CORONATION: Charles Cuts off the Roots of the Monarchy from JESUS, at his Peril

Ashenden Scripted: Thé Coronation and the potential involvement of different religions. Brethren, listen carefully to this man. Ask God to help you to understand what he is saying.

This should alarm any true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are getting closer and closer to the One World Religion!


7 thoughts on “CORONATION: Charles Cuts off the Roots of the Monarchy from JESUS, at his Peril

  1. RobinLinAZ

    Brilliant commentary. Charles abandons his sacred role as defender of the faith and Biden mocks God and abandons Israel. The West is done for.

    Praise the Lord that He told us all of these things would come to pass, not to fear, and to look up. Birth pangs are stronger and closer together and we are going home to live with our King!


  2. I think King Charlie would love to rule the world but he’s not qualified in my opinion. He just doesn’t have the innate deviousness or the smarts to succeed. He could be a willing stooge to setting up things for the a/c however. I have my doubts about his Christianity if he even admits to being one. So that would make him more favorable to the religious inclusiveness baloney coming to the world and malleable to follow the a/c’s Satanic influence as in standing for nothing & falling for anything that increases in his own mind, his own importance. Once he finds out the real truth he’ll only be left with playing follow the leader or thrown under the a/c’s bus.

  3. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    Wow. Amazing. Who is that man? He was able to express Spiritual Truths in a very intellectual way. It was beautiful.

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