Beth Moore Goes Off on ‘White Male Christian Supremacists’

It was just a matter of time. Grounded born-again believers knew that Moore is a CINO (Christian in name only)


In a speech she gave in February at Baylor University, she reprimanded so-called racists.

She claimed she knows a fellow believer who “would swear and declare that he is not a racist,” but pushed back by saying that he couldn’t remember all names of minorities in every conversation.

She also accused his friends of being poster images for “white male Christian supremacists.”

“He can’t see it for the life of him,” she added.

The evangelist also criticized praises of America’s current state of equality by comparing it to an affair and porn addiction:


Pray for those who follow this woman and hang onto her every word!!

Here is a hint: If the NYTimes, The Atlantic, the WashPost, etc etc “loves a Bible teacher, then you can be SURE that the teacher has gone off the rails and is not preaching the Gospel of Christ.

God help us!


British Amateur Boxing Champ Dies Suddenly at 19


Jude Moore, a promising two-time British national amateur champion, was found dead on Friday. He was 19 years old.

Moore’s family confirmed the death of the young fighter who was believed to be a potential world champion. His tragic death comes shortly after his impressive knockout victory over the Polish national champion in his first senior fight, the BBC reported.

Moore’s trainer, Craig Turner, described his fallen fighter as an “immaculate” talent the likes of which his native Bristol had never seen before, certainly at that age.

“There’s nothing that any of us really did to develop that talent. It was just his flair, his uniqueness, his personality,” Turner said.

“There was only one, there could only ever be one and it’s just a shame that we will never see him fulfill his potential.”

Turner spoke about Moore’s desire to share his talents with younger fighters.
“Everybody looked up to him. He could just effortlessly mix amongst all cultures all classes. He just loved to talk. You just couldn’t stop him,” Turner said.
“He was an entertainer and boxing is an entertainment business. That’s why I am sure he would have gone on and won a world title.”
No official cause of death has been released. source