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I Believe That THIS is the Technology Which Will Be Used to Usher ANTICHRIST Onto the World Stage

ELVIS is back! I seen’im!

All kidding aside, the new tech isn’t badly done but their voices aren’t quite synced with the “music”. I’m sure that will be worked out b4 the a/c uses it for his image to be worshipped. It needs to be further perfected to fool everyone into believing the a/c suffers a mortal wound but “rises” from the dead. Hence the fake Christ. Rev17:7-18.

Everyone in the audience was cheering, standing, applauding but seemed to be at a loss about how it was done…so will the millions in the Great Trib be fooled by the great deception & get the mark on your right hand or forehead. Jesus warns us of false Christs. Paul warns us that even an angel of light & does miracles but preaches a false Gospel is to be cursed Gal1:8 (think the false prophet & his false world religion as in the “woman rides the beast” Rev17:3 .

Can you tell the difference with your present Bible knowledge? Will you be deceived by the demonic trinity of evil? Do you know enough of the Gospel, the Bible & the real Jesus to avoid being deceived or will you go with the cheering crowds to eternal destruction? Will you ignore the 144,000 Jewish evangelists preaching the Gospel of Christ crucified for your sins? Will you ignore the 2 witnesses of God who preach Christ for 3yrs 6mo Rev chptr 11 & how about the angels of God flying around the world urging people to accept the real Christ & refuse the mark Rev chptr 7 & chptr14:7.

This is all future but at the same time just around the corner! There will be no excuses for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone will have heard the saving Gospel msg. What will you do about it?

NOW is the time of salvation.

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