7 thoughts on “Creepy Killer Robot Dogs in Australian Army: Controlled by Human Minds (VIDEO)

  1. robinlinaz

    These things are just a small piece of what is underway. Mankind is going to get far more than they bargained for because playing God never ends well.

  2. At least u don’t have to feed or clean up after it. Of course it doesn’t look very cuddly. Kinda reminds me of a possible way of doing the mark of the beast. Wear that gizmo on ur forehead which maybe picks up the A/C’s command signals transmitted via 5g & the space x satellites to the right hand which is directed by the gizmo & the a/c to kill Christians & Jews. Maybe even sic the “dog” on the Jews like the “good old days”. What a delightful scenario for the demented mind. We could always pray Fido would blow an internal Chinese made gizmo & attack its master instead.

  3. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    So TRUE, to both of you. When I was a very young girl I often had nightmares of robot armies dragging people out of their houses in the middle of the night. All my life I feared the dreams may have been ‘prophetic.’ It seems to be getting closer & closer to reality. Yes, our older brother used to take my twin & me to horror movies regularly, but I never saw one that was similar to my nightmares.

    1. Dennis

      I am a retired Aerospace Engineer. When I was working (many years ago) I was in the middle of cutting edge technology. What I was involved in then is now “old hat” compared to today. Now I find technology to be frightening and repugnant. What I once embraced I now hate. Please come quickly Lord Jesus!

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