Build-A-Bear Now Offering Drag Queen Stuffed Animal, Optional Whipped Cream Accessory Available Also


Do you remember Build-A-Bear? We used to go into that store at the mall. The grandkids got me an adorable bear when I went into the hospital to have spine surgery. When I squeezed its paws it said “We love you Grandma!”

So now they are making Drag Queen Build-A Bears. Absolutely SICK!

Build-A-Bear Workshop, a stuffed animal store chain, has announced a new teddy bear modeled after the drag queen celebrity RuPaul.

“Start your engines — RuPaul Bear is ready to sashay into your collection! Mama Ru makes her debut on the Build-A-Bear mainstage in the form of the first-ever RuPaul Bear!” Build-A-Bear said of their new $56 teddy bear, as they listed its many features.

These include curly blond hair, red lipstick, winged eyeliner, gold eye shadow, a sparkling gold sequin dress and gold paw pads that feature the RuPaul logo.

A pair of matching heels can also be bought for an additional $8.

The toy’s description added: “‘Cover BEAR! Put the fur in your walk. Head to paw, let your whole body talk.’ She done already done had herses — and now you can have yourses with your very own RuPaul Bear! Two iconic pop culture institutions join forces for this one-of-a-kind collector’s item made in tribute to the world’s most famous drag queen.”

RuPaul announced the collaboration with Build-A-Bear in an unboxing video posted on Instagram, in which the performer showcased the brown teddy bear and encouraged fans to check out the new toy.

“Oh my gosh! Gorgeous!” RuPaul said enthusiastically. “This is so great!”

“I feel like a proud parent!” he added. “Way to go Build-A-Bear! Rawr!”

RuPaul, an eleven-time Primetime Emmy Awards winner, is best known for hosting and producing the reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

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The new RuPaul bear is sold exclusively online through Build-A-Bear’s “Bear Cave,” where the website makes clear upon entry that all toys are meant for adults 18+.

Other plush toys listed in the Bear Cave are modeled after movies and TV shows, such as “Ted Lasso,” “The Office,” Marvel’s “Black Panther,” “Star Wars,” and others.

The drag-themed bear has since drawn mixed reactions, with some fans excitedly reacting to it and others condemning Build-A-Bear for allegedly trying to influence children.

“Remember: there’s absolutely no agenda to groom your kids. Don’t be ridiculous. On an unrelated note, @buildabear is selling a drag queen stuffed bear for children,” Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire tweeted after the toy’s release.

Walsh also shared a picture appearing to show the RuPaul bear being featured on Build-A-Bear’s main website page next to its Easter products and an Axolotl stuffed animal.

He noted this in another tweet, saying: “I’m told that the bear is sold in a section of the site that’s ‘intended for 18+ shoppers.’ Except that they have the drag bear right on the front page, front and center, alongside the Easter merchandise.”

The RuPaul bear is no longer listed on the main page but can be found upon searching its name. Source

Brethren, this is so horribly sick and I believe that the parents who expose their children to this satanic garbage should be arrested for child abuse! The parents who would buy this drag queen bear for their children are the same people who would take their children to a drag queen show!!



7 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear Now Offering Drag Queen Stuffed Animal, Optional Whipped Cream Accessory Available Also

  1. Larry Owens

    These liberal Reprobates are Sick, Wicked, Evil people supporting people’s SIN they are headed to Hell & the Lake of Fire & Brimstone.

  2. Barbara

    Now something to actually stuff pins into! Lol. I have known people to do that. They want to put curses on others. They just stick pins in the dolls.

  3. robinlinaz

    It’s hard to wrap our heads around the reprobation taking over our world. There is literally nothing that is off limits. I took my granddaughter to Build-a-Bear when she was about 6 years old and have a dear memory of us making a special bear for her. It seems there is nothing that Satan can’t corrupt. (Nothing, except the grace and salvation of our Lord and our Heaven to come…which are the only things eternal.)

    It makes me sick what is happening to our children, but I take comfort in knowing all these innocent young children being abused by their parents will be called out of this world to Jesus in the Rapture. THAT IS A JUDGMENT THEY WON’T SEE COMING, BUT RICHLY DESERVE!!! And praise the Lord that He will rescue them!

    Yesterday I saw a YouTube video of the 2023 Brazil Carnival parade. The entire event from start to finish was mocking God, worshipping Satan (literally), and included actors playing Jesus and Satan, rewriting the story so that Satan prevails. But God will not be mocked; the very next day is when huge storms and flooding hit the same streets of the parade in Sao Paulo, killing almost 50 people. This is quite mild compared to what is coming.

  4. Does the weird queer bear talk? When I was growing up there wasn’t anything close to that kind of “merchandise” in any dept stores. Parents would have raised H…
    Just shows how decadent we have become just in my lifetime. In Seattle we have the Fremont solstice parade including nude bikers among other demented things being paraded before the adoring liberal public. It’s a “family” event & families do attend including the leading dignitaries of proud Sodom. We don’t need queer bears, we have the real human type thing in abundance. I keep wondering when God will blow up Mt Rainier or some of the other volcanoes around here or a massive e/quake…we’re overdue for God’s big hammer. We’re on borrowed time.
    I hope I’m outa here by then.

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