British Amateur Boxing Champ Dies Suddenly at 19


Jude Moore, a promising two-time British national amateur champion, was found dead on Friday. He was 19 years old.

Moore’s family confirmed the death of the young fighter who was believed to be a potential world champion. His tragic death comes shortly after his impressive knockout victory over the Polish national champion in his first senior fight, the BBC reported.

Moore’s trainer, Craig Turner, described his fallen fighter as an “immaculate” talent the likes of which his native Bristol had never seen before, certainly at that age.

“There’s nothing that any of us really did to develop that talent. It was just his flair, his uniqueness, his personality,” Turner said.

“There was only one, there could only ever be one and it’s just a shame that we will never see him fulfill his potential.”

Turner spoke about Moore’s desire to share his talents with younger fighters.
“Everybody looked up to him. He could just effortlessly mix amongst all cultures all classes. He just loved to talk. You just couldn’t stop him,” Turner said.
“He was an entertainer and boxing is an entertainment business. That’s why I am sure he would have gone on and won a world title.”
No official cause of death has been released. source



DIED SUDDENLY: Epidemic of Sudden Adult Deaths Finally Made News (VIDEO)



March 18, 2023

  •   Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd is bringing attention to the surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out
  •   Group life policyholders, who are typically healthier than the general population, experienced mortality spikes of 40% in 2021
  •   Disability numbers among the workforce reached a high of 33.2 million in September 2022, with numbers still trending up — a highly unusual increase
  •   Central banks, pharmaceutical companies, Big Tech and the media all beneted from the pandemic and have an interest in covering up what Dowd describes as a “large global murder scene”
  •   Dowd believes there’s enough alarming data to warrant the COVID-19 shot program being stopped immediately, as the death and disability from the shots could easily exceed that from COVID-19

Former BlackRock analyst and fund manager Edward Dowd is one of the brave few who have been trying to get the word out about dangers of COVID-19 shots. While I’ve interviewed him twice — once about the mathematical certainty of a nancial collapse and a second time about his book, “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” — his information is nally getting mainstream media attention.In an interview with Tucker Carlson, he explains that media outlets like Yahoo have picked up on the undeniable increase in deaths among young, healthy adults. However,

they’re quick to state that such deaths are not due to COVID-19 shots.1 But Dowd isn’t deterred. As A Midwestern Doctor noted on Substack:2

“Ed Dowd has focused on utilizing a narrower set of evidence and tying it to one of the most persuasive arguments currently available for shifting the narrative. A statistically impossible spike in sudden deaths has occurred in the healthiest segment of the population and has happened in tandem with a spike in disability (this is why we are now having labor shortages).”

Dowd is intent on bringing global attention to this surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out, and he’s not willing to let anyone, or any entity, stop him. “We have the data. We have the evidence,” he says, “and there’s a large global murder scene that just occurred.”3

Insurance Company Data Reveal 40% Death Surge

“Cause Unknown” details data showing the shots are a crime against humanity. Some of that data comes from private insurance companies, which love to sell group life insurance policies to large Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized companies because they hardly ever have to pay out on a claim.

Workers at these corporations tend to be in good health, with industry data suggesting the group life policyholders have one-third the mortality rate of the general U.S. population. The death rates have historically been highly predictable among this group — until 2021. A report released by the Society of Actuaries4 found mortality spikes of 40% or more that year.

Insurance companies had sizeable increases in payouts for death and disability. Dowd tweeted February 1, 2022, that nancial insurance company Unum reported a signicant increase in their benet ratio (payouts versus premiums) in their life segment. Dowd tweeted:5

“In 2021 they saw a 17.4% increase vs 2020. This is higher than the 13.3% increase vs 2019. So the higher payouts in 21 are occurring with a miracle

vaccine & less virulent strains … In 2019 the unit had $266 million prot, last year a prot of $82 million & this year a loss of -$192 million. A swing of $458 million lower over 2 years. Important to remember these are employed working age folks.”

Dowd also reported data from funeral homes, including company Carriage Services, which was ooded with business. He tweeted:6

“Business has been quite good since the introduction of the vaccines & the stock was up 106% in 2021. Curious no? Guys this is shocking as 89% of Funeral homes are private in US. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

Steve Kirsch also published data on Substack7 showing that, among the COVID-jabbed aged 65 and younger, sudden death was the No. 1 cause of death in 2021 and 2022. The second was cardiac-related death, and cancer was third. Importantly, the incidence of turbo-charged cancer among the jabbed was signicant in this group, and myocarditis killed more than COVID-19.

In addition to sudden deaths, cardiac issues became a major cause of death in vaccinated young people under the age of 65. No myocarditis deaths were seen among unvaxxed people in the same age group.

Disability Numbers Skyrocket

Dowd also looked into the number of disabled people in the U.S., using high-frequency data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency uses a monthly telephone survey that asks, “Are you or someone in your home disabled and not able to work?” Prior to COVID-19 shots, Dowd said, there were 29 million to 30 million disabled people on an absolute basis, a rate that remained steady for four or ve years.

In February 2021, a trend change occurred, reaching a high of 33.2 million in September 2022, with numbers still trending up. That’s a three standard deviation rate of change since May 2021, which means that the chance of this happening is 0.03% — highly unusual.

Dowd explains, “Of the 3.2 million newly disabled Americans, 1.7 were employed but came from the employed population of the country.” This is signicant, he says, because:8

“The employed people of this country are, generally speaking, by the very fact that they wake up in the morning, get in their car and drive to work, healthier than the general U.S. population.

By the very nature of doing work, you’re healthier. And that’s a fact that’s never been challenged before. The health outcome for the employed has been disastrous. Since February 2021, their disability rate is up 31% … the general U.S. population’s disability rate is up 9%.”

Dowd believes this jump in disability among the workforce is the reason why there’s a labor shortage and you’re seeing “help wanted” signs much more than in the past. He also observed an interesting trend among people who quit or left the workforce during this time period — their disability rate didn’t jump like those still working, many of whom were likely subjected to shot mandates to keep their jobs:9

“More importantly, those not in the labor force — those who quit or got red — their disability rate is only up 4%. And I suspect those are the people who either didn’t take the vaccine and were red or quit and refused to take the vaccine. So those of us who have had the best health outcomes in the country since [COVID-19] vaccination began are those not in the labor force.”

‘There’s a Coverup’

Mass COVID-19 shots and mandates are the only factors that changed during that time that would make being employed a risk to your health, but the government isn’t investigating them. Why? “There’s a coverup, at the very least,” Dowd says, adding:10

“I don’t know that they’re protecting Pzer, per se. They’re protecting all sorts of monied interests. When this COVID thing happened, there were a lot of beneciaries from it. Central banks got off the hook from, what I saw, was a

global slowdown, so they were able to print unprecedented amounts of money to cover up what we’re going to have eventually, a global sovereign debt default — it’s coming. So they got off the hook.

You had the tech companies excited, licking their chops, for the new surveillance economy. They knew that was coming. So, they joyfully entered into partnership with the government to censor any dissent. And they were excited about those future cashows of surveillance.

Then you have the pharma companies who were going to be able to make money off of, what they saw, were unlimited vaccines, quarterly injections, that was the plan at the time … under the color of law. And then you have the media companies who were getting cashows from pharmaceutical companies and also the government.

We found out the government paid media companies to promote the vaccine … momentum built and there was a conspiracy of interests. Now that the vaccine is coming to light that it’s causing death and injury, they all have an interest to keep this thing under wraps.”

The More Vaxxed the Country, the Higher the Excess Deaths

Dowd believes the effects of COVID-19 shots appear to be cumulative, so he urges those who’ve already been injected to stop getting boosters. He also feels there’s enough alarming data to warrant the COVID-19 shot program being stopped immediately, as the death and disability from the shots could easily exceed that from COVID-19.

“This is the greatest crime scene I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says. “The greatest humanitarian toll we’re ever going to talk about. And it’s going to last with us for years to come. The economic ramications are stark.”11

Dowd and colleagues have been tracking what they call Humanity Projects at their website, Phinance Technologies.12 There, you can see the data they’re tracking along

with their related analyses. They state:

“We live in a world where regulatory institutions are captured by nancial and political interests, either unwilling or unable to get to the truth of the issues they set out to investigate and regulate on behalf of the individuals in society.

Without unbiased and comprehensive research, there is a risk of misguided policy decisions at best, and at worst, negligence and malpractice. Never has this been more apparent than during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, we need independent agents to act as gatekeepers of the public interest. We intend to be such agents, and to provide high-quality research to other individuals and institutions who seek similar outcomes.”

One trend they’ve found is that the more vaccinated the country, the higher the excess mortality. Denmark, which is one of the most highly vaccinated, stands out. “They had an interesting experience,” Dowd says.13

“Every age cohort experienced greater excess mortality year over year. So 2021 was over 2020, and 2022 was over 2021, across all age cohorts … their death rate was on the decline … and it’s going back up. So Denmark has experienced detrimental health outcomes. Curiously enough, while I was writing the book, they effectively banned the vaccine for [those] under 50, where they said, We’d rather you get COVID than take the vaccine.'”

Health Agencies ‘in Coverup Mode’

When asked why health agencies aren’t stepping in to investigate the surge in sudden deaths, Dowd suspects they’re all MIA because “they’re in coverup mode.” “I won’t rest until we stop what’s going on,” he says, adding that a lot of rst responders are still facing mandates to get the shot and some universities still require it.

He’s hoping for more whistleblowers to come out and congressional hearings to break through the deafening “misinformation” narrative that’s still very much permeating society.

Critics of his data suggest the excess deaths are due to long COVID, but Dowd says he has yet to see a study showing this is the case — and there’s no denition of what long COVID actually is. Further, many “long COVID” symptoms mirror adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots.

If you or a loved one has been affected, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group’s (FLCCC) I-RECOVER14 protocol can be downloaded in full,15 giving you step-by- step instructions on how to treat reactions from COVID-19 injections.16 source

Sources and References can be seen at end of Mercola article. source

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Longtime Pilot Collapses and Dies in Hotel – He Was Due to Captain a Packed Jet Shortly After Incident


A British Airways passenger jet lands at the Lisbon airport on Jan. 25. (Armando Franca / AP)

A man described as a veteran British Airways pilot collapsed and died just before he was scheduled to captain an international flight.

The Sun reported Saturday that the pilot was stricken in his hotel room in Cairo, Egypt, but made his way to the lobby before collapsing.

Bystanders reportedly attempted CPR, to no avail.

The man was part of a crew preparing to fly a passenger jet from Cairo to London. He had “suffered from ill health in recent months,” according to the report.

The flight was rescheduled, but “passengers were oblivious to the reason behind their wait.”

The incident has “rocked [British Airways],” a source told the Sun. “It doesn’t bear imagining if he had suffered a heart attack at 30,000 ft.”

A statement from British Airways said, “Our thoughts are with our colleagues’ friends and family at this very sad time,” according to the Sun.

A number of similar medical episodes have affected flight crew members on both sides of the Atlantic.

A United Airlines flight from Guatemala City to Chicago had to divert to Houston on Saturday due to an onboard medical emergency. The emergency reportedly involved a crew member.

An American Airlines pilot suffered a medical emergency shortly after takeoff from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in November. The flight returned to Chicago and the captain was transported to a hospital, but he later died.

Another American Airlines pilot, Bob Snow, suffered a heart attack last April, minutes after landing a jet with 200 passengers at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Snow told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson he believed his cardiac episode was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine, which was mandated throughout the airline industry.

He criticized the Federal Aviation Administration, saying the agency “basically abrogated their responsibility to look after our safety by forcing us to undergo this vaccination program.”

A number of medical professionals shared news of the most recent event involving the British Airways pilot on social media and commented on the apparent frequency of such incidents. Some expressed concern that such an episode may soon lead to a major crash.

“I fear a major airline crash is now only a matter of time,” William Makis wrote.

“Pilots dropping like flies!” another wrote. “How many does it take.”

Paul Alexander wrote, “A passenger plane loaded will fall shortly from the sky due to vaccine induced myocarditis causing cardiac arrest. Heart scarred by silent myocarditis due to mRNA technology.”
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains that “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective” and recommends them for everyone 6 months old and up.

The CDC acknowledges that some “rare” adverse side effects have occurred, including anaphylaxis, blood clots, myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of tissue in and around the heart), and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a nervous system disorder than can cause weakness or paralysis).

It concludes, however, that the “benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.” Source

Brethren, this is truly the worst case scenario in the skies. So horrible to even think about.


19-Year-Old National Guard Soldier Dies Suddenly After Completing a Two-Mile Run Fitness Test


Spc. Jaykob Pruitt with the Oklahoma National Guard (Army Times)

A junior soldier in the Oklahoma National Guard died earlier this month after a physical fitness test at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in McAlester, Oklahoma.

On March 4, Spc. Jaykob R. Pruitt, 19, from Bennington, Oklahoma, collapsed and died after completing the two-mile run portion of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

“A 19-year-old Specialist assigned to the Army National Guard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Title 32 drill status died in an on-duty sports, recreation and physical training mishap 4 March 2023 in McAlester, Oklahoma, at 1045 local. After completing the 2-mile run portion of the Army Combat Fitness Test, the Soldier walked away from the track, fell to the ground and was found unresponsive,” according to a preliminary loss report published by the service.

CPR was performed, and the emergency medical services (EMS) were called. Pruitt was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

“Since 2018, the Army has lost an average of one Soldier a year to on-duty sports, recreation and physical training mishaps. This was the third on-duty sports, recreation and physical training mishap of FY23 and above the number of on-duty sports, recreation and physical training fatalities from this time last year,” the report added.

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SPC Pruitt enlisted in the Oklahoma Army National Guard on October 21, 2020. He then joined B Troop as a Cavalry Scout after completing his training at Fort Benning, GA in October 2021, per Oklahoma National Guard Retirees.

Funeral services to honor Jaykob were held on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 12:00 PM at the Bennington High School Gymnasium.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jaykob’s family, friends and our fellow Soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Mancino, adjutant general for Oklahoma. “Together, we are mourning the devastating loss of a promising young man and Soldier.”

Tributes flood in following the news of Pruitt’s sudden passing.

We are celebrating our Senior students and would like to share their accomplishments and future plans. 


Jaykob Ray Pruitt is the son of Michael and Bobbie Pruitt. He is the grandson of Brenda Jerrold, Joyce Ladner-Rupp, and Dennie Anderson. He has participated in FFA and National Honor Society during high school. He has also studied Welding Technology at Kiamich Vo Tech in Durant and is a member of the National Guard. He plans on going to basic training, finishing his Welding certification then attending college after graduation. He then intends to transfer to the Army and earn his silver and gold spurs, become a sniper, receive his sniper and mountain training as well as air assault. He would eventually like to change his military occupational specialty and become a ranger. source

But sadly, Jaykob died suddenly……..

Prayers for his family and friends.