are the same people who claimed over and over again two year ago that inflation was “transitory” and would soon decline. Their inaction back then combined with Joe Biden’s reckless spending policies are the reasons for the current economic crisis.

The Gateway Pundit has consistently reported on the awful state of the economy. Joe Hoft revealed on Monday that the real estate market has completely collapsed with some of the best properties selling at a 36% discount. 

American credit card debt has also surpassed $1 trillion for the fist time in history. This means Americans are having to risk ruining their credit scores in order to afford basic items. 

It’s no wonder why Elon Musk thinks the Fed is once again downplaying the awful economy. He issued a warning that all Americans should pay attention to.

America might be in an actual depression by then should this prediction come to fruition. 
No one should be surprised Musk thinks the Fed is full of BS. Earlier this week, he mocked them by claiming a World of Warcraft economy would be better than the current financial system.
Musk has been a vocal critic of the rapid interest rate hikes the Fed has undertaken over the past year and has advocated for a different course.

On March 20, Musk called on the Fed to abandon its laser-like focus on fighting inflation and start slashing interest rates in order to avert a recession.

The Fed did not listen and instead hiked interest rates two days later by a quarter percentage point.

Perhaps everyone should start listening to Musk instead of the Fed. One prominent investor has noted that betting against Musk is like betting against the late Steve Jobs at the peak of Apple.


2 thoughts on “ELON MUSK Mocks Federal Reserve and Issues Warning on BIDEN Economy

  1. robinlinaz

    It is a comfort to know the truth and what God has foretold. All of these predictions and strategies are going to look utterly ridiculous after the Rapture. Especially those people in the USA, who are left behind, and will be in full-on survival mode.

    A close friend of mine has a son who died on Monday, age 57. He was closing on a huge sale worth many billions. He had no wife, no children and no will or trust. He worked night and day for YEARS to put together this mega-deal, and as soon as it was set to fund (within the next 2 weeks) his life was taken from him. We do not believe he was a Christian. How many untold billions of people end up exactly the same?! It is tragic, and there is no comfort to be found.

    God offers His grace freely to all. Today is the day of salvation.

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