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Holy Cow! Pfizer Subsidiary Has Injected 100 Million Animals With mRNA Technology!

I always wondered when the ungodly elite gods would get around to injecting our basic foods with their devilish krapola killer seasoning. Our water supplies next..they’ve been doing fluoride for decades so why not? 

Can’t trust the govt or your family doc, your neighbor, the school teacher, the news media, even your pastor or priest is suspect these days. Maybe the time is now when I trust the schlocky (anybody remember Ralph Williams & his dog Storm?) used car dealer least I can see for myself. 

I don’t read Ben Armstrong much cuz he goes on too much for me. I like Alex better cuz he gets right to the point & 100 million critters is hard to swallow right now, but I get Ben’s point & I definitely think that devilish idea is in motion right now to some degree. Why else is B. Gates buying up loads of farm land & processing plants or burning them down? Smithfield’s is Chinese owned now. What better way for a mass killing of millions. We gotta eat & the devilish cretons wish to control our food supply. Can’t wait to eat mandated bugs & graze in my front yard. Great idea from hell. 

The worldly news gets worse daily as the Lord lets out Satan’s leash on an unrepentant world. It goes hand in hand. However the unsaved get painted into a corner & most will have to call on the Lord. Admit it! Most of us got saved that way. The world has no hope but WE DO & our God is running the whole show although it may not seem so at first glance. 

That’s where real faith comes in thru our confidence in Him as the true “Master of the universe” & His written word to calm our fears of the unknown in a world filled with rottenness. He remains faithful to us by giving us enough info & encouragement thru the Bible & the Holy Spirit to get us spiritually prepped for these times & the ability to get the whole picture in spite of the obvious blatant daily evil which wears down a godly soul. He told us it was coming.. Matt 24:37…”just as in the days of Noah…” Being saved also guarantees He dwells within us which is our deposit of redemption & adoption as a real child of God, FOREVER. Just be patient, do what our BOSS commands cuz we’re almost home!

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  1. robinlinaz

    Spot on Dale, they can kill the body but not the soul. And if they kill us they usher us into the greatest joy imaginable.

    Meanwhile, I am shopping Farmer’s Markets, local grass fed beef and chicken (VERY expensive though) and trying to purify my water as much as possible. I’ve lost confidence in dairy products for the most part.

    Not gonna eat bugs, other human beings or artificial food. It’s insane that we have to prepare to work around these issues but such are the times. Jesus is coming for us soon.

  2. Yeah Mark V, I was thinking about that. Our sewer treatment plants take the sludge, dry it out & bag it up then Home Depost sells it to us for veggie fertilizer. I’ve never bought any. Putting people poop on stuff I’ll eat is too repulsive for my use. Only God knows what’s really in it. When I go down to HD it seems as though the “compost” bag stack always stays the same height. Nor am I impressed with putting bagged up dead people (reminds me of ‘Nam) whether chopped up, ground up or liquefied on my garden for the same reasons, so now I’m a cannibal of sorts?

    We used to respect the dead. Prepare them for burial in a respectful manner. Look at the treatment of Jesus for burial in the tomb & compare with today’s disrespect for humanity in general. We are all made in the image & likeness of Almighty God & the Bible tells us when we are saved we become the temple of God on earth & His Spirit resides in us. 1 Cor 3:16

    I’m not saying there is a certain kind of command for a proper burial EXCEPT respect and I just can’t grasp the new concept of turning people, ALL of whom are made in God’s image & likeness into fertilizer, protein cookies, parted out like a junk yard car OR treated as human guinea pigs for demented “scientists” & so called abortionist “doctors” with evil minds & a death wish for humanity.

    Dead trees on public planting strips get real funeral services & actual burials by some nutty liberal churches and we get the meat grinder? What kind of respect is that for God & His best creation- -US, “fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful
    are His works” Pslm 139:14.

    Ok Mark V, I’m done ranting. Thanks for listening.

  3. Kaas

    The “Soylent Green” movie is becoming prophecy. To those who have seen it, ever notice the 2022 date on the Oceanic books?

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