From the Desk of Robin Linaz

Build-A-Bear Now Offering Drag Queen Stuffed Animal, Optional Whipped Cream Accessory Available Also

From Robin:

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the reprobation taking over our world. There is literally nothing that is off limits. I took my granddaughter to Build-a-Bear when she was about 6 years old and have a dear memory of us making a special bear for her. It seems there is nothing that Satan can’t corrupt. (Nothing, except the grace and salvation of our Lord and our Heaven to come…which are the only things eternal.)

It makes me sick what is happening to our children, but I take comfort in knowing all these innocent young children being abused by their parents will be called out of this world to Jesus in the Rapture. THAT IS A JUDGMENT THEY WON’T SEE COMING, BUT RICHLY DESERVE!!! And praise the Lord that He will rescue them!

Yesterday I saw a YouTube video of the 2023 Brazil Carnival parade. The entire event from start to finish was mocking God, worshipping Satan (literally), and included actors playing Jesus and Satan, rewriting the story so that Satan prevails. But God will not be mocked; the very next day is when huge storms and flooding hit the same streets of the parade in Sao Paulo, killing almost 50 people. This is quite mild compared to what is coming.

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  1. Eric H. Bowen

    We should thank our God for performing the service of highlighting which organizations and persons are steadfast, and which will sell us out at the drop of a hat for a plugged nickel. Here’s looking at you, The Walt Disney Company.

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