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CANCELING GOD ALMIGHTY: Father God Please use the Insanity of this World to Bring Many to You for Salvation

If the “Big Bang” really happened & it produced this beautiful planet which seems self sustaining & the “cause” is evilution which is unguided, completely natural, w/o supervision, random then why haven’t other like kind planets been discovered yet? Why also is the universe so intrinsically & finitely timed so if that was off a nano second we would have chaos not the predictable order scientists observe? 

Why don’t we currently see evilution in motion such as goo to you forming up? Where are the apes turning into people located? That should be an ongoing process since evilution is completely random & natural & therefore unstoppable or uncontrollable? There’s no room for a personal Creator in evilution. It’s all strictly by chance & weird Godless imaginations.

Darwin had an evilution problem since it depends on millions or billions of years. That problem was the evilution of the eye. If the eye was formed over millions of years then how would the specie ever survive? Off hand I can’t think of a critter w/o sight or “radar” etc. If it wasn’t instantly working they become lunch. Darwin never had an answer to that question. That also goes for the myriads of organs, innate chemical processes that must be 100% operational for a person or critter to survive or they die.

These thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg against any possibility of
evilution having ANY credence or veracity.


From the Mind of Dale Vernon

Officials Warn Of Monkeypox Resurgence Ahead Of Summer LGBT Festivals

So LGBT etc. summer festivals are good for our general health, right? Nothing like encouraging unGodly sexual behavior to keep all their buffets of weird diseases in check for the public’s protection. But the multi- partner swappers etc say we do “safe sex” whatever that means. Real safe sex is the Bible ordained way which the queers take “pride” in mocking. Our govts join in by ordaining such behavior & claiming property rights to your kids. They really care huh? The innocent kiddies are welcomed cuz they know about it in a positive manner from our public schools, tv & are being appropriately groomed for a hellish lifestyle. Do migrants know what can happen to their kids after they cross our border? How about our zombie like general population?

Of course the powers that be etc couldn’t care less about containing these personal cess pools of diseases. That’s the queer group’s behavioral right, ya know. Nuts to you the non-indulgent citizen. Just shut up & pay those taxes so we can give the queers free meds & trans surgeries or the FBI may visit you. Is this a great country or what?

BGates & all the other profit & power mongers are probably salivating over a new, safe & effective RNA vax just for this new plague (real or imagined) coming down the pike. Soros & his devil staff might also be preparing the mandates for our marionette President OBiden to enforce. Maybe we’ll need miliary armed, enforced curfews & lockdowns like New Zealand & the Ausies “for our safety” of course. All these things are a template for “as in the days of Noah”. Matt 24:37-39. Take it seriously, folks. I can’t believe how far down the sewer our country has gone since the end of WW2. 

Trust Christ alone..everyone else lies but Jesus is perfect & sinless. You can trust the One Who loved you enough to die on the cross for your sins, thus removing the ghastly penalty of eternal death in the Lake of Fire for being a sinner. It’s a choice only you can make. On Judgement Day your sins are either ALL on you or All on Jesus it will be too late on JDay. You must personally come to Christ by faith while you are alive!

Read John 3:16 & ask God to forgive you of all your sins & make you His adopted son starting the moment you ask Him. He never lies or changes His mind. Give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ & read the Bible which is God’s perfect, truth just for you. He wants you to live with Him forever. If
you don’t He won’t force you but He then MUST send you to the Lake of Fire because that’s where people go who don’t want God in their life & reject His saving grace made available ONLY by the Lord Jesus. 

God created you as an eternal being. As such you will live forever. You make your choice as to your eternal abode in this life…Heaven or the Lake of Fire? Christ the sinless Savior who cannot lie wants you to live with Him forever. Isn’t His word good enough for you?

Dale Vernon Weighs in on Inhumane Rules Denying Children of Live-Saving Transplant Surgery Because they did not have the JAB

9-Year-Old Boy Denied Kidney Transplant to Save His Life Because He Doesn’t Have COVID Vaccination

Matt 24:12 “And because lawlessness is increased, MOST people’s love will grow cold.”
This chapter deals with the signs of Christ’s return. It’s obvious to those who have at least some insight that lawlessness has without a doubt increased dramatically especially since about 2000. It gets worse nearly every day & in huge shocking amounts. Our govt even legislates federal protection for every evil coming down the pike. This hospital is just a microcosmic example of people’s love going cold. My bet is they love abortion & trans surgeries which destroys lives. Wonder if they deny those procedures if the person hasn’t had the death vax? I doubt it cuz the devil runs that hospital & our govt. What about you? The Rapture is near, folks. Our Lord is right at the door. 

If you are a supporter of this hospital’s policies & claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ then you need to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith 2 Cor 13:5. Has your love grown cold too? This love Jesus speaks of is for our fellow man. We are commanded to love even our enemies & not ourselves. Is this kid & his family the enemy of the hospital & any of you who support their insipid policy of treatment denial? Think about it.

From the Mind of Dale Vernon

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ELECTRIC Riding Lawnmower Bursts into Flames at an Equipment Expo!

Do u love Mother Earth but have doubts about this lithium powered stuff?
Then try to look at it this way a lawn mower with an integrated heater & a bonus environmental feature of depleting our oxygen supply while adding the co2, smoke & chemicals from the lithium fire. BTW is your kid riding along w/you & do u dare entrust your teen to mow the lawn any longer with this infernally powered machine? Don’t you see the added benefit of reducing the earth’s population if your loved ones are sacrificed in the spirit of Molech & Mother earth?

I almost forgot another environmental feature of where its parked. Next to your home or better yet in the attached garage with your electric cars so you supremely benefit from the potential loss of life, destruction, major financial loss & chemical pollution of the local environment in praise of Molech & Mommy Earth. However don’t be surprised if u also get a “gift” pollution fine (certificate of appreciation) from your local EPA for doing your part in saving the planet. 

Be a real earth lover & add your personal chem trails to our personal space. Stock up & replace all your tools etc with lithium power cuz it too is “safe & effective”. Yeah I know gasoline explodes too & can be smokey, noisy but good maintenance & common sense does well in combating it. Can you personally apply any of that to sealed explosive prone, unpredictable lithium batteries from our CCP buddies? 

To those of you who don’t know Jesus as your Savior, let your lithium cars, trucks, lawn mowers, bicycles, tools, when they burst into very hot uncontrollable flame (maybe in the hands of you or ur loved ones) be a reminder of your eternal destination without the saving grace of Christ.

See John 3:16 for Salvation details in your Holy Bible.