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I Believe That THIS is the Technology Which Will Be Used to Usher ANTICHRIST Onto the World Stage

ELVIS is back! I seen’im!

All kidding aside, the new tech isn’t badly done but their voices aren’t quite synced with the “music”. I’m sure that will be worked out b4 the a/c uses it for his image to be worshipped. It needs to be further perfected to fool everyone into believing the a/c suffers a mortal wound but “rises” from the dead. Hence the fake Christ. Rev17:7-18.

Everyone in the audience was cheering, standing, applauding but seemed to be at a loss about how it was done…so will the millions in the Great Trib be fooled by the great deception & get the mark on your right hand or forehead. Jesus warns us of false Christs. Paul warns us that even an angel of light & does miracles but preaches a false Gospel is to be cursed Gal1:8 (think the false prophet & his false world religion as in the “woman rides the beast” Rev17:3 .

Can you tell the difference with your present Bible knowledge? Will you be deceived by the demonic trinity of evil? Do you know enough of the Gospel, the Bible & the real Jesus to avoid being deceived or will you go with the cheering crowds to eternal destruction? Will you ignore the 144,000 Jewish evangelists preaching the Gospel of Christ crucified for your sins? Will you ignore the 2 witnesses of God who preach Christ for 3yrs 6mo Rev chptr 11 & how about the angels of God flying around the world urging people to accept the real Christ & refuse the mark Rev chptr 7 & chptr14:7.

This is all future but at the same time just around the corner! There will be no excuses for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone will have heard the saving Gospel msg. What will you do about it?

NOW is the time of salvation.

How Can I Be Saved? <click here

Comment from Dale Vernon on: “FAKE ELECTIONS and Now FAKE MEAT” Post

FAKE ELECTIONS AND NOW FAKE MEAT: FDA Says Lab-Grown Meat Safe for Human Consumption

From our brother Dale Vernon:

And don’t forget that future fake meat will be sanctified as a “safe and effective” meat substitute by the holy grail bribery center of the FDA. Gee where have we heard that before?

There is no telling what the real content of this “meat” truly is, but we can trust Billy G that nothing harmful or revolting will be in it…can’t we? Billions of animals will be pardoned from slaughter BUT not billions of people cuz the Globalists must cull humanity of us who are deemed “useless eaters”.

So what to do with all the dead people? Rejoice for the Globalist elite solution is at hand!
Remember the movie Soylent Green? The remaining peasants will be forced to eat us! Of course they won’t know that (gotta watch that misinformation ya know) but the peasant/slave class choice would be to starve, resist and be turned into human meat loaves.

Perhaps a Billy G meat marketing campaign would trumpet Christian only ingredients in the “new and improved” offerings because of the lack of vices causing cell damage at extra charge NATURALLY & ORGANIC….musn’t omit those appealing marketing terms.
The fake meat and fake coming “messiah” who will confirm a (fake of course) 7 yr covenant with Israel actually have much in common. He will be the top instigator & enforcer of this and other diabolical programs to crush humanity into worship of himself as god.

However there is HOPE…accept the Lord Jesus Christ of the BIBLE not the fake “messiah” who is waiting in the wings to take power and will threaten you with persecution, torture & death (not fake) if you don’t take the “mark 666” and worship him as almighty god.

Jesus is the Lord of life, the fake coming “messiah” the lord of eternal death. You make your choice between the two & receive eternal life in heaven or eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire.

Read the Bible to be able to tell the difference and ask the Lord of life, Jesus, to SAVE YOU from your sins!

Read John’s Gospel for openers. Read Revelation chapter 6 onward if you want to see & experience the REAL wrath of the God of the Universe on earth and mankind. If that doesn’t convince you to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior who took all mankind’s sins with Him to the cross, then YOU will face eternal judgement for your sins all alone face to face with the Savior you rejected and be condemned to the Lake of Fire because ONLY Jesus’ personal sacrifice on the cross is ACCEPTED by the Father as PAID IN FULL for your sins.

Time is super short, don’t put off any longer the most important eternal decision of your life. Until then the wrath of God resides on YOU.

Jesus gladly wants to transfer the wrath of God you deserve for your sins from you to Himself as He already did that work on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30) but you must ask Him.

Do it and live!


Response to “Sacrificing Children to Molech” Piece

by Dale Vernon

It’s inevitable that our ever- loving government will be coming for us. Especially seniors who are sucking the life out of the economy & contributing nada. The disabled & infirm are also deemed a burden. They hafta go. 

Christians & Jews are also a big problem (again) as some are a constant thorn in the side of Globalist “progress”. If you really want to see how it all turns out, read some history. Presently observe life in China then examine how Stalin & Hitler similarly treated their citizens. The old saying ‘history ignored (ours is revised now) is doomed to repeat itself’ is here now in America & we have the dubious honor of being the worst of the worst. 

As Billy Graham once said if God doesn’t judge America for its grievous sins then God will owe Sodom & Gomorrah an apology. Our slogan “In God we trust” needs removing from our fiat money because it is a lie. America follows the Devil.

It’s too late for America but YOU can be saved. Receive Christ as your Savior before the Globalists come for you & take you away. Your demise might be delayed but then the near future mark of the beast will be required of you so you can buy or sell to feed your family. If you take the mark (666) then you are branded as an enemy of the loving Christ who died on the cross for your sins & the Lake of Fire will be your eternal domain because you never trusted Him to be your substitute for the sins you committed. 

Your sins are either 100% on you or transferred 100% on Jesus via your faith & HIS precious blood shed on the cross. You can trust in that because Jesus was the only Person who rose from the dead proving His power over death. God doesn’t grade “on the curve” or give “indulges” or extra credit for good deeds. 

Your “I am a good person” offerings for remission of your sins is considered as filthy rags & worthless before a sinless God in His Holy Court. Jesus knows who are His own because they trust Him100% & that trust must be based on the shed blood of the risen Christ…NOTHING else. 

John 3:16 says a lot about God’s forgiveness to can be a nobody..the verse says WHOSOEVER believes (trusts 100%) in Him should not perish (go to the Lake of Fire) but have eternal life. Your decision here is for eternal life or eternal damnation.

 It’s the most important one you’ll ever make.

CORRUPTION ABOUNDS – Even in the Church: GOD IS OUR ONLY HOPE by Dale Vernon

For the last six years, we have witnessed the stunts pulled by the Trump opposition rascals.

They never give up. They have plenty of money as well because the globalists supply unlimited funds to look under every rock for anything their media lap dogs will, without conscience, twist, print & televise to fuel the fires of hate and doubt.

These arrogant miscreants create endless harassing “investigations” for “wrongdoing”. What a joke that has been, but fear not peasants as the silver tongued fox is guarding the hen house.

If that doesn’t work, throw the election and their bribed illegal system judges, DOJ, FBI etc will take care of the outcome. If good arguments come up by honest people then they must be censored, jailed, fired or families threatened.

We have watched them operate over the years and they are merciless. We can’t put any hope in America’s Judicial, Executive or Congressional branches. I believe America is too rotten to be restored as the world’s beacon of hope & fairness it once was.

Let’s face it, even the visible apostate church is due for Judgement. God has allowed Satan to have his way, and few seem to realize the extent of it. Not convinced? So how hard is it to find a real Bible believing church dedicated wholly to Jesus these days?

How many times have you left a church because they went off the rails? If you are fortunate to run across someone who is searching for real answers and eternal hope, what church is around that you can send them to – confident they will get the real gospel?

Once upon a time in America, those Gospel preaching churches were as plentiful as weeds in your lawn. Now the salvation message must be presented by you and me because the bottom line oriented, apostate, Laodicean churches are everywhere – so we must prepare ourselves to ably present the Gospel.

Pray for the salvation of people God puts in our path, and that we maintain the Lord’s standard of holiness in our lives for public observation. Hopefully they see us calm and reassured about our future in Christ, even though the sky is falling on America.

America as a sovereign nation as we know it is done BUT we (the truly born-again) are the church and we aren’t done.

We are still here so let’s do what the Lord commands in our Guidebook, the Holy Bible. He is our Boss – not OBiden’s version of Tammany Hall.

Look up as our redemption draweth nigh.